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High Roller Ferris Wheel Las Vegas (Cost, Tips & Discounts)

The High Roller Ferris wheel at the LINQ is one of the most iconic structures on the Las Vegas Strip. Want to know what else is iconic?…The AMAZING views! The High Roller offers the best views of the Strip and Las Vegas Valley day or night. So when’s the best time to hop on the High Roller?

The High Roller in Las Vegas provides stunning views both day and night. During the day you will get an opportunity to view the Strip and the mountains surrounding the entire Las Vegas valley. At night, the highlight will be the Strip with its glittering neon lights. Anytime is a great time to ride the High Roller.

This article will answer all your questions about riding the High Roller in Las Vegas including the best times to ride, tips for getting the most out of your experience and where to go to get discount tickets.

High Roller wheel in Las Vegas

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What is The High Roller in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas High Roller is the tallest observation wheel in the world! At 550 feet tall, and located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, it provides extensive 360-degree views of both the Strip and the Vegas Valley.

Although many people refer to it as a ferris wheel, it’s actually what’s known as an observation wheel. Rather than two or three person seats like a ferris wheel, the High Roller has what are called “pods”. These pods are fully enclosed, air-conditioned cabins that can hold up to 40 people at a time. There are a total of 28 pods, so that means there can be up to 1,120 people on the High Roller at any one time!

Also, unlike a ferris wheel, the High Roller moves at a very slow pace. In fact, it never stops moving. Passengers load and unload when a pod reaches the bottom platform.

High Roller Tips: Best Times For Riding

As already mentioned, anytime is a great time to ride the High Roller, but some times are better than others depending on what you want to get out of the experience. You’ll want to plan a ride at a time that will prioritize your most important goals, such as, whether you want a valley view or a Strip view with lights, enjoying happy hour with an open bar or even have a chance of getting an entire pod to yourself.

While day and night both offer exceptional views, there’s no doubt that the evening hours are the most popular as you will get to see the lights on the Strip in all their glory!

This, of course, makes nighttime the busiest time for riding the High Roller and you may have to wait an extended time for a pod. A night it will be tough, if not impossible, to get a pod to yourself.

During the day, the lines will be much shorter, and you may even luck out and not have to share a cabin with other passengers. If having a pod to yourself is of interest, then your best chance of this will be on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during the day.

Pro Tip For The Best High Roller Vegas Views

One of the best tips for riding at night is to get on the High Roller at the top of the hour or to wait 15 minutes for the next pod. Starting at 7pm in the evenings, if you get on the wheel at the fifteen-minute intervals of the clock (15, 30, 45), you will arrive at the top of the ride just in time to watch the Bellagio Fountains show. 

Seeing the Bellagio Fountains from the High Roller is an incredible experience you won’t want to miss. This might be tougher to do on the weekends as its more crowded but if it’s not too busy, definitely give this a go!

Cost to go On The High Roller in Las Vegas (+ Discount Tickets!)

The regular cost of a High Roller Ticket is between $23.50 and $34.75 depending on the time of day.

High Roller / Time of DayCost
Adult Daytime Tickets$23.50
Adult Nighttime Tickets$34.75
Youth Daytime (ages 7-17)$8.50
Youth Nighttime (ages 7-17)$17.50
Children Under 6 years oldFree

Although these are the regular prices you can generally find a discount, but only if you plan ahead. High Roller discount tickets can usually be found here (groupon), however, there are no guarantees so if you see the discount tickets available and you want to ride the High Roller, grab’em!

Additional High Roller Discounts

There are other discounts available for the High Roller for some riders. They include:

High Roller RidersDiscount
Nevada Locals50% off
Active Military$5 off
Seniors (65 & up)$5 off
Students (with ID)50% off

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Also, if you’re a Caesars Rewards member you can receive free or discounted tickets depending on your membership level. For these discount tickets you’ll have to visit a Caesars Rewards Center in one of the many Caesars properties on the Strip.

Las Vegas High Roller FAQ

Below I’ve answered the most common questions people ask about the High Roller.

Where is the High Roller located?

The High Roller is located in the LINQ Promenade (google maps) in the center of the Las Vegas Strip between the Flamingo Hotel and Casino and Harrah’s Las Vegas.

When is The High Roller Open?

Bellagio Fountains Show Schedule La...
Bellagio Fountains Show Schedule Las Vegas
Day of The WeekDaytimeNighttime
Monday – Thursday Closed4pm – Midnight
Friday – SundayNoon – 4pm4pm – Midnight

The High Roller is open weekday nights (Monday – Thursday) from 4pm until midnight and weekends (Friday – Sunday) 4pm until midnight.

How long does the High Roller take to go around completely?

The High Roller in Las Vegas takes 30 minutes to make one complete rotation. So you will have plenty of time to take pictures and see all the sights. You should plan on an hour of total time at the attraction.

Are drinks free on the High Roller?

The drinks on the High Roller are free if you purchase a ticket for High Roller Happy Half Hour. You will have 30 minutes with a bartender and full open bar to drink as much as you’d like at no additional cost.

Does the High Roller have bathrooms?

The High Roller pods do not have bathrooms or running water, so you will need to visit a restroom prior to boarding.

Does the High Roller ever stop?

During operating hours, the Las Vegas High Roller observation wheel never stops moving. It moves so slowly that passengers are able to board and disembark the individual pods without rushing or the wheel ever needing to stop.

Can you bring alcohol on the High Roller?

Yes, you can bring outside alcoholic drinks on the High Roller. There are several bars along the LINQ promenade where you can get a drink prior to boarding, however, no glass bottles or containers, coolers or cases of beer are permitted.

How high up is the High Roller?

The High Roller is 550 feet high from the ground to the top of the highest pod. This is 107 feet taller than the London Eye, making the High Roller the tallest observation wheel in the world.

Does the High Roller ever close for wind or weather?

Occasionally, the High Roller Ferris Wheel operation is closed due to high winds or extreme weather. Wind, with gusts over 50 mph, will cause the High Roller to close as will lightning within five miles. These weather conditions are infrequent and do not affect operations very often.

How big are the pods on the High Roller?

Each roomy, air-conditioned pod on the High Roller is 300 square feet in size and can hold up to 40 people. Generally, they only fill a cabin or pod with 10-15 people on average so there is plenty of room to walk around and check the Las Vegas views from every floor to ceiling window.

Are there seats on the High Roller?

Yes, there are two bench seats that hold four adults each in every High Roller cabin. If a member of your party requires a spot on one of the bench seats, just ask an attendant. While most riders like to stand and walk around, many younger people choose to sit on the floor.

Is the High Roller wheelchair accessible?

The High Roller is wheelchair accessible and there is plenty of space for wheelchairs in each pod. Guests with walkers or in wheelchairs will have no problem boarding or exiting the attraction as the wheel turns incredibly slowly and assistance can be provided if required.

Does the High Roller have a bar?

Out of the 28 cabins on the High Roller, one pod is usually designated as the High Roller Happy Half Hour cabin. For $10-15 dollars extra you can ride in this pod and enjoy an unlimited open bar for the duration of your trip around the wheel. You are also welcome to bring outside drinks into any of the other pods.

Can you get married on the High Roller?

Absolutely! The High Roller can easily be booked for your wedding ceremony. You can choose from several wedding VIP packages to make your Las Vegas marriage ceremony unforgettable.

You can request more information or book your wedding here.

Is the High Roller bigger than the London Eye?

The High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas is 107 feet (32.6 meters) taller than the London Eye in England. The High Roller Ferris Wheel, at 550 feet in height, is the tallest observation wheel in the world.

Where do you park for the High Roller in Las Vegas?

Both valet and self-parking can be found close to the High Roller. There is valet parking available right at the entrance to the wheel or you can self-park just a short walk away. There is a self-parking lot at Flamingo and Linq Lane, and another at Koval and Winnick on the east side of Las Vegas Blvd.

What is High Roller Happy Half Hour in Las Vegas?

The Happy Half Hour Cabin is a specially designated pod on the High Roller where unlimited drinks are served. It runs from noon to 1 a.m., seven days a week. You must be 21 or older to ride in the Happy Half Hour Cabin on the High Roller.

Check here for High Roller Happy Half Hour Discounts (groupon). With 30 minutes to complete the entire rotation around the Ferris wheel, you will get your money’s worth of unlimited drinks and views. Take advantage of the adult beverages, to make the most of the Happy Half Hour deal.

Are there information screens in the High Roller pods?

If you would like some information about what you are seeing, the High roller pods offer commentary and viewing screens with information about the local attractions as you ride. You can enjoy a non-stop ride up and around the Ferris wheel while at the same time enjoying some facts and history about what it is you are viewing.

Is one ticket only good for a single rotation?

A High Roller ticket is only good for one trip around the wheel. You can ride the High Roller as many times as you would like but you will need a new ticket for each rotation.

Is The High Roller Worth It?

The High Roller in Las Vegas is worth it if you want to get one of the best views of the city. During the day the views of the entire Las Vegas valley are impressive. At night you will be able to see the lights on the Las Vegas Strip in all their glory from one of the best vantage points in the city.

The High Roller ferris wheel, without a doubt, will provide you with one of the best views of the Las Vegas Strip and city skyline that you can get. The price of tickets is very reasonable for the 30-minute ride, which includes an air-conditioned pod with huge glass windows and information about the sights you’re seeing.

The Happy Half Hour pod is designed to give a more adult experience to the High Roller. For 30 minutes during your ride, you’re given access to the open bar where a professional bartender can whip up any well-drink you request. It’s a pretty basic bar, but still an excellent experience, and worth it if you can drink fast!

If you ride during the day, there will be fewer people and great views of the entire City of Las Vegas and the surrounding valley. You may even get a pod to yourself! IF you go at night, make sure to go at the 15-minute intervals to get a perfect view of the fountain show at the Bellagio when you reach the top. Finally, if you’re going at night, you’ll get to experience the Las Vegas Strip as never before.

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