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MGM Grand Pool Complex: 23 Things You Should Know (Las Vegas)

Are you trying to find the absolute best pool scene in Las Vegas but you’re overwhelmed by the options?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is renowned for having some of the best pools in Las Vegas. It offers 6.5 acres of poolside fun including four separate swimming pools, three whirlpools, waterfalls, a Lazy River, and more, there is no limit to the fun you can have at the MGM Grand Pool Complex. 

With a long list of amenities like luxurious poolside cabanas equipped with comfortable lounge furniture and flat-screen televisions, personalized food and bottle service, and relaxing massages, look no further than the MGM Grand Pool Complex for all the pool party fun you could ask for. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this iconic pool mecca on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The MGM Grand pool complex has a 6.5 acre pool deck.

Is MGM Grand pool free for guests?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is included in the daily room rate for all MGM Grand guests for each day of their stay including the day of check in and check out. There is no additional charge for guests to access the pool complex. 

MGM Grand hotel guests have full access to the entire 6.5-acre complex to use at their leisure. 

All you have to do is go down to the pool and show proof that you are a current hotel guest using your room key card. If you booked a daybed or cabana for any of the pools, you will be provided with a wristband to show to get into the pool area. 

The only pool that MGM Grand guests have to pay extra for is Wet Republic, the adults-only day club located on the property. 

Do you have to be a guest to use the MGM Grand pool?

Only MGM Grand guests who are currently staying at the hotel have access to the entire MGM Grand Pool Complex. None of the pools in the complex are open to the public at this time. 

The only exception is the day club, Wet Republic, which is an adults-only pool party club located on the MGM Grand property. Wet Republic is open to the public because it is considered a club, not a pool. Wet Republic requires all guests to purchase a ticket to enter, including MGM Grand hotel guests. 

If you are staying in one of the other MGM properties in Las Vegas such as the Park MGM or MGM Signature, you are able to visit the MGM Grand Pool Complex as long as you can show proof that you are a current guest. To do so you’ll need to show your room key card. 

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How much does the MGM Grand pool cost?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is completely free to all guests of the MGM Grand and the other MGM properties located on the strip. It is included in the nightly hotel rate as an amenity of the hotel. MGM Grand pools are closed to the public and do not offer daily pool passes for purchase to non-hotel guests. 

If you want to book a cabana at one of the many pools onsite at the MGM Grand, you can reserve it for an additional charge based on current availability. 

Cabana rentals at the MGM Grand Pool Complex range from $300 per day to $1,800 per day. Rates vary based on the pool and the size of the cabana, as well as the time of year and day of the week you are looking to book. 

Reservations for the MGM Grand Pool Complex cabanas can be booked directly through their website

How many pools does the MGM Grand have?

There are a total of four separate pools spread across the luxurious 6.5 acre MGM Grand Pool Complex as well as 3 jacuzzis, a lazy river pool, and other water features for guests to enjoy.  

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Is the MGM Grand pool heated?

All of the pools at the MGM Grand Pool Complex are heated to a comfortable temperature year-round so that guests can enjoy the pools on the warmest and coolest days that Las Vegas has to offer. 

The staff at the MGM Grand works hard to ensure that the pool temperature is always refreshing and comfortable, even on the hottest triple-digit Las Vegas summer days. 

How deep is the MGM Grand pool?

The MGM Grand pools are all 3’5” deep. This is the standard pool depth in most Las Vegas pools (as well as most other resort pools around the United States). There are no pools with a deep end in the MGM Grand pool complex. 

This specific depth restriction is designed to make it easier for lifeguards to ensure the safety of all guests while using the pool. Because of the shallow depth, diving and jumping into the pools in the MGM Grand complex is completely prohibited.

Is MGM Grand pool kid-friendly?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is great for the whole family including kids. All pools within the complex are kid friendly (with the exception of the Private Reserve pool and the Wet Republic day club, which are both adults-only areas.) In addition to the pools, the lazy river is also open to both children and adults. 

Here are some of the reasons why the MGM Grand Pool Complex is great for kids of all ages:

Lots to explore

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is 6.5 acres of pristine well-maintained grounds and pools. Your kids will never get bored with a different pool or relaxing area to explore every day during your trip. 

There are plenty of areas to explore with your family including all of the pools, waterfalls, whirlpools, and other amenities.

Shallow Pools

The great thing about going to the MGM Grand Pool Complex with kids is that all of the pools are only 3’5”. This is helpful for parents with young children because you don’t have to worry about deep areas sneaking up on you when you are swimming with your family. 

The MGM Grand pool is great fun for kids and adults alike.
The MGM Grand pool is great fun for kids and adults alike.

Lazy River

The lazy river at the MGM Grand Pool Complex is a fun activity for the whole family. Grab some tubes and get ready to travel down the quarter-mile stretch of winding water with a gentle current. 

You can spend as much time as you want to float in the lazy river or walk through it if your kids are tall enough. There is no limit to the number of times you are allowed to go through the river each day, so many families stay there almost all day. 

Is the MGM Grand lazy river heated?

The lazy river at the MGM Grand Pool Complex is heated to a comfortable temperature along with the rest of the pools in the complex, so you can enjoy it on both cool and warm days. It is heated to a comfy level so that it is refreshing and relaxing to stay in all day long. 

How deep is MGM Lazy River?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex lazy river is 4 feet deep. Guests are welcome to float in one of the adult or child-size tubes available or walk in the lazy river if desired. 

There is a gentle current pushing along in the lazy river, but there are no rapids so it’s very easy to get out and walk or stand in certain sections if you wish. 

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Can you bring your own tube to MGM Lazy River?

While the MGM Grand would prefer that you rent one of their tubes to float the lazy river, you can bring your own tube or float to the MGM lazy river if you wish. 

It might also be somewhat bulky to carry in your own tube and you may have difficulty finding a staff member to help you blow it up, so you may want to consider these things before bringing your own. 

The MGM Lazy River does have tubes available for rent in both child and adult sizes, but they will allow you to use your own if you prefer. 

Does MGM Grand have a wave pool?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex does not have a wave pool. There are some other popular hotel pools on the Strip like Mandalay Bay that do have this feature, but the MGM Grand complex does not. They have four main pools, three whirlpool spas, numerous water features, and a lazy river. 

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Can you bring water, food, or other drinks into MGM Grand pool?

No one is permitted to bring outside food or beverages into the MGM Grand Pool Complex. There is a full menu of food and drinks available for purchase within the pool complex at one of the many snack bars and the Cabana Grill restaurant located inside. 

If you do buy food and drinks from the MGM, you are permitted to carry drinks (including cocktails) into the MGM Grand pools if you wish as long as you follow the pool rules.

To take your drink into the pool with you, just transfer your beverage into a plastic cup before entering the pool. Hotel staff can provide you with a cup to transfer your drink into before going into the pool with it. No glass is allowed in the pools at any time. 

The MGM Grand pool complex is one of the biggest on the Las Vegas Strip.

Is there an adult pool at MGM Grand?

There are technically two adults-only areas at the MGM Grand Pool Complex. Depending on your age and the type of environment you are looking for, you can choose from the Wet Republic Ultra Pool and the Private Reserve Pool. 

Both of the adults-only pools offer a high-end, kid-free vibe so that you can relax and enjoy yourself with your friends or significant other. 

Here are the details on the two adults-only pool experiences available at the MGM Grand:

Wet Republic 

The Wet Republic Ultra Pool is a 21+ adults-only pool club located within the MGM Grand Pool Complex. Wet Republic is a day club full of dipping pools, private cabanas, bungalows, and daybeds where adults can enjoy a kid-free party retreat.

There is always entertainment including famous DJs and other events going on at the Wet Republic pool, so it is a popular destination for birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and more. 

Wet Republic admission is separate from the rest of the hotel, so even hotel guests have to purchase tickets to enter. 

Private Reserve Pool

The complex also features a Private Reserve Pool that is 18+. This is a relaxing adults-only pool where you can lounge and enjoy the pool area without kids running and splashing around. 

The Private Reserve Pool is not as much of a party scene as Wet Republic, so it’s a great option for adults who want a quieter environment away from the hustle and bustle of busy family pools. 

This pool is included in the MGM Grand Pool Complex and is completely free to all hotel guests without any additional admission fees. It also has a lower age limit of only 18, so it opens up more possibilities for young adults to explore this area. 

Is Wet Republic free for MGM guests?

Wet Republic is not free for MGM hotel guests like the rest of the MGM Grand Pool Complex. It is considered a day club and is open to the public. Everyone looking to go to Wet Republic must purchase a ticket for entry regardless of whether they are MGM Grand hotel guests or not. 

Does the MGM Grand have a Jacuzzi?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex has 3 separate jacuzzis located across the complex for guests to relax and enjoy. To find the jacuzzis, you can ask any of the MGM Grand staff or locate one on the map of the pool complex. 

MGM Grand Pool Map

Here’s a map of the MGM Grand property, including the pool complex. I’ve also included an overhead view of the pool area so you can see the layout.

MGM Grand pool and property map.
The property map for the MGM Grand, including the pool complex, is available as a .pdf here.

To really help you to understand the MGM Grand pool layout in more detail, here is a fully interacted Google map where you can scroll and zoom to view the pool complex in greater detail.

Does MGM Grand provide pool towels?

There are pool towels available to all hotel guests at the MGM Grand Pool Complex. There is no need to bring towels from your room. The pool towels can be found in multiple towel shacks and on some of the lounge chairs as well. 

Guests are encouraged to return their towels to one of the towel collection huts when they are done enjoying the pool area rather than bringing them back to their hotel rooms.  

Are there free chairs at MGM Grand Pool?

There are plenty of complimentary lounge chairs and other seats available around the MGM Grand Pool Complex. They can be found beside all of the main pools as well as along the lazy river and sprinkled throughout the rest of the complex as well. 

All of the complimentary pool chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to arrive early to claim the spot you want. The hotel staff is not able to hold or reserve seats for any hotel guests. 

If you prefer a cabana or a larger seating area for a group, you may want to consider renting a daybed or cabana. These can be reserved directly from MGM Grand for an additional cost and will provide you a more private, luxurious way to enjoy your day poolside.

Does MGM Grand Pool have lockers? 

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is one of the few hotels in Las Vegas that offers lockers and a full changing area for guests to use while at the pool area. 

Guests are free to store their belongings in the coin-operated lockers and use the changing area for their convenience before, during, and after their time at the pool. 

Can Park MGM guests use MGM Grand Pool?

Currently, Park MGM guests are allowed to use the MGM Grand Pool Complex. This is subject to change at any time, so it’s important to call and confirm before you arrive if this is something you are concerned about. 

Park MGM guests will be asked to show their room key upon entry to the MGM Grand Pool Complex to prove that they are a current guest at an MGM property. 

Hit “Play” and check out the MGM Grand pool complex on the Las Vegas Strip.

Can guests at MGM Signature use MGM Grand pool?

MGM Signature guests are welcome to use the pools at the MGM Grand Pool Complex. This could change, so always make sure to check with the hotel before walking over to the pool. 

Be prepared to show a room key proving that you are a current guest at an MGM resort to gain access to the pool area at the MGM Grand. 

Does MGM Grand have an indoor pool?

The entire MGM Grand Pool Complex is outdoors. It boasts 6.5 acres of poolside fun for the whole family, but none of the pools are indoor or covered. 

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Is the MGM Grand Pool open year-round?

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is open daily year-round from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm (with later hours in the summer season). 

During the winter months, pool access is limited to only one pool and the jacuzzis are open for guests to enjoy. Starting in March, the rest of the pool deck opens and guests will have full access to the entire complex. 

MGM Grand pool hours

The MGM Grand Pool Complex is open daily from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. The complex is open later (until 7pm) in the busy summer months.  

The MGM Grand Lazy River is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. 

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