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What to Wear in Las Vegas Clubs: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning on traveling to Las Vegas anytime soon, then you’ll probably want to get some pointers about checking out the lively club scene here in town. Las Vegas houses some of the most famous clubs in the world. So, if you find yourself wondering what you should wear to the hottest nightclubs in town, you’ve come to the right place.

Do clubs in Las Vegas have a dress code? Yes, clubs in Las Vegas have a dress code. The clubs want you to “dress to impress”. Most official Las Vegas clubs won’t allow you to wear things like beanies, capris, cut-offs, jerseys, shorts, overly sporty shoes and tennis shoes, hats that aren’t fedoras, and baggy jeans.

If this is your first trip to Las Vegas or the first time you’ll be hitting the clubs on the strip, then know that you will encounter a dress code policy. Since there isn’t a lot of information available on the Internet today about the dress code policy at Las Vegas club spots, I’ve created this article to help you out. We’ll cover the typical Las Vegas dress code at night clubs for everybody, and then we’ll cover what men can and cannot wear and what women can and cannot wear. 

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Do Clubs in Las Vegas Have a Dress Code?

If you’re planning on taking your first trip to Las Vegas, then you’re probably wondering if there is a dress code at the clubs in Las Vegas. Every nightclub in Las Vegas enforces a dress code policy because of the city’s reputation for glamour and fun. 

Since Las Vegas attracts some of the most famous DJs from around the world and many well-known celebrities regularly frequent the VIP sections, nightclubs want to maintain a classy environment. One way they ensure this is by enforcing a dress code policy. After all, bringing crowds of sexy, well-dressed people into a fun-filled space full of dancing and drinks is what the nightclubs are all about!

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To help you learn what is acceptable and what you should avoid when you hit the clubs in Vegas, I’ve created this guide. If it’s your first time visiting a Las Vegas club, then you’ll want to avoid what could be an embarrassing experience. You don’t want to get dressed, then wait in line for thirty minutes to an hour only to be told you cannot go in because you don’t meet the dress code requirements.

When you’re traveling in Las Vegas, and you want to check out the local night club scene, there is one general rule that you can apply to every club. If you stick to the “dress to impress” rule, you shouldn’t have any issues with getting into a night club. 

To help you understand what you can wear when you visit a night club in Las Vegas, I’ll break down the general requirements. Then we’ll cover the specifics of what men can wear, and what women can wear. 

What are the Las Vegas Club Dress Codes?

Las Vegas nightclub tips for men and women

When you visit a Las Vegas night club, you’ll learn very quickly that most of the clubs you’ll want to visit enforce a strict dress code. It doesn’t matter if you are on the guest list, sitting in the VIP area, or if you’re paying for bottle service. You’ll still need to follow the Las Vegas night club dress code if you want to be allowed into some of the most famous clubs in Vegas.

Luckily, most of the Las Vegas night clubs apply the same basic rules when it comes to dressing right. Most of the time, women will be able to get into a club if it looks like they at least made an attempt to get dressed up.

Men, on the other hand, often need to be a bit more careful with the dress code. Since most Las Vegas night clubs want to attract women to the scene, the rules tend to be more lenient for women, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing anything to a Las Vegas club just because you are a female.

If you are new to the Las Vegas night club scene, we understand how it can feel intimidating to figure out what you’re going to wear. Sometimes it’s the case where two people wearing similar items can receive very different reactions at the door, depending on precisely what their ensemble entails.

If you are paying a general admission price to get in or on a guest list and you don’t know anybody at the club, you’ll need to be careful and you’ll want to follow the “dress to impress” rule.

If you’re not sure how to get on the guestlist of night clubs in Las Vegas, you can sign up for nightclub guest lists in Las Vegas here.

What Isn’t Allowed in Las Vegas Clubs

what not to wear in vegas club

First, we’ll cover the type of clothing that won’t be allowed inside any night club in Las Vegas to help you out. This list includes both sexes. Later on, we will discuss dress codes by gender to help you with more detail. But for now, here is what you should never wear to a Las Vegas club:

  • Beanies, baseball caps or casual hats (You can wear fedoras or similar hats)
  • Jeans that are baggy
  • Casual shoes or athletic shoes
  • Cutoffs, capris, or shorts
  • Clothing that is ripped or torn (even if it’s supposed to be a fashion statement)
  • Sports jerseys
  • Large, Heavy Chains

If you want to make sure your evening will be worry-free, then don’t show up to any Las Vegas clubs wearing any of the above items of clothing or accessories.

Warning: Even though I listed the items above you should never wear to a Las Vegas club, that doesn’t mean you won’t see people wearing some of these items once you get inside.

You’ll discover that there are “special favors” allowed to certain people in the Las Vegas night club scene. For instance, table customers, people that know the staff, regulars, and people entering the club along those lines will be allowed to step outside of the rules now and then and still get in.

However, since most people visiting Las Vegas night clubs don’t know the staff, aren’t regulars, and are general admission or guest list guests, they have to play by the rules. If you know that my previous sentence defines you, then you shouldn’t show up wearing any of the above items and expect to not have a problem getting in.

Should I Wear a Button-Up Shirt?

If you want to ensure that you’ll make it in easily to any Las Vegas night club, a button-up shirt is one way to make sure you meet the dress code. However, remember that wearing a button-up shirt isn’t your only option. If you’ve got another shirt you like better, and you feel that you look better in that other shirt, it should still be fine as long as it is dressy.

However, if you’re trying to be as safe as possible, then a button-up shirt is a great idea. There are plenty of stylish, trendy options in button-up shirts available on the market today that would quickly get you into any Las Vegas night club. 

Can I Wear a T-Shirt?

If you look at the official dress code that’s applied to most Las Vegas night clubs, then officially, you should not wear a T-shirt. However, you’ll probably see several people in the club wearing T-shirts. It’s becoming more of a typical to see people inside of Las Vegas night clubs dressed in T-shirts.

However, trying to figure out if wearing a T-shirt to a Las Vegas night club is a good idea or not is a different story. While you might be allowed in, and if you are, you’ll be fine once you are inside, it depends on the club and the doorman.

If you show up wearing a T-shirt to a Las Vegas nightclub, even if it’s a fashionable T-shirt, you could still get turned down at the door. If you’re trying to get in quickly with just a T-shirt on, then we suggest wearing a stylish jacket. You should be able to get in, and then you’ll be allowed to do whatever you want once you are inside.

For those of you that are trying to play it safe, the most straightforward strategy is probably to avoid wearing a T-shirt and select a dressier shirt or top.

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Should I Wear Dress Pants?

You don’t need to show up to a Las Vegas night club wearing a nice suit and tie if that’s what you are wondering. While you certainly can wear a suit and tie to a Las Vegas night club, it might not be the most comfortable way to approach a night full of dancing, walking, and drinking.

Officially you won’t be required to wear dress pants to a Las Vegas night club. While it’s a good idea to wear a pair of stylish pants, it doesn’t have to be something that’s made only for the office. It’s better to suit up in pants that look fashionable and fun.

Can I Wear Jeans?

Yes, you can wear jeans for a Las Vegas night club. You should still opt for a nice pair of jeans, however, something that looks more dressy than casual. You also won’t get away with wearing baggy jeans, torn jeans, or jeans that have holes in them. So, again, pick wisely if you are going to wear Demin to a club if you want to get in.

Shoes to Wear in Las Vegas Clubs

When it comes to shoes, you should be safe if you go with leather shoes or dress shoes. Sometimes you can get away with tennis shoes that are solid black with black laces if they look dressy. You can go for comfort as long as your shoes still look fashionable.

You want to avoid tennis shoes or shoes that have large logos on them. While many Las Vegas night clubs are getting less strict about shoes, know that it could still be an issue depending on the doorman. So, be careful, and if you want to be safe, opt for something that’s not a tennis or athletic shoe.

While you might be safe and allowed in with tennis shoes or sporty shoes, it’s not always going to be the case. So, consider your options before you head out the door.

Can I Wear a Hat?

At individual clubs, specific kinds of hats are OK. If you are opting for a hat that’s considered stylish, like a beret or fedora, then you’ll probably be fine. However, if you are wearing the same baseball cap you wear every day or a beanie, you probably won’t be allowed in. So, be careful if you are deciding to wear a hat. If you want to be safe, we suggest you go without a cap.

Can I Wear Sunglasses?

It’s not a good idea to wear your sunglasses to a nightclub, ever. It doesn’t matter how great you think you look in them; they are never a good idea in a night club. Not only might you not be allowed in with them, but people will also probably make fun of you when you aren’t looking. That’s because you’ll probably be the only person in the crowd with sunglasses on.

Come’on seriously…nobody looks cool wearing sunglasses in a nightclub.

Now that I’ve addressed some general issues that apply to both genders when it comes to Las Vegas night clubs and their dress codes, let’s break down into more specific clothing recommendations for men and women.

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What Guys Wear to Las Vegas Clubs

So, what can men wear when they plan to go out to a Las Vegas night club? First, you should know that as a man, you’ll probably have to be more careful with the way you dress. Since most night clubs are out to attract as many women as they possibly can inside to amp up the fun, men typically undergo a harsher judgment from the doorman deciding whether or not to let you in.

To ensure that you don’t wind up getting left behind when you and your friends hit the Las Vegas night club scene, we’ll discuss what you can wear.

5 Style Tips for Guys Going to a Nightclub


If you’re a guy, one of the safest shirts you can wear to make sure you get into any Las Vegas night club is a button-up shirt. Make sure that button-up isn’t overly baggy, however. Most Las Vegas night clubs hate it when people wear clothes that are too baggy. If your shirt or pants are too loose, you won’t be allowed in.

Since moving to Vegas I practically live in these short-sleeve button-up shirts from amazon. They’re breathable, stylish and have UV sun protection. They work day or night and are perfect for the clubs.

You can also wear a sweater if the weather permits, but you don’t want to get anything that’s crazy. We recommend sticking with a solid-colored sweater if you opt to wear one.

You can consider a T-shirt as well, as we mentioned above. However, it’s going to have to be a high-end, form-fitting, classy kind of T-shirt. You won’t get in if you wear anything with crazy prints or large logos. If you’ve got a solid-colored T-shirt, you might be okay. Still, the decision will be up to the doorman, so if you want to be safe with a T-shirt, you should also wear a nice jacket or sport coat over it.


If you want to wear jeans or a casual pair of slacks, you’ll be fine. Again, remember you can’t wear jeans that are baggy or have holes or tears in them. Dress slacks also work as long as they aren’t overly dressy and still semi-casual.


When most men get turned away at the door of these Las Vegas night clubs, it’s because they are wearing the wrong kind of shoes. The worst feeling in the world is standing in line with your friends, wife or girlfriend only to realize you have the wrong type of shoes on. Either you’ll get left behind, or all of you will have to leave.

So, do yourself and your pals a favor and make sure you wear dress shoes. Or better yet, try a pair of these super comfortable canvas espadrilles on amazon. I have a pair and I love’em! Tennis shoes are sometimes okay, but if you want to make sure you won’t be the person that drags the entire group down, stick with something dressy.

Las Vegas Dress Code for Ladies

Night Out Fashion Ideas for Women

Being a female makes you a more desirable guest at Las Vegas clubs. However, you’ll still need to follow the dress code policy if you want to make sure you get in without any issues. 

Most clubs expect women to dress fancy enough to stand out from the rest. So, make sure you are wearing figure-flattering clothes, and don’t forget to accessorize. Wearing some tight, nice jeans and a cute shirt will work just fine for women at most nightclubs. Or try something like this little black dress on amazon. Wow, women love this dress!

Also, remember, you don’t want to bring a massive purse into a club, so grab a clutch and carry your essentials. 

Can You Wear Flats to Vegas Clubs?

It’s a great idea to wear heels with your outfit, too, since most flats and tennis shoes are frowned upon for women in Las Vegas clubs. So, if you have a nice pair of heels, tonight’s the night to wear them.

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Final Thoughts

Dressing appropriately will help ensure that you and your friends get into the Las Vegas night clubs you want to visit when you plan your trip. Remember, the dress code factor is usually more strict for men; than it is for women. But that doesn’t mean women can wear whatever they want to a night club.

As a general rule, it’s best to think that you’re going to “dress to impress” whether you are a male or a female. That way, you’re sure to be allowed into any of the clubs you want to visit.

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