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Why The Venetian is So Expensive (Is It Worth It?)

If you’re planning a Las Vegas vacation and you’re looking for a true luxury resort experience, booking a room at The Venetian is certainly one way to get there. But many people think The Venetian is too expensive for their budget, and they might be right. But why is The Venetian so expensive, and is it worth the money?

What makes The Venetian one of the most expensive resorts in Las Vegas is the fact that it is designed to cater to an upscale clientele. However, if you are looking to stay at one of the best resorts in Las Vegas, The Venetian will be well worth the expense.

And if you know how to navigate the system, you can find a deal on bookings that can make your stay at The Venetian less expensive than you might expect.

Why The Venetian is so expensive
The Venetian Las Vegas

What is The Venetian in Las Vegas?

The Venetian is a 5-star, luxury hotel and casino located on the Strip in Las Vegas. But giving it just that definition doesn’t do this resort justice. In theory, you could take a trip to Las Vegas and never leave The Venetian, because the amenities provide everything you could need right at the resort.

The Venetian includes a resort complex that includes its sister property the Palazzo resort, the Venetian Convention and Expo Center, an indoor shopping mall referred to as the Grand Canal Shoppes, the TAO Nightclub, the TAO Beach and day club, four theatres, a full-service spa, four outdoor swimming pools, and three hot tubs.

And that just scratches the surface of what this resort offers travelers.

There are also over forty restaurants on the grounds. Yes, you heard that right. Forty. You will never run out of dining options at The Venetian. See the best restaurants at Venetian here.

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How Big is the Venetian?

The size of the Venetian is one of the qualities that make it stand out from the crowd. The Venetian-Palazzo complex is home to the world’s second-largest hotel. It boasts over 4,000 rooms and over 3,000 suites. The casino itself includes over 130,000 square feet of gaming space.

The Venetian offers plenty of extra-special amenities for those who can afford to spend a little more on their stay. For example, the private cabanas around the TAO Beach club feature televisions, DVD players, Xbox 360’s, a minibar, and a safe for locking up valuables while you swim.

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Is The Venetian worth it in Las Vegas

Why is The Venetian So Expensive?

The Venetian was designed to be a first-class destination for guests desiring upscale accommodations.

Originally Las Vegas was one of the few gambling locations found in the United States and mostly catered to the gaming crowd, it has since expanded to be more of a vacation spot for tourists of all kinds. And that includes celebrities, millionaires, and high rollers from around the globe.

The Venetian caters to the upper crust of society. It is designed to remind guests of Venice, Italy, and many of the architectural features are replicas of famous Venetian landmarks. You can even take a real gondola ride on the canals that flow both inside and outside of the property!

Because the well-to-do are always looking for the top spots on the Strip to flaunt their money and style, The Venetian doesn’t hold back on catering to expensive tastes. But that doesn’t mean that the average tourist can’t enjoy a stay at this beautiful resort as well.

How to Afford a Stay at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas

Booking any luxury resort in Las Vegas is likely to come with a hefty price tag. There’s just no getting around it. But fortunately for the more budget-minded tourists, there are ways to make a stay at The Venetian more affordable.

Here are some top tips for finding a great deal when booking a room at The Venetian Hotel.

  • Avoid booking during peak seasons. Instead, aim for a vacation during off-seasons.
  • Don’t book a room at The Venetian on the weekends if possible. Sunday through Thursday will provide the cheapest rates.
  • Avoid visiting during a holiday or when there is a convention in town. Because The Venetian is home to one of the biggest convention and expo centers in Vegas, rates will skyrocket when there’s a large convention taking place.
  • Visit the Venetian website and sign up for their email list to receive special offers and discounted rates right to your inbox.
  • Check into package deals whenever available. Often large resorts like The Venetian will offer guests the ability to purchase a package deal that includes several nights of lodging, plus discounts on dining and theater tickets.
  • Regular visitors to Las Vegas can sign up for The Venetian’s players card to accumulate points in order to get special rates and discounts on rooms and more.
Is The Venetian expensive in Las Vegas

Venetian FAQs

Is the Venetian 5 star luxury?

The Venetian resort is one of several 5-star luxury resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The rooms are spacious and relaxing, while the resort itself is filled with an abundance of upscale dining and entertainment options.

What is The Venetian known for?

The entire Venetian hotel property is known for being themed to look like the romantic city of Venice, Italy. No detail has been overlooked. You will truly feel as if you are in Venice as you stroll down the interior cobblestone streets and enjoy the gondolas passing by on the canal.

How much did The Venetian cost to build?

The Venetian resort cost 1.5 billion dollars to build and the hotel property was opened in 1999 with its sister property The Palazzo opening in 2007.

Who owns The Venetian in Las Vegas?

The Venetian was originally built and owned by billionaire Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas Sands Corp.). The property was sold in 2022 to VICI Properties, a property investment company that now owns several Las Vegas Strip properties.

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Why the Venetian is So Expensive – In Closing

Although a stay at The Venetian can put a dent in anyone’s pocketbook, it can be well worth the experience for those looking for a true five-star adventure. After all, who wants to visit the Las Vegas Strip and stay at a shabby, run-down motel?

The whole point of a Vegas vacation is to go all out and make the most of it. Be smart about when you book and make sure to take advantage of package deals and discounts, and a stay at The Venetian will be well worth the expense.

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