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Which End of The Las Vegas Strip is Better (North or South?)

Las Vegas’s 4.2-mile Strip is one of the most notorious and iconic tourist destinations in the world, with tens of millions of people visiting each year. Due to the immense amount of things to do on the north and south ends of the Strip, choosing which part to stay on can be a confusing task. So which end of the Las Vegas Strip is better, north or south?

The north end of the Strip is better if you’re more interested in clubs, nightlife, high-end shopping, and 5-star dining. While the south end of the Strip is the place for you if you enjoy large pool decks, sharks, and a somewhat more casual bar and restaurant scene.

If you are planning a trip to Sin City and debating on which end of the Strip you want to stay on, keep reading. I’ll be discussing everything the north and south ends of the Strip has to offer and which one is right for you.

Las Vegas Strip: Which end is better
View of the Strip looking south.

What You Can Find on the North End of the Las Vegas Strip

The question isn’t what can you find at the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard; it’s what you can’t find. There are plenty of things to do to keep you busy on the North end of the Vegas Strip; you could visit it multiple times and still not get to fit everything in. 

While both ends of the Strip offer fun activities, live entertainment, great food, and plenty of gambling action, the environment does differ a bit, even though the distance between the two isn’t very far. 

At the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, you will find some of the hottest nightclubs in town, extreme adventures and entertainment, and high-end shopping, with the ability to dine at some of the most fabulous restaurants around, offering up delicious cuisines from a wide variety of cultures. 

North Strip Adventures

Whether you are a thrill-seeker or someone just looking to get out and sightsee a bit, a different adventure is waiting for you on either side of the North Las Vegas Strip. 

gondola ride at Venetian on the north end of the Strip
You can take a gondola ride at The Venetian on the north end of the Strip.

Some of the most popular adventures on the northern half of the Las Vegas Strip include:

Entertainment on The North Strip

The entertainment on the North end of the Las Vegas Strip is an experience you will never forget. From wax people to flexible ones, the fun never ends. 

Check out Mystère by Cirque du Soleil.

Some entertainment to check out while on the north end of the Strip includes:

North Strip Night Life

If you are a night owl and enjoy dancing, music, and having an overall good time, you will love the nightlife on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip.

Ready to party? Then hit up Tao Nightclub at The Venetian.

Here are some great clubs and lounges to check out while there.

Places to Eat on The North Strip

The North Strip is a great place to go if you like a variety of different foods. Here you will find many diverse places to eat, serving Japanese, Italian, seafood, American, Mediterranean, Spanish, French, and more.

Take a look at Carversteat at Resorts World. Yum!

Here are some top North Strip restaurants to consider:

North Strip Places to Shop

If you like high-end shopping and designer names, the north end of the Strip is where you need to be; here, you will find shopping malls, stores, and boutiques full of beautiful fashion with some pretty high price tags. 

Fashion show mall north las vegas strip
Fashion Show Mall near Wynn Las Vegas.

Some of the best places to shop at the north end of the Strip include:

Places to Stay on The North End of The Strip

Whether you are looking for an elegant resort, or a casino hotel in one, here are a few places to stay on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip that will be everything you are looking for and more.

Sahara Las Vegas on the Strip
SAHARA Las Vegas on the north end of the Strip. Photo courtesy of Sahara.

Here are a few of the popular Las Vegas resorts you’ll find on this end of Las Vegas Boulevard.

What You Can Find on the South End of the Las Vegas Strip

Now, mosey on down to the other end of the Las Vegas Strip, and you will find there is just as much to do with amazing experiences and adventures around every corner. However, the feel is a tiny bit more laid back compared to up north.

While you can still go shopping, enjoy plenty of delicious food items, and experience amazing performances and other types of entertainment, you will notice the south tends to keep things a little more casual and toned down (if you know where to go.)

If you are traveling to the Strip with your family or would prefer things a little less edgy, you might want to try hanging out on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.

South Strip Adventures

Whether you are coming to the south end of the Strip as a family or with friends, here are a few great adventures you can go on that are sure to make great memories.

m&ms world on the south Las Vegas Strip

Entertainment on The South Strip

Just because you prefer things a little less extreme doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time and enjoy some fantastic entertainment while on vacation. Here are some popular shows to consider while on the south end of the Vegas Strip.

Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay.

South Strip Night Life

If you’re looking for some nightlife, here are a few great clubs and bars to hit up on the south end of Las Vegas Blvd.

The Minus5 Ice Bar on a hot Las Vegas day sounds good to me.

Places to Eat on The South Strip

The south end of the Las Vegas Strip doesn’t have as many cultural food varieties as the north end, but there is still plenty to choose from, and if you are a burger, steak, or all-around American cuisine lover, your options are endless.

Watch a wine angle do her thing at Aureole inside Mandalay Bay on the South Strip. If you order a bottle of wine at Aureole, a wine angel will fly up and get it.

Some great restaurants on the south end of the Strip you should visit include:

South Strip Places to Shop

While there are some great malls at the south end of the strip, you will find many other fun places to shop that don’t involve high-end retail or designer price tags.

Take a walk through Town Square, an outdoor shopping area on the far south end of the Strip.

Places to Stay on The South End of The Strip

Now that we have you hooked, you are going to want an amazing place to stay while visiting the south Strip in Las Vegas. Here are a few popular hotel options to pick from, all with excellent reviews. 

MGM Grand hotel and casino on the Strip
MGM Grand is on the southern half of the Strip.

Casinos to Visit on the Las Vegas Strip, North and South End

Of course, I also have to list the casino options on both ends of the Las Vegas Strip since casinos are one of the biggest Vegas attractions of all. If you are looking to win big while on vacation, here are some of the most popular casinos on each end.

Las Vegas Strip Map
Download a free copy of this map of the Strip here.

11 Top North Strip Casinos

  1. Resorts World
  2. Wynn & Encore
  3. The Strat
  4. Treasure Island
  5. Sahara
  6. Mirage
  7. Venetian & Palazzo
  8. Circus Circus
  9. Flamingo
  10. The LINQ
  11. Harrah’s

6 Best South Strip Casinos

  1. New York-New York
  2. Mandalay Bay
  3. MGM Grand
  4. Luxor
  5. Excalibur
  6. Tropicana

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Which End of the Las Vegas Strip is Better, North or South? 

The answer to this question is pretty black and white but will often be different depending on who you ask. While each end of the Vegas Strip is known for its own amenities, style of entertainment, and things to do, they are both as equally exciting and full of fun, depending on your tastes.

According to some sources, it seems as though the south end has held the title for having the most action on this short stretch of space. However, the north is upping its game lately by adding some pretty significant hotels and casinos to the mix. 

Which End of the Strip is Better for Family Vacations, North or South?

Although there is a lot of proof the south end offers more of a laid-back family vibe, that doesn’t mean the north isn’t a good place to go on a vacation with family. The north end has its own set of family-friendly adventures, while the south has many options for those who are looking to go wild. (remember: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”)

Where you visit with your family will totally depend on your preferences and tastes; pick the end of the Strip that offers what your family will most enjoy. Heck, why not visit both?

Top 10 Resorts on the Las Vegs Strip.

Stay Center Strip For Easy Access to Both Ends (My Recommendation)

Let’s face it, both ends of the Strip are so packed with exciting things to see and do that you might not be able to decide which end of the Strip is better for you. So, why not choose a hotel in the center Strip area for easy access to both the north and south ends of the Strip.

The mid-Strip area is full of casino resort names that are instantly recognizable, such as:

  1. Bellagio
  2. Caesars Palace
  3. Paris Las Vegas
  4. The Cosmopolitan
  5. ARIA
  6. Planet Hollywood and more.

From any of these properties, you can easily reach either end of the Strip via an Uber, taxi, or even the Deuce Bus. Furthermore, the center Strip area is without a doubt one of the most walkable areas of Las Vegas Blvd.

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Which End of The Las Vegas Strip is Better – Final Thoughts

Both ends of the Las Vegas Strip will provide you with the most amazing experience you will ever have. From live entertainment that will blow your mind to activities and adventures, you will never forget.

Each end of the relatively short Strip is packed with tons of fun for everyone looking for a great time. 

Which end is best will likely depend on your perspective and individual tastes. Hopefully, this guide has helped get you pointed in the right direction.

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