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Does The Venetian Las Vegas Have a Resort Fee? (Answered)

Does The Venetian Las Vegas have a resort fee

Resort fees have become the bane of many travelers’ existence; a traveler’s hotel budget can be blown on unexpected resort fees that, especially in Las Vegas, can often be more than the price of the hotel room.

But what about the high-end Las Vegas resorts where guests are already paying the big bucks to sleep over? There, the resort fees are actually higher. Many travelers ask, does The Venetian Las Vegas have a resort fee? The answer is yes, and it’s one of the costliest resort fees on The Strip at $45 per night.

In this article, learn more about The Venetian Las Vegas resort fee, what it covers, and if there’s any way to have this pesky charge removed from your hotel bill.

What Are Resort Fees?

Resort fees (including those at The Venetian) are tacked on to hotel stays at resorts around the world, not just Las Vegas, to cover certain services that the hotel offers that they deem above and beyond the hotel room that guests pay for.

In Las Vegas, a resort fee most often is charged automatically on a per-night basis and is mandatory. The fee applies to the room, not to the number of people in the room.

Commonly, a Las Vegas resort will tell guests that the fee covers things like use of the swimming pool, business center, the gym, the phone in the guest’s hotel room, and in-room wi-fi.

These fees often frustrate consumers, who feel they don’t need these services and shouldn’t have to pay for them.

Resorts have improved communication in recent years though, and most make it very clear upon booking that the resort fee is not included in the rack rate and will be charged upon checkout.

You can see a complete list of Las Vegas hotels and the resort fee each charge here.

Do You Have to Pay the Resort Fee at The Venetian?

does the venetian have a resort fee

The $45 per night resort fee at The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip is mandatory. Adding insult to injury, guests must also pay tax on resort fees, not just at The Venetian but at any hotel in Las Vegas.

That brings the actual total resort fee for The Venetian to $51.02 when adding in the 13.38% tax.

Travelers will be unable to avoid resort fees if they want to stay at a hotel on the famous Strip, as every major resort charges some sort of fee ranging from $35 to $46.

There is only one hotel on the Las Vegas Strip that does not charge a resort fee: Best Western Casino Royale.

Can You Waive the Resort Fee at The Venetian?

Guests will be hard-pressed to get The Venetian Resort to waive a resort fee on their stay.  Though it is possible if you challenge the front desk upon check in, it is rare that they’ll waive this fee except in very specific circumstances.

Plus, who wants to begin their vacation with a fight with the front desk? It’s best for visitors to budget for this fee, then take advantage of the services it provides during their stay.

However, if guests are set on not paying the resort fee, they can consider booking the hotel with rewards points.

The Venetian is part of the Intercontinental Alliance or IHG. IHG resorts offer an IHG One Rewards Program that allows visitors to accumulate points based on the number of qualified nights that they stay in IHG hotel properties. Once guests have enough points to earn a free stay, they can book a hotel room at The Venetian and ask that the resort fee be waived.

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What Does the Resort Fee at The Venetian Include?

what does the resort fee at the venetian include

According to The Venetian Resort, the resort fee includes:

  • Fitness center access for two guests at Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness. Many resorts in Las Vegas charge a separate fee for use of the fitness center, but Venetian includes this in the resort fee.
  • Wi-fi or ethernet access in the hotel room, which can be more reliable than the public wi-fi or the internet service on a guest’s mobile device.
  • Printed boarding passes so guests can avoid the line at the airport.
  • Unlimited local and toll-free calls from the phone in the guest’s suite.
  • Access to digital magazines and newspapers.

Does The Venetian Las Vegas Have a Resort Fee – In Summary

The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, like nearly every resort on the Las Vegas Strip, charges a resort fee. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive resort fees in Sin City at $51.02 per night, including tax.

While it’s a frustrating fee to encounter, especially if it’s a surprise to guests, most resorts in Las Vegas go out of their way to publicly note their mandatory resort fees. This way, guests can budget for the fee and understand that the rate they’re seeing online is not the final rate charged upon checkout.

In some cases, guests may be able to avoid a resort fee at The Venetian, but it’s better to plan for the fee so as not to ruin your vacation from check-in.

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You’ll want to watch this before you book a room at The Venetian.

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