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The High Roller Bar: Drinking high above the Vegas Strip

Does the High Roller have a bar

If you’re considering visiting the High Roller during your next trip to Las Vegas, you’re probably wondering whether a bar is available on this nearly 600 ft. (182.88 m) tall Ferris wheel. Almost every place on the Las Vegas Strip has a bar in it or near it, so you’re well within your rights to expect the High Roller to have one. But is that the case? Does the High Roller have a bar?

The High Roller does have a bar. In fact, the High Roller has two bar options. There is a bar at the bottom of the Ferris wheel where you can purchase a drink before you board the ride. You also have the option to enjoy an open bar inside the pod for an additional cost. 

This article will answer your questions about the bar on the High Roller and if the open bar option is worth it for you. It’ll also cover ways to enjoy a drink at this famous attraction without purchasing the open bar option. Read on for that and much more.

High Roller Sky Lounge Bar

You can bring drinks on the High Roller that you've purchased in the Sky Lounge
You’ll have the option to purchase a drink to bring with you in the High Roller Sky Lounge bar before getting on your pod.

Enjoying a drink or two on the High Roller Ferris wheel is one of the most thrilling experiences in Las Vegas. What could be better than sipping cocktails while relishing fantastic views of the Strip and Las Vegas Valley on this famous attraction?

The High Roller offers several ways you can drink while taking a trip around the observation wheel and relishing the sights. The first way is to get a drink at the High Roller Sky Lounge. The Sky Lounge is a full-service bar that you will walk through once you’ve shown your High Roller ticket and gone through security.

The High Roller drink menu and prices
The drink menu at the High Roller Sky Lounge bar.

The Sky Lounge offers everything you’d expect from a bar, including beer, wine, spirits, and mixed drinks. You can spend as long as you want in the bar before heading up a level to board the High Roller itself. So, it’s very convenient to purchase a drink here to bring into your High Roller pod.

Tip: The Sky Lounge Bar is the last place you will find restrooms until after your ride is over. Take advantage while you can.

High Roller Happy Half-Hour (Unlimited Open Bar Option)

The High Roller happy half-hour bar pod
A look inside a High Roller Happy Half Hour open bar pod.

If you think you might like to enjoy more than one drink while you’re on the wheel, the High Roller also offers an option they refer to as “High Roller Happy Half Hour” This is a unique Happy Hour cabin on the High Roller that includes a bartender and an open bar.

Most of the pods on the High Roller don’t include a bar, but if you are willing to pay extra and choose the Happy Half Hour option, you will be loaded onto a specially designated bar cabin. Here you will have a completely open bar where you can drink as much as you want for the duration of the 30-minute ride around the wheel.

The High Roller Happy Hour cabin with an open bar has similar drink options to any other bar in Las Vegas. It’s a fully stocked bar with liquor, beer, and wine. Options for different types of liquors usually include rum and tequila.

High Roller Happy Hour cabins can hold up to 25 people and can even be booked for large parties looking for a private open bar setting to get their evening started. Of course, there are other packages you can choose from depending on the number of guests and how long you plan on enjoying the view.

Remember that you cannot book the High Roller bar option for anyone under the drinking age in Nevada; all individuals with you must be 21 and up. Be sure to carry your ID and remind everyone joining you to bring theirs, as they will check them once you arrive.

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Bringing Outside Drinks on The High Roller

can you bring outside drinks on High Roller
Bringing outside drinks on the High Roller is allowed as long as they aren’t in a glass container.

You may be wondering at this point, “What if I already have a drink?” The good news is you can bring outside drinks on the High Roller regardless of where you purchased them.

The only restriction is that you can’t bring drinks in a glass container. You also can’t bring coolers and cases of alcohol—only individual drinks are allowed.

Open Bar Tickets, Hours, and Duration

There are numerous sites online where you can purchase tickets for the High Roller open bar option. You can use these tickets for up to 3 days from the date you choose. Be sure to buy yours ahead of time because they often sell out during weekends and holidays.

Vegas.com is arguably the best online platform to buy tickets for the High Roller, especially if you’re interested in the open bar option. The ticket-buying process is effortless, and they’re clear about what to expect, what’s included, starting times, and more.

The High Roller Happy Half Hour cabin with an open bar is available from 2 pm to the last ride at 11:30 pm. The open bar duration is for the entire ride, which is 30 minutes long.

That said, how long you’ll have to wait will vary depending on your time and day for the visit. You can read my article about the wait time at High Roller to learn about the busiest and least busy times to ride the High Roller.

Pro Tip: For the best experience, schedule your ride after 8 pm. The darker it is outside, the better. While daytime is still a good time to visit, rides after darkness sets in offer the best views of the lights on the Strip. I recommend after 8 pm because that’s when the Bellagio Fountains start playing every 15 minutes. That way, you’re likely to catch a fountain show while you’re up in the air.

High Roller Open Bar for Special Occasions

The High Roller open bar pods are a fantastic option for kicking off celebrations such as birthday parties and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Although booking with the open bar option is expensive, you’re better off choosing the beverage service since drinks at the bar on the bottom of the Ferris wheel can be expensive to purchase individually.

Plus, the bar option is a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout the ride without worrying about people emptying their glasses mid-ride. Just make sure everyone uses the restroom before the 30 min open bar ride begins—that’s the only thing not available on the High Roller pod itself. 

The Overall High Roller Bar Experience

The High Roller is a Vegas attraction that seems to be popping up on many bucket lists these days, and knowing that an open bar option is available makes it even more of a popular thing to do with friends when visiting Las Vegas.

The experience of riding on the High Roller is fantastic on its own, but having an open bar included takes fun with friends to the next level.

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Is the Open Bar Cabin on the High Roller Worth It?

Whether paying extra for the open bar car on the High Roller is worth it or not depends on mainly one factor, and that is how much you, as an individual, can drink in 30 minutes. If you’re a sipper, then one mixed cocktail, wine, or beer will probably be enough, and paying extra for the open bar wouldn’t be worth it.

If, on the other hand, you want to pound a few drinks or do some shots, then the price you pay for the Happy Half Hour pod would be well worth it.

Here is a short video that gives you an idea of the bar experience on the High Roller: 

High Roller Bar – Conclusion

The High Roller is a not to miss attraction in Las Vegas, thanks to the incredible views and the option to ride in a pod with an open bar. If you don’t want to spend extra on the open bar package, you can order individual drinks at the bar at the bottom of the Ferris wheel before boarding.

You can purchase tickets online on multiple platforms, but I recommend Vegas.com for the best discounts. Ideally, tickets should be purchased ahead of time to ensure the ride hasn’t sold out when you want to go.

Whether you take advantage of the bar or not, the High Roller experience is well worth it and will be a Vegas memory you won’t soon forget.


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