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Parking Fees at New York-New York (2023 Tips & Tricks)

Parking Fees at New York-New York Las Vegas

Where can you see the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline while riding a roller coaster high up in the sky? At New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, of course! To experience this, you’ll first need to park your car, and it will help if you know what the parking fees at New York-New York Las Vegas are.

Parking fees at New York-New York Las Vegas will cost between $15 and $18 a day for self-parking and between $18 and $30 a day for valet. Parking fees are charged regardless of whether you are a hotel guest or just visiting. New York-New York has over 2,500 parking spots available.

New York-New York Las Vegas (Self-Parking)Parking Fee
1st hourFree
1 – 4 hours$15
4 – 24 hours $18
Every 24 hours thereafter$18

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the different parking choices at New York-New York, and how much they’ll set you back. Plus, I’ll share a few tips and tricks that will allow you to park for free.

New York-New York Las Vegas Overview

If the name doesn’t immediately give it away, one look at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, and you’ll understand the resort’s focus. It’s built to resemble a 1940s New York skyline with facades mimicking the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and the CBS Building. There is also a 150-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty at the front of the hotel.

The attractions inside the resort continue the New York theme as most are named after famous locations from the Big Apple. For example, the casino floor is named after Times Square, and the eating area is based on Greenwich Village.

NYNY Las Vegas is also unique in that the property includes a roller coaster – yes, an actual roller coaster – which travels both inside and outside of the property! The Big Apple Coaster drops 144 feet, and its maximum speed is 67mph.

In total, the complex has roughly 2,000 rooms and suites and is located conveniently close to the T-Mobile Arena, further adding to the hotel’s appeal.

Though its theme focuses on the history of New York, the resort holds a lot of appeal for younger audiences as it includes almost a dozen nightclubs and bars, including the ever-popular Nine Fine Irishmen, an Irish pub that opens out onto the Strip.

Parking Rates at New York-New York Las Vegas (Self-Parking)

New York-New York Las Vegas is owned and operated by MGM Resorts. As such, visitors and hotel guests alike must pay to park. This comes after MGM’s decision in 2016 to charge everyone, its hotel guests included, for parking.

Self-Parking Cost at New York-New York Las Vegas

The cost to self-park at New York-New York is as follows:

  • 1st Hour – Free
  • 1 – 4 Hours – $15
  • 4 – 24 Hours – $18
  • Every 24 hours later – $18

The first hour of free parking is available to anyone who visits New York-New York, though Nevada residents actually get slightly longer. If they can provide proper ID, such as a NV state driver’s license, locals will be granted three hours of parking with no charge whatsoever.

If your visit to New York-New York is going to be a short one, then the one-hour grace period of free parking will come in extremely handy. For most, though, this won’t be enough time – the resort is huge! 

There is one positive parking aspect that you’ll get by staying at New York-New York’s hotel; you’re granted in-and-out access to all MGM properties for the duration of your parking stay.

So, if you pay for 24 hours of parking at New York-New York, you could spend the day there enjoying the roller coaster and the casino before driving to Mandalay Bay (also an MGM property) for dinner, and you wouldn’t have to pay to park again.

How Does Self-Parking Work at New York-New York Las Vegas?

Though it is not the largest resort in Las Vegas – many other hotels offer more rooms – New York-New York does have a sufficiently large parking garage, offering roughly 2,500 parking spots for visitors and guests.

At the rear of the resort sits an enormous multi-story parking garage that is directly attached to the main hotel-casino section of the complex by a pedestrian footbridge. This leads to elevators that can take you to all the different floors in the resort.

You can access New York-New York’s parking garage from the Las Vegas Strip by turning west onto either Park Ave or Tropicana Ave.

  • Directions to NY-NY Parking Garage: Follow this google maps link to get turn-by-turn directions to the parking structure from wherever you are.

Once you enter the parking garage, you’ll receive a printed parking ticket, which you will use to pay the parking fee. Upon leaving, you’ll need to take your ticket to a self-serve kiosk (before going to your car) and pay for the amount of time you’ve parked.

Tip: Take good care of your ticket as you’ll have to pay a $30 lost ticket fee if you try to leave the parking garage without one.

Alternatively, anyone staying at the hotel will automatically have their parking charges placed on their room bill. They just need to use the keycard for their room to leave the parking garage. Likewise, MGM Rewards members (Pearl level and above) can use their membership card to enter and exit the parking garage. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Note: As one of the closest hotels to the T-Mobile Arena, the parking facility at New York-New York also has a walkway that leads directly to the venue. You should be aware that parking rates might be higher on days when there is an event happening at T-Mobile Arena.

On days/nights when there are large events taking place there – like a boxing match or a concert – the upper levels of New York-New York’s parking garage are reserved for T-Mobile Arena visitors only.

For those unhappy with the parking rates at New York-New York (which would be understandable, as they are rather high), there are a couple of ways to get free parking.

How To Get Free Parking (New York-New York Las Vegas)

To get free parking at New York-New York in Las Vegas, you will need to be an MGM Rewards Member (formerly M Life Rewards) at the Pearl level or higher, or you can upgrade your rewards membership to the Pearl level automatically by having an MGM Rewards Mastercard.

Fortunately, there are two ways that you can get free parking at New York-New York in Las Vegas. First, you’ll want to sign up to become an MGM Rewards member. The membership is free, but you’ll be starting at the Saphire level of membership which doesn’t include free parking.

You then either need to accumulate enough points to upgrade your card to the next level (Pearl) by gaming at MGM properties, or you can simply apply for the MGM Rewards Mastercard. Getting the Mastercard will automatically upgrade you to Pearl level and entitle you to park for free at any MGM property.

We’ve detailed the exact steps you’ll need to follow in our post How to Get Free Parking at MGM Properties.

Parking Rates at New York-New York Las Vegas (Valet Parking)

If you know you’re not going to need access to your car until it’s time to leave, and would rather avoid the hassle of self parking, then you can always pay more for valet parking at New York-New York.

Valet Parking Rates at New York-New York

New York-New York Valet Parking (Monday – Thursday)

  • 0 – 2 Hours – $18
  • 2 – 4 Hours – $22
  • 4 – 24 Hours – $26
  • Each additional 24 hours – $26

New York-New York Valet Parking (Friday – Sunday)

  • 0 – 2 Hours – $20
  • 2 – 4 Hours – $24
  • 4 – 24 Hours – $30
  • Each additional 24 hours – $30

Complimentary Valet Parking: Some MGM Rewards members have access to free valet parking – those at the Gold, Platinum, and Noir levels. This means Sapphire and Pearl members do not receive free valet parking.

How Does Valet Parking Work at New York-New York Las Vegas?

Valet Parking at New York-New York Las Vegas (Brooklyn Bridge replica at New York-New York)
Brooklyn Bridge at New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Valet parking at New York-New York can be accessed in the same place as self-parking; the resort’s multi-story parking facility. Just follow the signs to the valet kiosk.

Just like with self-parking, you’ll be given a ticket when you opt for valet parking. You give your keys to the valet, who will then go and park your car for you. To collect your car, hand the ticket back in at the valet desk, and your vehicle will be retrieved.

New York-New York’s parking services are some of the busiest on the Strip, so you could end up waiting for 15 minutes or so for your car to be brought around – just something to bear in mind when planning your schedule! 

Guests of the hotel can use their room key card to get valet parking, with the costs billed directly to their room.

Gold, Platinum, or Noir MGM Rewards Rewards members will be given free valet parking once they prove their membership, usually through the presentation of their member card.

If you’re using valet parking, don’t forget to tip. See our Las Vegas Tipping Guide here for more information.

Is There Free Parking Near New York-New York?

If you’d rather not pay for parking at all, there are a couple of places to park for free near NYNY.

You can find free parking near New York-New York Hotel & Casino at The Shops at Crystals and the Tropicana Las Vegas. Both are located within a 10-minute walk of New York-New York.

  • The Shops at Crystals: This google maps link will give you directions to The Shops at Crystals
  • Tropicana Las Vegas:  Click this google maps link from your phone to get directions to Tropicana

The easiest place to access free parking from New York-New York is the parking garage at The Shops at Crystals, which is about an 8-minute walk south on the Strip to New York-New York. Be aware that parking in this location is only available during normal mall hours. There is no evening or overnight parking available.

Alternatively, you can head south and cross over the Strip to find free parking at Tropicana Las Vegas.

Parking Fees at New York-New York Las Vegas – Final Thoughts

Parking at New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is easy, convenient, and secure, but it will cost you to pay to park. 

However, if you’re looking to park for free there, you can become an MGM Rewards member and either accrue enough points for free parking or get an MGM Rewards Mastercard to upgrade your rewards card.

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