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Are You Allowed To Smoke in the Palazzo Casino? (Yes & No)

Are You Allowed To Smoke in the Palazzo Casino

The Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006 prohibited smoking in many public places in Nevada, except strip clubs, private homes, bars, and casinos. Smoking in Vegas casinos is nothing new, but some gambling facilities have enacted rules restricting people’s ability to smoke or vape. 

You are allowed to smoke in various sections of The Palazzo casino. Smoking guests or those who don’t mind passive smoke use the smoking areas of the casino. Non-smoking guests can make use of the non-smoking zones of the casino.

This article will delve deeper into The Palazzo’s casino smoking policy. I will also provide a solution for non-smokers looking to avoid tobacco smoke altogether while gambling on the Las Vegas strip. 

Smoking at The Palazzo: What should know

Smoking at The Palazzo

You can smoke in the Palazzo casino, but only in the designated areas to avoid a penalty. This policy at the Palazzo Resort mimics the rules in other casino properties on the Strip by trying to accommodate both smoking and non-smoking gamblers. 

So, to be clear, the majority of public areas within the Palazzo resort as a whole are non-smoking, but smoking is allowed in specific areas of the casino floor and enclosed bars within the resort property.

For a long time, non-smoking patrons had to stomach the smell of tobacco and suffer the harmful effects of passive smoke. However, thanks to casinos like the Palazzo, non-smoking gamblers can try their luck on the floor without interference from smoking. 

The Palazzo has gradually reduced its offerings for smokers through the years. It allowed smokers to book smoking suites before scrapping that option in June 2018. However, the smoking policies in Las Vegas hotels keep changing, so I’d advise you to confirm with the hotel before booking a room. 

The Palazzo and Venetian, as well as other Las Vegas resorts and casinos, introduced more smoking restrictions during the height of the pandemic – they asked spectators and table game players to refrain from vaping and smoking. 

When Las Vegas casinos reopened in early June 2020, health experts advised that casinos ban smoking altogether. However, few expected casinos to execute sweeping bans on smoking, especially considering the need to recover earnings lost during the enforced closure. Because of this, most establishments in Vegas relaxed their coronavirus restrictions as the pandemic subsided. 

Unless you sit near a table with smokers, it’s difficult to catch the scent of smoke when gambling. On top of separating smokers from non-smokers, the Palazzo Casino has a sophisticated ventilation system that prevents smoke movement to non-smoking areas of the casino or resort. 

The casino’s high ceilings complement the modern ventilation system, making the Palazzo casino one of the least smoke-filled casinos on the Strip despite the fact that they permit smoking on the premises. Even before the Palazzo implemented stricter smoking rules, it rated highly in terms of casino aeration. Now that there are smoking and non-smoking areas, non-smokers are guaranteed smoke-free gambling sessions, and smokers are guaranteed a place to smoke without being hassled. 

As pointed out by this piece about smoking rules at the Venetian, many Las Vegas establishments unofficially changed their rules about smoking during the 2020 pandemic. Because of this, it’s always best to call and confirm smoking rules with the Palazzo directly.

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Smoke From the Palazzo Casino Can’t Drift Into the Hotel

Smoke From the Palazzo Casino Can’t Drift Into the Hotel

The Palazzo casino’s acceptance of smoking shouldn’t deter you from booking a room at the hotel. Part of the reason the Palazzo Resort received LEED certification from the Green Building Council was that it built a system preventing casino smoke from passing into the hotel

Casinos similar to the Palazzo often fail to acquire LEED certification because they allow smoking. The Palazzo hotel received certification because, among other things, the developers built a system that contained smoke in the casino and expelled it away from the hotel. 

Furthermore, the Palazzo hotel and casino have separate ventilation systems, eliminating the chances of accidental smoke passage into the hotel. 

Thanks to the ever-tightening restrictions on smoking, only roughly 50% of the Palazzo gaming floor allows smoking. The reduced area plus the advanced ventilation system protect hotel guests from inadvertent smoke inhalation. 

Therefore, you can visit the Palazzo hotel without worrying about being exposed to secondhand smoke from the casino. 

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The Park MGM Is the Only Fully Non-Smoking Casino on the Strip

The Park MGM Is the Only Fully Non-Smoking Casino on the Strip

Before the Park MGM reopened in late September 2020, its COO and president, Anton Nikodemus, announced that the hotel and casino had adopted a no-smoking policy. Nikodemus said that the continued guest requests to make the facility non-smoking had influenced the decision. 

Anton speculated that the policy change would attract customers due to an alleged high demand for a non-smoking casino in Las Vegas. He added that the pandemic helped revive an idea the hotel’s hierarchy had considered when rebranding the hotel, which was previously known as the Monte Carlo casino, in 2018. 

The Park MGM was reportedly renovated to reflect the policy change. According to the hotel’s website, guests are prohibited from smoking on the premises, including in bars, casinos, and pool areas. However, guests can smoke in a few designated smoking areas, including the Central Park Terrence and the NoMad Porte Cochere. 

The Park MGM’s policy was expected to usher in a change on the Las Vegas Strip, with casinos expected to implement complete bans on smoking. However, over two years later, Park MGM remains an outlier on the Las Vegas strip

MGM hasn’t revised its smoking ban, suggesting it hasn’t affected the casino’s numbers. According to customer reviews on sites such as Priceline, customers appreciate the untainted freshness in Park MGM’s casino. 

The Nevada Resort Association says the resort industry considers air quality a high priority. Therefore, it has invested in technology that circulates fresh air and removes smoke in casinos like the Palazzo, where smoking remains legal. 

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See what’s happening at The Palazzo.

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You are allowed to smoke in specific areas of The Palazzo casino floor. Therefore, before you light a cigarette or vape, ask a staff member to guide you to a smoking area. The rest of the resort is 100% smoke-free, so you can only smoke in the casino and designated bars and smoking areas outside. 

The Palazzo resort is friendly to non-smokers as the ventilation system inhibits the movement of smoke to non-smoking areas. The Palazzo’s smoking policies are typical of casinos on the Strip, with the only completely non-smoking casino being the Park MGM Casino.

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