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Does Bellagio Have a Resort Fee? (What Does it Include?)

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has a resort fee which is currently $45 per night. Each guest who stays at the Bellagio hotel complex must pay the resort fee, which is automatically added to a guest’s bill and made payable at check-out. 

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is a five-star luxury hotel that has built a reputation of offering guests the utmost comfort and style.

With so much luxury, many will ask, “does Bellagio have a resort fee? Let’s find out.

Does Bellagio Have a Resort Fee? (What Does it Include?)

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Why does Bellagio have a resort fee?

The majority of Vegas hotels along the Strip charge a daily resort fee which in most cases is between $35-45 per night.

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The Bellagio resort fee is currently $45 per night and is one of the most expensive resort fees amongst the MGM Resort International group of hotels in Las Vegas. 

The high resort fee befits Bellagio’s luxury status.

(Note: See the current resort fees for all the major Las Vegas hotels).

Many argue that the room rates charged by the Bellagio should more than cover operating costs of the resort facilities and deem the resort fee an unnecessary charge.

Like it or not, if you plan to stay at The Bellagio, you’ll need to pay the resort fees. 

Of course, one way to look at absorbing the resort fee into your stay is to take advantage of the complimentary drinks available on the gambling floor.

You’ll also have access to incredible facilities and the beautiful grounds on which the Bellagio is situated.

What does the Bellagio resort fee cover?

All guests who stay at the Bellagio must pay the resort fee to cover a range of resort services. These services include:

  • ​​Access to the 5 luxurious pools around the Bellagio resort complex
  • Towels and robes at the pools and spa services
  • High-speed internet access (in-room)
  • Unlimited calls (local and toll-free)
  • Airline boarding pass printing
  • Printing and allocation of tickets for in-house shows
  • Notary service
  • Fitness access for guests over 18

Do all guests have to pay the resort fee at The Bellagio?

The hotel’s policy is that all guests will be charged the daily resort fee, which is added to the bill and paid at check-out.

However, getting resort fees ‘comped’ (the Vegas term for ‘complimentary’) is common in Vegas for guests who actively game and spend money at the property. 

Resort fees in Las Vegas explained, plus some tips for avoiding them.

Seasoned Vegas visitors know that the best way to get the Bellagio resort fee waived is to spend time in the casino.

If you’re planning to gamble, be sure to sign up for the M Life or MGM Rewards program as it’s the easiest way to get your resort fees comped upon reaching the required level. 

Guests who gamble will often receive benefits and incentives, which include waiving resort fees, complimentary accommodation, and/or free Bellagio parking.

Guest comps may also include free meals at any of the restaurants within The Bellagio, as well as tickets to entertainment events and shows

If you’re not a gambler and you want to avoid resort fees in Las Vegas you’ll need to stay at one of these Vegas hotels that don’t charge resort fees.


Like them or loathe them, resort fees are here to stay and should be factored into your budget when visiting Las Vegas.

Take a look inside The Bellagio Las Vegas.

The Bellagio charges a daily resort fee for every room and the fee will automatically be billed to your account unless you’ve been comped by the Bellagio.

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