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21 Las Vegas Hotels Without Resort Fees 2022 (List & Map)

When I’m looking for a Las Vegas hotel, I don’t want to pay resort fees. Or parking fees, for that matter. I want to use my money to have fun! So I’ve done some research and made a list of the 21 Las Vegas hotels without resort fees.

The best Las Vegas hotels without resort fees include Four Queens, Desert Rose, Las Vegas Marriott, and Wyndham Grand Desert. An added benefit of Las Vegas no resort fee hotels is that many also do not charge fees for parking, saving you even more.

In this article, I will provide you with a complete list of 21 Las Vegas hotels with no resort fee, provide a map showing where these hotels are located, tell you about the four best no resort fee hotels in Vegas, and discuss the potential downsides to choosing a Las Vegas hotel without a resort fee.

4 Queens is one of the best Las Vegas hotels without resort fees.

Discover our top picks for hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown! We'll tell you the best hotels in every price range from budget-friendly to luxury.

Las Vegas Hotels Without Resort Fees (Complete List)

If the idea of paying an extra daily resort fee rubs you the wrong way, then you will find the list of Las Vegas non-resort fee hotels I created below very useful.

None of the hotels in the table below charge resort fees, so when you book a room, the price you see is the price you can expect when settling your bill upon checkout.

Hotels in Las Vegas Without Resort FeesHotel
Star Rating
Free ParkingFree
Binions (Hotel Apache)3-starNoYes
Bluegreen Club 363-starYesYes
Casino Royale Best Western Plus2-starYesYes
Courtyard by Marriott Convention Center3-starYesYes
Desert Rose Resort3-starYesYes
Four Queens3-starNoNo
Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham3-starYesYes
Hilton Garden Inn LV Strip South3-starYesYes
Holiday Inn Express LV South3-starNoYes
La Quinta Inn & Suites Tropicana2-starYesYes
Lucky Club Casino2-starYesYes
Marriott Convention Center3-starNoYes
Red Roof Inn Las Vegas3-starYesYes
Residence Inn by Marriot Convention Ctr.3-starNoYes
Royal Resort Convention Center3-starYesYes
Travelodge Las Vegas Center Strip2-starYesYes
Travelodge by Wyndham LV Airport2-starYesYes
WorldMark Tropicana3-starYesYes
WorldMark Las Vegas Blvd3-starYesNo
Wyndham Grand Desert Resort3-starYesYes
Wyndham Desert Blue3-starYesYes
21 Las Vegas hotels without a resort fee.

I’ve applied a star rating to the hotels in the chart above so you’ll have an idea of the overall quality and expense of each of the properties. In addition, you can click on the name of each hotel to check the current room rates.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a four-star or better hotel in Las Vegas, you’re going to have to be willing to pay a resort fee.

Binions downtown is one of the hotels in las vegas without resort fees
Hotel Apache inside Binion’s on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas doesn’t have a resort fee.

Hotels in Las Vegas Without Resort Fees and Free Parking

Something, you may have noticed in the table is that many of the hotels in Las Vegas that don’t charge a resort fee, also offer free parking. That’s another $15 a day on average you can save!

By choosing a hotel with free parking and no resort fee, you could be looking at saving upwards of $75 dollars a day on extra fees for your hotel!

Map of No Resort Fee Hotels in Las Vegas

This interactive map will allow you to see where each of these non-resort fee hotels is located in the Vegas valley and its relation to the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) and downtown.

Red = Recommended Vegas hotels without resort fee

While you won’t find many no resort fee properties located on the Strip itself, you can see from the map that numerous non-fee hotels have good to great locations that provide nearby access to many of the top attractions and resort properties on Las Vegas Blvd.

Best Las Vegas Hotels Without Resort Fees (Top 4)

Choosing a Las Vegas hotel without a resort fee doesn’t mean that you can’t stay at a nice hotel in a great location. These are, in my opinion, the nicest hotels in Las Vegas that don’t charge a resort fee.

  • Desert Rose Resort
  • Four Queens Hotel & Casino
  • Las Vegas Marriott
  • Wyndham Grand Desert Resort
Las Vegas Hotels No Resort Fees

1. Desert Rose Resort

Desert Rose Resort: no resort fee Las Vegas hotels
Desert Rose Resort charges no resort fee (CC image by ShellVacationsHospitality)

The Desert Rose Resort is located less than 2 blocks from all the action on The Strip. It’s highly rated and offers a complete resort experience. Note: this is a non-gaming resort. Check Desert Rose room rates here.

2. Four Queens Hotel & Casino

4 Queens: Vegas hotels no resort fee
4 Queens at the Fremont Street Experience downtown is a top choice for a Vegas hotel with no resort fee.

While this hotel and casino may be a little further from The Strip, it is located in a prime position overlooking the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont St. is the coolest party street in Vegas! Check Four Queens room rates here.

3. Courtyard by Marriott Convention Center

This hotel is a modern, upscale property that is located just a few minutes walk from the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s also near the Las Vegas Monorail Station. There is no casino on the property but you’re so close to other major casinos that it doesn’t really matter. Check Las Vegas Marriott room rates here.

4. Wyndham Grand Desert Resort

Wyndham Grand Desert Resort: las vegas hotels no resort fee
Wyndham Grand Desert Resort (CC image by Dave Kern)

This beautiful property is located just a mile from The Strip and Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran Airport). It offers wonderful views of the mountains and the Las Vegas Skyline. They also offer a free shuttle to The Strip. Non-gaming resort. Check Wyndham Grand Desert room rates here.

2 Cheap Hotels on Las Vegas Strip Without Resort Fee

While ‘cheap’ is a relative term, there are a couple of no resort fee hotels in Las Vegas located on the Strip that would be considered more budget-friendly options. These are:

Both of these relatively cheap hotels in Las Vegas Strip without resort fee are found in desirable mid-strip locations. Casino Royale is located next to Harrah’s and The Venetian, while the Travelodge can be found across Las Vegas Blvd. from ARIA.

Casino Royale: cheap motels in Las Vegas no resort fee
Casino Royale is an innexpensive hotel on the Las Vegas Strip with no resort fee.

Neither of these two properties is considered to be high-end resort properties, but if you’re looking for cheap hotels without a resort fee on the Las Vegas Strip these are the two best options.

The Downside to Hotels in Vegas Without Resort Fees

While there are certainly some upsides to not having to pay a resort fee, there are a few downsides to staying at a property that doesn’t have one. Here are a few notable cons to hotels without resort fees:

Not on the Las Vegas Strip. The main downside to Las Vegas hotels that don’t charge a resort fee is that they are generally not located right on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip).

The good news is that many of them are very close. Some are just a block or two from The Strip and are an easy walk or uber ride away. You can save a lot of money for a minor inconvenience and still stay at a nice hotel.

Most don’t have a casino on site. With the exception of a few (Four Queens, Casino Royale, and Lucky Club), most properties without a resort fee generally don’t have their own casino. If you’re not into gaming, then this isn’t a big deal. If, however, you enjoy the energy and excitement of staying at a Vegas gaming resort, then this could be a deal-breaker.

Less luxurious than many Las Vegas Strip hotels. Finally, if you’re looking for high-end luxury you’re probably better off at a hotel property that charges a resort fee. It’s not that paying a resort fee guarantees you luxury, it’s just that luxurious properties can get away with charging a resort fee, so they typically do.

Resort Fees in Las Vegas
Resort Fees in Las Vegas
Avoid resort fees with these 15 hotels near the Vegas Strip.

What is a Las Vegas Resort Fee?

Resort fees have become a way of life in Las Vegas. A few years back most hotel properties in Las Vegas started charging a resort fee on top of their regular room rates. These fees can really add up to a lot of money.

What is a hotel resort fee?

A resort fee is a daily charge that is added to your hotel bill on top of the nightly room rate and is collected directly by the hotel when you check out.

Caution: When you make and pay for a reservation online or on the phone, the daily resort fee is often not part of the total hotel bill quoted.

Resort fees cover and include hotel amenities such as internet access, newspapers, bottled drinking water, fitness centers, local phone calls, airline boarding pass printing, and access to the swimming pool.

They are charged on a daily basis per room, regardless of the number of people staying in the room. The fees are generally mandatory and you cannot opt-out of paying even if you don’t plan to use any of these amenities.

Finally, the resort fees remain the same whether you book your room directly with the hotel or through an online discount travel site.

Why Do Las Vegas Hotels Have Resort Fees?

There are a couple of reasons that hotels charge resort fees.

  • First, by adding these fees the hotel can make the advertised room rate look less expensive.
  • Second, this way, the hotels aren’t paying as much in commission to travel agents and booking sites as their fees are determined by the room rate alone.

Both of these are pretty lousy reasons to add a resort fee to the room rate. Resort fees are charged to muddy the waters as to the actual per night hotel room cost.

How Much Are Las Vegas Resort Fees?

Daily resort fees in Las Vegas can range anywhere between $7.50 to $45 plus tax. You can see a complete list of current Las Vegas resort fees on our website. Here are a few examples of the nightly resort fees charged by major hotels in Las Vegas (including tax):

  • Caesars Palace … $52.10
  • Virgin Hotels Las Vegas … $51.00
  • Treasure Island … $44.22
  • New York New York … $41.95
  • Planet Hollywood … $52.10
  • Bellagio … $51.02

As to be expected, the better the location, the nicer the hotel, the better the pool and other amenities the higher the resort fee.

Are Resort Fees Legal in Las Vegas?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes. Resort fees are legal in Las Vegas.

Are Las Vegas resort fees ethical? In my opinion, no.

Say you book a room for $49 a night for three nights. In that case, you would expect a bill of $147 plus 13.38% hotel tax bringing the total to $167. With a $25 a day resort fee plus tax on that as well your total bill just became $252!

I’d prefer to have a straightforward bill rather than deal with all the smoke and mirrors. On top of that, many Las Vegas hotels only show the resort fee charge in fine print at the last minute during booking making this a hidden resort fee for many.

So, while resort fees are legal in Sin City, they are a sore spot for many visitors and tourists.

Are Las Vegas Hotel Resort Fees Worth It?

If you’re going to be staying at a hotel with nice amenities that you plan to use on a daily basis then the extra resort fees may be worth it to you. For instance, if you plan to stay at The Mirage and spend a good part of your days lounging by the magnificent pool, then the resort fees may seem very reasonable.

If you’re like me and you plan to spend the majority of your days and nights out exploring and experiencing everything Las Vegas has to offer, then it’s probably better to stay at a hotel without an extra fee.

Why spend money on things you’re not really using. In this case, take the money you saved on resort fees and spend it having fun on all the cool activities and shows instead.

Be sure to see our article about where to find free parking on The Strip here.

map showing hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

Also, be sure to download a free .pdf of our Las Vegas Strip map here.

Related Las Vegas Hotel Resort Fee Questions

How much is the resort fee tax in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas resort fees are taxed using the hotel occupancy tax rate (currently 13.35%) as the resort fee is considered to be a secondary room rate. So you’ll need to expect that not only will you have to pay the daily resort fee, you can expect to pay tax on that fee as well.

Is the resort fee optional in Las Vegas?

Resort fees in Las Vegas are mandatory. While it would be nice to say “No thank you, I won’t be using any of those amenities”, this is not an option. If a Las Vegas hotel has a resort fee, you will need to pay it.

Some visitors think that they may be able to skip out by prepaying for the room, but all major Vegas hotels will require a credit card to be placed on file when checking in. So, the only way to avoid a resort fee bill in Las Vegas is to choose a hotel without one.

Do all hotels in Las Vegas charge a resort fee?

Not all Las Vegas hotels charge a resort fee. In general, however, most of them do. If you are looking for a resort in the popular areas of the Strip, you can count on these properties charging a resort fee.

Jump to the top of this article for a list of Las Vegas hotels without resort fees.

Is the daily resort fee in Las Vegas per person?

Resort fees in Las Vegas are billed daily per room, not per person. It doesn’t matter how many people are sharing a room, you will only be charged one resort fee per day.

What is the cheapest resort fee in Las Vegas?

The cheapest resort fee currently charged in Las Vegas is $5 per night at Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino. This amount does not include the 13% tax added to rooms and resort fees.

What is the most expensive resort fee in Las Vegas?

The most expensive resort fee in Las Vegas is $52.10 per night (including tax) and can be found at several Caesars properties including Caesars Palace, Nobu, Planet Hollywood, and Paris Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Hotels Without Resort Fees 2022 – Summary

While the majority of hotels in Sin City now have daily resort charges on top of their advertised room rate, there are some nice Las Vegas hotels with no resort fee.

As an added bonus, free parking is also included in many of the Las Vegas hotels without resort fees. The potential downsides, however, of choosing one of these no-fee hotels is that you most likely won’t be right on the Strip and only a few of these hotels have their own casino.

The good news is that many of these properties are located very close to the action.

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Not all hotels in Las Vegas have resort fees

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