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Walking From The Venetian to The Bellagio (Fastest & Scenic)

Walking From The Venetian to The Bellagio (Fastest & Scenic)
View from the front of The Bellagio hotel looking north on the Las Vegas Strip. From here, you can see The Venetian not too far away in the distance.

The distance between The Venetian Hotel and the Bellagio Hotel & Casino is a little over 1 mile, and takes around 20 minutes to walk there. Be aware that during peak season, Vegas streets buzz with tourists and people enjoying the city, so walking can take a little longer when competing with the extra foot traffic. 

While The Venetian and Bellagio Hotel complexes are within easy view of one another along the famous Vegas Strip, walking from one property to the other will take at least 20 minutes. I’m going to explain the fastest way to walk from The Venetian to Bellagio, plus I’ll also give you a scenic route option.

Walking from The Venetian to The Bellagio – Quickest route

For those a little short on time, you can get from The Venetian to Bellagio on foot in around 20 minutes flat. This route is just over a mile and is pretty much as direct as you can go.  

  • From The Venetian Hotel reception, walk outside and past the pick-up and drop-off area. Make your way around 200 feet towards S Las Vegas Boulevard and take a left (Madame Tussauds will be on your left, and you should be heading south). 
  • Make your way south down S Las Vegas Boulevard for around ¾ of a mile or until you see Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino on your right-hand side. Walk past Caesars Palace until you get to W Flamingo Road. It’s best to cross S Las Vegas Boulevard and then Cross W Flamingo road using the Flamingo Road overpass, continuing south. 
  • Once you’ve crossed W Flamingo Road, enter the Bellagio mall area and walk past the Gucci store. From inside the mall, you’ll see large signs directing you to The Bellagio lobby.

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A walking map from The Venetian to The Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip.
The dashed route on the map above shows the faster route to walk from The Venetian to The Bellagio. Click here (google maps) on your phone to get these directions.

Walking from The Venetian to The Bellagio – Scenic route

For most, a trip to Vegas is a vacation, and it’s a perfect opportunity to take in some of the sights along the famous Las Vegas Strip while making your way from The Venetian to Bellagio. If you’re not in a hurry, it’s worthwhile taking your time to stroll along this scenic route which takes in some pretty impressive landmarks of Vegas. Enjoy!  

  • First, from The Venetian reception, take a left and walk along the side of the main road entryway to The Venetian Hotel. You’ll see the famous Rialto Bridge replica on your left, and to the right of the bridge is a small pedestrian walkway. This will open up to some of the canals and sights of The Venetian. 
  • Once you reach S Las Vegas Boulevard, take a left and head south (you’ll see the Mirage Hotel building just across the street). Walk past Madame Tussauds and continue along the Strip, past the bars and restaurants dotted along the Strip. (You’ll also pass the LINQ Promenade, providing you with an opportunity to walk through that area and see the sights before continuing south down the Strip.)
  • Continue walking south down Las Vegas Boulevard until Caesars Palace is across the street on your right. Cross at the pedestrian crossing (at Caesars Palace Drive) to get to Caesars Palace. Here there are a few famous landmarks like The Colosseum that you may recognize from the film “The Hangover.”
  • Keep heading south past the Omnia Nightclub complex and follow the footpath past the park and water fountain area, and you’ll reach the entrance to Caesars Palace. This is a great opportunity to explore Caesars Palace on your way to Bellagio.

Once you’re finished at Caesars Palace, you can access the pedestrian bridge to the Bellagio from just outside Caesars when you are done exploring. You can see a google street view of the walking bridge across Flamingo Rd. below.

Alternatively, instead of heading inside Caesars, you can continue down the Las Vegas Strip. to the corner of W Flamingo Road and S Las Vegas Boulevard. From here, you can take the escalator up to the footbridge to cross W Flamingo Road and head inside the Bellagio shopping area known as Via Bellagio.

Or instead, once you get across the footbridge, head down to street level and continue south along S Las Vegas Boulevard. You’ll quickly spot the famous Bellagio Fountain on your right. 

To get to The Bellagio reception, go past the lake and make your way back towards the hotel reception (there are plenty of signs to guide you from here!)

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Check out this video to take a virtual walk between the Bellagio and the Venetian.

Tips For Walking Between The Venetian and The Bellagio

The walk between these two remarkable Vegas hotel properties can be an enjoyable stroll and a great way to see some of the best of Las Vegas. If you’d like to make this walk, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind.

  • Distance – While the distance between The Bellagio and The Venetian doesn’t look too far on a map or when you’re standing on the Strip, looks can be deceiving. Even though the two properties are only a mile apart (door to door), the inside of these resorts are massive. So expect to walk much more than a mile.
  • Weather – The weather in Las Vegas is ideal for outdoor walking much of the year. The summer, however, is a major exception. Daytime temperatures in July can reach as much as 110°F (43°C). Even at night, temps can be well over 100°F (38°C). If the temperature is that high, my advice is to use another way to get from The Venetian to The Bellagio.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes – Leave the high heels for the clubs and the flip flops for the pool. When doing some serious walking on the Strip, packing some comfortable, lightweight walking shoes is a must if you want to save your feet.

Walking From The Venetian to The Bellagio – Final Thoughts

There you go. Now you know that you can, in fact, walk from The Venetian to Bellagio Las Vegas.

Getting from The Venetian to The Bellagio (or Bellagio to Venetian) by foot is pretty easy if you don’t mind a longish walk, and the weather is nice. Along the way, you’ll be entertained passing by some of Las Vegas’s most amazing properties, venues, and attractions.

If you’re not in a rush, be sure to take the scenic route and enjoy some of the sights that the famous Las Vegas Strip has to offer!  

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