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Are Caesars and Bellagio Connected? (A Quick Easy Walk)

Caesars Palace and the Bellagio sit side by side on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The two hotels are connected by a raised pedestrian walkway that spans over W Flamingo Road. The total time to walk between the two hotels is just 10 minutes. 

The two hotels are just 0.4 miles apart, and walking from one to the other (the quickest route) takes just 10 minutes.

There are a couple of different ways to walk from Bellagio to Caesars Palace, and I’ll show you the quickest way as well as give you a scenic option if you’d prefer.

Pedestrian bridge that connects The Bellagio to Caesars Palace.
You can access this pedestrian bridge from inside the Bellagio or from ground level on Flamingo Rd. It will take you straight over to the Caesars property in front of the hotel.

The quickest walking route from the Bellagio to Caesars Palace

Starting from the Bellagio main entry, make your way inside past the famous horse statue.

Take a right just past the Hermes store and continue along through the casino and the Via Bellagio shopping center, following the signs to Caesars Palace. 

Once you get to the end of the shopping area, you’ll exit the Bellagio Hotel property and cross the outdoor Bellagio to Caesars Palace walkway (pedestrian bridge over W Flamingo Road).

On the north side of the overpass, you’ll see the famous Caesars Palace sign straight ahead. 

Walking map from Bellagio to Caesars Palace.
Click here (google maps) for step-by-step directions from Bellagio to Caesars Palace.

Continue straight through past the large columns on your left until you see the Brahma Shrine, where you will turn left (facing west).

Walk west for about 50 yards, and you’ll be at the Caesars Palace main entrance. 

Of course, you can also walk the directions in reverse to get from Caesars Palace to Bellagio.

Getting from the Bellagio to Caesars Palace – Scenic route

The Bellagio has two direct exits onto the Strip.

The fastest route, as mentioned above, uses the northern exit, but for those with a little more time and who are happy to take in the sights of Vegas, then this scenic route is perfect, and it only takes about 16 minutes to cover the 0.8 miles between the two hotels. 

From the Bellagio entry, make your way outside and head southeast around the iconic Fountains of Bellagio to your left.

Once you reach Las Vegas Boulevard, cross at the pedestrian crossing and head towards the famous Paris balloon sign (the Arc De Triomphe Las Vegas) is just behind it.

At the Paris balloon sign, head north towards the Eiffel Tower, which will be on your right. 

Scenic route from Bellagio to Caesars Palace.

Continue north along Las Vegas Boulevard until you reach East Flamingo Road.

Here, there are two pedestrian overpasses: one that crosses back over Las Vegas Boulevard and the other that crosses over East Flamingo Road.

Take the East Flamingo Road overpass past The Cromwell Hotel and Casino.

Follow the sidewalk to The Cromwell and take the next pedestrian bridge that crosses over Las Vegas Boulevard, offering stunning views all the way up and down the Strip (this bridge is a great spot for pictures).

When looking north along the Strip, the famous Flamingo Hotel is on your right, and Caesars Palace is on your left.

Continue to the left and follow the signs to Caesars Palace. 

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caesars palace to bellagio
The Bellagio (left) and Caesars Palace (right) sit next to each other on the Las Vegas Strip.

Are Caesars and Bellagio Connected – Summary

Now that you know the Caesars and Bellagio are connected, you can navigate your way between them in no time.

W Flamingo Road is the dividing line that marks where Caesars Palace ends, and the Bellagio begins.

Guests and visitors to the hotels can take advantage of the pedestrian overpass that connects the two hotels. 

Alternatively, a stroll around the southern perimeter of the Fountains of Bellagio and north along Las Vegas Boulevard offers some excellent sightseeing opportunities, so don’t forget your camera


Can you walk through Bellagio to Caesars Palace?

Yes, it’s very convenient to walk through Bellagio to get to Caesars Palace and is the preferred way to go on a hot day. There is a Bellagio to Caesars Palace walkway that spans the road between the two properties that can be accessed through the Via Bellagio shopping area.

How far to walk from Caesars Palace to Bellagio?

The walk from Caesars Palace to Bellagio will take about 5 minutes from Caesars front door to the side entrance of the Bellagio.

Is there a bridge from Bellagio to Caesars Palace?

There is an outdoor bridge that connects Bellagio on one side of W. Flamingo Rd to Caesars Palace on the other side.

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