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Here’s How Much to Tip Your Valet in Las Vegas (Explained)

When you think about Las Vegas, valet parking just seems to be part of the deal, and at most places, it is. In Las Vegas, valet parking service is offered at most of the larger hotels and casinos, and in addition to the valet parking fee (if any), it is considered good form to tip your valet parking attendant. So, how much should you tip the valet in Vegas?

The average amount to tip your valet in Las Vegas is $2-3, although anything up to $5 is considered normal. This will prevent you from looking stingy to the valet while also keeping you from breaking the bank. You are only expected to tip on the way in, although a tip on the way out is always appreciated.

In the rest of this article, I will go over what is considered a good tip and what is considered excessive, as well as when you should tip and whether or not tipping twice is necessary. If you’re confused about tipping a valet while visiting Las Vegas, then this article will help clear things up, so keep reading.

Here's How Much to Tip Your Valet in Las Vegas (Explained)

What Is an Average Valet Tip in Las Vegas?

Depending on where you look, you’ll see a vast range and differences of opinion on what people think you should tip your valet in Las Vegas. Some believe that tips aren’t necessary at all, as it’s technically a complimentary service, while others think that you should tip $5 at a minimum. However, the average cash tip actually falls somewhere in between.

An average valet attendant tip from Vegas locals is anywhere from $2-$3, which is considered a standard tip. However, when it comes to Las Vegas tourists, the average gratuity tends to be a bit higher. It usually averages out to around five dollars.

While some tourist guides will say that $5 and up is an average tip for a valet in Las Vegas, I would say that anything over $5 is on the high side.

Unless you are trying to get your valet to park you in a particular area or you are trying to get some special service on a busy night, there is really no need to tip over $5. If you tip anywhere from $3-5, you’ll be in the upper range of what is considered average, and it should be happily accepted by the valet attendant.

Note: A $3-5 valet parking tip is a good amount for valet parking services both on the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) and elsewhere around town. It’s also an appropriate amount to tip even if you’ve received free valet parking or complimentary parking as a hotel guest.

When Is the Best Time to Tip Your Valet in Las Vegas?

Best time to tip your valet (Las Vegas Strip at Night)
Pedestrians and traffic along Las Vegas Boulevard at night

The best time to tip your valet in Las Vegas is right when you arrive, for two main reasons. First, if the valet already has the tip, they’ll be more inclined to take good care of your vehicle. The second reason is simple. It’s easier to do it as soon as you get there, so you don’t forget later on.

Some people prefer to tip their valet once their car is returned, thinking of it as a sort of incentive to make sure that it gets back to you in good condition. However, this can make you seem on the stingier side, and it’s also harder to maintain. If you’re going out to the casino for the night, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping cash on you all night in order to tip the valet.

You may even forget to tip the valet by the end of the night, especially if it’s been a long night.

There are a couple of benefits to tipping as soon as you get there. For one, this can incentivize the valet driver to give you a better spot in the parking garage or take better care of your vehicle in general, as they already know you’re paying well.

It can also help to open up a “full” parking lot if you have a larger tip in hand.

Also, as was previously stated, it’s just easier that way. When you tip at the beginning of the night, then that’s it, as you’re done for the rest of the night. You won’t need to make sure that you have cash on hand at the end of your stay, and you can simply relax, enjoy your night, and pick up your car at the end.

Should You Tip Your Vegas Valet Once or Twice?

Generally, you only tip once because, at most Las Vegas establishments, the valet staff split the tips at the end of the night, so don’t worry about tipping twice. If anything, the staff will be happier if they receive one big tip instead of two small tips. Tipping twice doesn’t have any benefits.

There are many different opinions on this topic, and every hotel or casino will run their valet service slightly differently, so this may not apply to every situation.

Many people feel like they should tip both the attendant who takes their car and the one who returns it. That way, the tips are evenly split, and one person doesn’t walk out with a boatload of cash while others return home with only a few dollars.

Fortunately, most of the time, the valet pools their tips and then splits them at the end of the night, so you shouldn’t have to worry about tipping evenly.

That means that the valet staff has to turn in all the tips they collect throughout the night. Then, at the end of the night, the manager will divvy up the valet staff’s tips, so everyone gets an even amount.

This is also commonplace in many Las Vegas restaurants.

The waiters have to split tips with the kitchen staff so that everyone gets their fair share. Some businesses will have a different policy with their valet service and have everyone keep their own tips as this is supposed to breed a bit of competition.

However, the gratuity will be split, for the most part, so don’t worry about splitting your tip between parking attendants.

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Tipping your valet in Las Vegas.

How Much to Tip Your Valet in Las Vegas – Conclusion

Deciding how much to tip can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much experience with Las Vegas valet services. Fortunately, there are some guidelines that can make the process of deciding how much to tip much more straightforward.

In Las Vegas, valet tips of anywhere from $3-5 are typically considered to be on the good side of average.

Any less than that, and you may be looked at as being a bit stingy. You shouldn’t worry about tipping more than once during the night since tips are almost always pooled, and the staff would rather see one big tip instead of two tiny tips.

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