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Smoking at The Venetian Las Vegas (Is it allowed?)

If you are heading to Las Vegas and you’re a smoker, there are a few things you need to know about where you can and cannot smoke. The rules are constantly changing, so it’s important to check before you visit. In this article, we’re going to look at can you smoke at the Venetian Las Vegas?

Smoking is allowed at The Venetian in certain areas, including the casino floor, bars and lounges for those 21 and over, and specific hotel rooms that are designated as smoking rooms. Smoking is not allowed at The Venetian in other public areas.

Let’s hop in and take a closer look at the dos and don’ts of smoking at The Venetian Las Vegas.

Can you smoke at The Venetian Las Vegas

Is Smoking At The Venetian Okay?

Like a lot of hotels and casinos, the Venetian offers smoking suites to any guests that want to be able to smoke in their rooms, and it has designated smoking areas throughout the casino. Smoking is permitted on the casino floor and outside the casino as well.

Of course, there are also non-smoking rooms and designated areas in which you cannot smoke. These include:

  • The lobby
  • The smoke-free area in the casino
  • Public walkways
  • The Grand Canal Shoppes
  • All suites not designated as smoking suites

However, since COVID-19, a lot of casinos have unofficially changed their smoking policies, recognizing that the illness compromised the lungs of many of its victims. Some casinos that previously permitted smoking in certain areas have now banned it and removed their smoking suites.

The Venetian has not released any updates to suggest that this is the case within the hotel or casino, but it would be a good idea to call ahead and check if you wish to smoke in your room or in the casino now.

Officially booking a smoking suite is the most effective way to get up-to-date information about whether this is permitted or not.

It is frustrating for smokers to find that hotels and casinos have updated their policies without making a clear announcement online, so make sure you check before you go to The Venetian. While smoking was previously permitted in certain areas, talking to the concierge at The Venetian is advisable.

Having said that, the general rules about smoking (which apply throughout Nevada) say that smoking is prohibited in public areas with the exception of casino gaming floors, 21 and up bars and lounges, and hotel rooms that are specifically designated as smoking rooms.

Should I Get A Smoking Suite At The Venetian?

If you are a smoker, it is a good idea to book into a smoking suite at The Venetian if you are able to do so. You will face heavy fines if you smoke in a suite intended for non-smokers because the hotel will issue a heavy cleaning charge to cover the cost of getting the smell of smoke out of the room once you have checked out.

Does The Venetian offer smoking rooms

You should also make sure that you are clear about what areas are currently designated as smoking and non-smoking areas. In the past, the casino floor has been open to smokers, with one designated non-smoking area for those wishing to avoid smoke.

However, because so many establishments have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to update their policies, you may find that you are no longer allowed to smoke on the casino floor, or that you may have to sit in a particular area in order to smoke. Similarly, other areas where smoking was allowed may now be smoke-free zones.

Although many casinos are keen to allow their patrons the ability to smoke because it increases their revenue and customer satisfaction, there is ongoing pressure to discourage smoking. Most indoor places are not permitted to let their patrons smoke even if they want to, and casinos are one of the few establishments that are exempt from this law.

How Do I Find Out If I Can Smoke At The Venetian?

Because so many policies have been changed as a result of the pandemic, the best way to get a clear answer is to contact reception directly. You will need to do this in order to book a smoking suite anyway, and according to The Venetian’s website, it is still possible to book smoking suites in the Venezia Tower by request.

Smoking at The Venetian Las Vegas – Conclusion

Smoking is still allowed in some parts of The Venetian. However, given recent changes, it’s advisable to contact the staff directly and find out whether you can still smoke in a designated suite, on the casino floor, and in other parts of the hotel before you book your visit.

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