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Harrah’s Las Vegas Parking Rates (Self-Park & Valet) 2023

Find out what the parking rates are at Harrah's Las Vegas on the Strip.

Harrah’s Las Vegas has a prime and central location on the Strip, affordable accommodations, a popular casino, and a wide variety of nearby attractions. However, before you can start having fun at Harrah’s, you’ll need to pay to park. So, what are the paid parking rates at Harrah’s Las Vegas?

Self-parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas costs between $15 and $23, depending on the day of the week and the length of your stay. Harrah’s valet parking will cost $36 Monday thru Wednesday and $40 Thursday thru Sunday.

Self-parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas can be a little confusing, but we have you covered in this comprehensive guide. Read on to find out all there is to know about self-parking and valet parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas. 

Self-Parking Rates at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) are a tad bit slower at Harrah’s Las Vegas, and observe the following parking rates:

Hours Self-Parked (Mon-Thurs)Rates
1st HourFree
1-3 Hours$15
3-24 Hours$18
Over 24 hours$18 Each additional day or fraction thereof

Friday through the weekend, see the parking rates at Harrah’s go up a bit. Fri-Sun rates are as follows:

Hours Self-Parked (Fri-Sun)Rates
1st HourFree
1-24 Hours$23
Over 24 Hours$23 Each additional day or fraction thereof

Keep in mind that if you have booked a room at Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel, self parking is $18 per day regardless of the day of the week. 

Furthermore, Nevada residents with a valid state driver’s license can take advantage of free self-parking for the first three hours. 

Valet Parking Rates at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Valet parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas is a bit less costly than some nearby spots, and the hotel only offers the service during the busier end of the week timeframe. Valet parking times and rates at Harrah’s are:

  • Monday – Wednesday – $36
  • Thursday – Sunday – $40

These valet prices are moderate considering the hotel’s prime location, and there is a way you can get complimentary valet parking (more below). 

What’s Parking Like at Harrah’s Las Vegas?

There is a steady supply of confusion for new visitors to Harrah’s Las Vegas when it comes to the parking garage. Much of this has to do with the layout of the Harrah’s garage having multiple entrances. One from the Strip and another from behind the property. 

To avoid much of the confusion and traffic congestion, you should enter the parking garage from behind the property. 

To self-park at Harrah’s Las Vegas or reach the valet parking area, turn east on Flamingo Road from Las Vegas Boulevard and turn left on Linq Ln. You can follow this road all the way to the rear entrance of Harrah’s parking garage (google maps)

If you have an RV or oversized rig that exceeds the 6 feet, 11 inches clearance of the parking garage, you can park nearby in the Flamingo’s oversized parking lot. 

harrah's las vegas parking rates

Self-Parking Costs at Harrah’s Las Vegas Explained

Your first hour of parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas is free. This is great if you are just popping in quickly, but not much of a benefit beyond that. There are many attractions to see at Harrah’s, and once you get started at the casino, an hour may as well be a minute. 

If you think that 3 hours is enough time to dedicate to Harrah’s, this will only cost you $15. But for anything past that, the fee will be $18.

Weekday (Mon – Thurs) Self-Park at Paris Las Vegas

  • 1st Hour – Free
  • 1 – 3 Hours – $15
  • 4 – 24 Hours – $18
  • Every 24 hours after or part thereof – $15
  • Hotel guests – $18 a day

Weekend (Fri – Sun) Self-Park at Paris Las Vegas

  • 1st Hour – Free
  • 1 – 24 Hours – $23
  • Every 24 hours after or part thereof – $23
  • Hotel guests – $18 a day

A good thing about staying at Harrah’s Las Vegas is that the parking fee of $18 is in place no matter what day of the week it is. Normal Fri, Sat, and Sun self-parking costs at Harrah’s are $23 past the first free hour. 

The first 3 hours of self-parking at Harrah’s are free for Nevada residents with valid I.D. After 3 hours, the normal Harrah’s parking rates will apply.

The good news is that there are some cheaper and even free self-parking options near Harrah’s! We will give you all the details further below. 

Las Vegas Strip Hotel Map
Download our free map of the Las Vegas Strip here.

Things to Keep in Mind When Self-Parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas

  • Hold onto your ticket. When you enter the Harrah’s self-parking or valet parking garage, you will be given a ticket that you will then need to use to pay when you’re ready to leave. 
  • Request help if you lose your ticket. If you do lose your ticket (hey, it happens!), you can press the call button on the ticket kiosk to request parking attendants who can help with your lost ticket. Don’t pay for another ticket if you do not have to. 
  • A daily ticket is good for all Caesars properties. Parking fees are not fun, but the good news is that Caesars owns many hotels and casinos on the Vegas Strip, including Harrah’s. So if you’ve payed for 24 hours of parking, you can use this ticket to visit other Caesars properties. The same goes if you have a room at Harrah’s. Just use your room key to self-park for no additional cost at other Caesars properties. 
  • If staying at Harrah’s, your self-parking fee is due each day. While you only have to pay $18 for self-parking no matter the day of the week when staying at Harrah’s, this fee must be paid every 24 hours. The parking fee, however, will be added to your room bill and will be due when you check-out.
  • Events parking. Occasionally Harrah’s or other nearby resorts on Las Vegas Blvd. host special events such as concerts or sporting events. If one of these large events is being held nearby when you arrive at Harrah’s, you will need to pay more to park. Event self-parking is $25 & valet parking is $42. Harrah’s hotel guests will still pay $18 to self park during special events.

Paying for Self-Parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Paying for self-parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas is very simple. As mentioned above, everything is handled with your ticket. 

You will get a ticket upon entry to the garage, and once you leave the casino and reenter the parking garage, you will swipe your ticket at a kiosk (before you head to your car) and then pay for it. You can use a credit or debit card to easily make the payment, which will be automatically calculated based on the time you spent at the property. 

How to Pay for Valet Parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Valet parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas works much in the same way as self-parking. However, note that valet service at Harrah’s is only available a few days out of the week (10 AM Thursday until 1 PM Monday). Valet parking can be quite convenient if you want to get in and out of the property quickly. 

Simply pull into the valet area and claim a ticket. Hand your keys over to a valet, and that’s that.

When you leave, scan your ticket at the valet desk and make your payment. If you are a registered hotel guest at Harrah’s, the valet fee will be charged directly to your room. 

Show your paid ticket to the valet and he/she will retrieve your vehicle. 

Note: Always consider tipping your valet upon arrival and after claiming your vehicle. It is customary in Las Vegas to tip, and this also determines how well you will receive future service.  

Check out this video to see what you’ll get with a stay or visit to Harrah’s Las Vegas.

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How to Park For Free at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Is there any way to get free parking at Harrah’s?

Yes, there is a way to get free parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas, but you’ll need to be a Caesars Rewards member (membership is free). In order to qualify for complimentary parking at Harrah’s and other Caesars properties, however, you’ll need to be at the Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Star tier levels.

So if you utilize Caesars properties a lot, and have at least 5,000 tier credits, you can get free self and valet parking at all Caesars properties. 

Free Parking Options Near Harrah’s Las Vegas

Everybody enjoys a good walk along the Las Vegas Strip at some point. If you don’t mind walking a short way, you can find free parking options at The Venetian resort nearby. 

The Venetian to Harrah’s Las Vegas is roughly 0.3 miles and a 7-10 minute walk at most. The Venetian has complimentary self and valet parking, and all it costs you is a brief, attraction-filled stroll. Plus, you’ll want to check out the gondola rides at The Venetian!

Harrah’s Las Vegas Parking Rates – Summary

Harrah’s Las Vegas may be one of the oldest hotels and casinos on the Strip, but it still draws large crowds thanks to stellar entertainment and a prime location. Accessing Harrah’s parking garage can be tricky, but much easier if you go behind the property. 

Self-parking and valet fees at Harrah’s are in line with similar fees at all Caesars properties. But if you have Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars Caesars Rewards, both types of parking are complimentary. 

Consider parking at The Venetian nearby to save money. 

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