Do Las Vegas Casinos Have Dress Codes: Mistakes to Avoid

Las Vegas is a destination that has a broad spectrum of entertainment and activities. While the weather will play a big factor in your wardrobe decisions, you should be aware that the more upscale casinos and nightclubs will require a specific dress code during the evening hours.

Do Las Vegas casinos have dress codes? While most Las Vegas casinos don’t have a formal dress code it is expected that you dress in a presentable manner particularly in the evening. Collared shirts, khakis or nice jeans for men and dresses or slacks and blouses for women. Las Vegas casinos frown upon shorts, flip flops, ripped or torn clothing and t-shirts.

Las Vegas not only offers late-night activities, but it also has equally fun events taking place during the day time. Planning your entire wardrobe according to how you wish to spend your day in Vegas can help you dress right for every situation. Below is a comprehensive style guide as to how to dress for a casino.

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What to Wear to a Casino

If you are going to the casino during the day, wearing a casual outfit such as jeans or trousers with a t-shirt or collared shirt is doable. However, during the evening hours you are encouraged to dress up in more formal attire.

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Are Las Vegas Casinos Rigged?

While not every casino has a dress code, shorts and flip flops are an absolute no go in the gambling areas in the evening. I’m referring here to the more upscale casinos along the Strip.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to wear anything that creates any doubt or suspicion as to your activities in the gaming areas. Wearing Bluetooth earpieces or anything that may hide your identity can raise suspicion of cheating. Casinos are always on the lookout for such people as they do not appreciate cheaters.

Men are expected to wear business casual; which means closed-toe shoes, collared shirts, slacks or smart jeans and so on. Women, on the other hand, can wear a cocktail dress with a pair of sandals or flats, depending on their comfort. It is best to cross-check with the hotel concierge just to be sure. The following are some detailed recommendations for suitable attire.


Khaki Pants

Sometimes jeans fall in the category of casual wear. To avoid such a situation, a pair of Khakis works really well. If you feel the color is not up to your liking or does not favor your skin tone, you can switch to blues or grays. The idea is to not be in gaudy attire featuring patterns and kitsch but to merge in with the rest of the crowd. During the day, hot weather might force you to succumb to shorts but make sure you don’t wear them after 6 pm.

Blue jeans

Jeans already have a casual look to them, so if you decide on wearing them to the casino try creating a slightly formal ensemble. Pairing the jeans with a button-down shirt and tie can create the right look. That being said, avoid wearing tattered jeans. Don’t wear distressed Wranglers or ripped jeans.


The comfort of sneakers might be enticing but when entering a casino dress up in either a pair of loafers, boat shoes or some other version of semi-casual shoes. Such shoes can also be found in a slip-on variety, making them more convenient to wear.


Plain athletic socks may sound practical but if your plans include any fine dining restaurants, access to VIP areas or high-end casinos, you should wear dress socks with your shoes.

A traditional button-down shirt

The first thought when you read the words’ conventional button-down shirt is probably a classic white collared shirt. That works just fine, but the goal here is really to stick to any kind of traditional dress shirt and stay away from flamboyant prints, graphic shirts with huge slogans, symbols, etc.

When it comes to sleeve length, it is mainly a matter of preference, but the default should be long sleeves. The reason behind this is that most casino cultures have their employees dressed up in half sleeve shirts; hence a long sleeve shirt is always the better option as a guest. The fundamental wisdom is: the nicer the casino/venue, the longer the sleeves should be.

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A moderate cocktail dress

A moderate cocktail dress is basically something that is not too revealing. Showing too much skin is frowned upon in some casinos. This means that the hemlines of the dresses should be on the longer side and you should avoid wearing plunging necklines.

When it comes to color, everyone knows that black is a classic and the little black dress is timeless. However, if you want to stand out a bit from the classic you can always try other colors that are in vogue and agree with the weather.

Outerwear for the cocktail dress

Outerwear definitely gives an outfit a more elegant look. Plus, it’s also functional when the weather is slightly on the cooler side. So it is a good idea to carry a wrap, cardigan, or jacket with you when you are planning a night out.

Pair of flats

There is no doubt that heels complete that chic look but in the modern casino era, that is not a requirement. For your own comfort you can wear a nice pair of comfortable flats; not sneakers.

Blue jeans

When it comes to wearing jeans, the criteria for women is no different than men. If your heart is not into cocktail dresses, then you can pack a nice pair of blue jeans provided that you wear them with a nice formal or semi-formal blouse or shirt.


Speaking of a blouse, some are such that they can work for both the day and night time. If your activities stretch from day to night and you don’t have an opportunity to change clothes, wearing a neutral blouse is a good idea.

Blouses can easily be paired with jeans, skirts, slacks, trousers. Another factor that may be important to consider is the weather. The desert weather can be scalding hot during the day and chilly at night.

If you need to pick up some appropriate evening attire while you’re in town, please see our article here for the locations of the best shopping malls on the Vegas Strip.

Casinos and their Dress Codes

I’ve outlined some general requirements above. Still, you should know that there are some high-end casinos and Nightclubs in Las Vegas that take the dress requirement quite seriously.

Hakkasan Nightclub at MGM Resorts

Although there is no dress code on the casino floor, if you plan to access the casino’s exclusive nightclub there are certain requirements as to how you are expected to dress.

According to the website itself:

“…dress code is upscale fashionable attire. Hakkasan does not permit: hats, sandals, sneakers, hard soled shoes and boots, ripped or baggy clothing and athletic wear. Collared shirts are required for men” 


As far as the women are concerned, there is no detail mentioned on the website, but it is self-explanatory. As long as women don’t wear overly revealing or casual attire, they are fine.


Aria is an upscale casino and houses some of the most renowned clubs and restaurants on the Strip. That being said, the dress code is business formal.

The fine-dining restaurants have the requirement of a coat for its customers. If you plan to stay, dine-in, and gamble here, proper business attire is a must.

Dress Codes for Other Activities

Las Vegas does not limit itself to only casinos. It offers the entertainment of nightclubs, day clubs, shows, and fine dining. Similar to the casinos, the nightclubs also require you to follow a specific dress code. After all one should dress to impress.

When it comes to dressing up for shows, ask before planning. Adding a little glamour to make the attire a little dressier for the night shows is a good idea.

You can learn more about Las Vegas dress codes on the Las Vegas Direct website.

Related Questions:

Does OMNIA have a dress code? Yes OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace has a strict dress code. The club expects fashionable, upscale attire including collared shirts for men. No shorts, hats, athletic clothing, sneakers, flip flops, men’s sandals, work boots or backless sandals for women are allowed.

Does 1 OAK have a dress code? Yes, 1 OAK at the Mirage has a dress code they describe as upscale chic. No t-shirts, chains, hats, excessive jewelry, shorts, baggy clothing, athletic wear, sunglasses, sneakers or sandals are permitted. It is up to the doorman to decide if your attire is considered appropriate.

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