Are Las Vegas Pools Heated in Winter? A Complete List

Las Vegas resorts are known to always have pools just waiting for you to sunbathe next to, but are they heated in the winter? You’ll probably want to know the answer to that before you buy your plane ticket.

Are Las Vegas pools heated during the winter? Many of the big-name hotels in Las Vegas have at least one of their pools open and heated during the winter months. However, this is also the time of year when some hotels close their pools to perform maintenance. You should always check with your hotel when you make your reservation.

Heated pools in Las Vegas are a relatively new thing, as practically none of them were heated just a decade ago. Now, most of the famous hotels on the Strip, such as Caesar’s Palace, Paris Las Vegas, and Bellagio all have at least one heated pool open for the winter.

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Which Las Vegas Pools are Open in the Winter?

While most Las Vegas pools are heated nowadays, some do close for the winter months between mid-October to mid-March. Those that do close are usually only down for a few months during the colder season for Vegas (November – February). Some also close for a short time during the winter for maintenance.

Are Las Vegas Pools Heated in Winter?

However, every hotel is different. If you’re unsure, contact your hotel directly. Or, see the chart below for a list of pools that are open during the winter months. If a pool is listed as open during the winter, it is a pretty safe bet that the pool is heated because it does get cold here.

Pools Guaranteed to be Open & Heated in Winter

NameDescriptionWinter Hours
October – March)
AriaPools are open and heated year-round9 am – 6 pm
Bally’sHeated and open all year10 am – 6 pm
BellagioPool heated to 80 degrees year-round9 am – 5 pm
Caesar’sOpen and heated to 83 degrees10 am – 5 pm
Heated to 80 degrees and open all year9 am – 5 pm
Heated to 80 degrees all year8 am – 6 pm
ExcaliburYear-round and heated to 80 degrees9 am – 7 pm
FlamingoPools open all year, 1 pool heated9 am – 6 pm
Hard RockBreathe Pool open all year & heated11 am – 5 pm
Friday & Saturday
LuxorPool heated to 82 degrees all year9 am – 6 pm
MirageMain pool open and heated all year9 am – 6 pm
One pool open year-round and heated9 am – 6 pm
Main pool is heated to 80 degrees8 am – 7 pm
ParisOpen and heated year-round10 am – 4 pm
TropicanaPart of the pool is open and heated10 am – 5 pm
Heated to 80 degrees all year10 am – 6 pm
VdaraYear-round and heated to 87 degrees!9 am – 6 pm
WynnOne pool open & heated to 82 degrees8 am – Sunset

Not all Vegas hotels and pools are listed here. If you don’t see your hotel, try their website or just give them a call. For the more popular hotels, it’s most likely their pool will be heated or they’ll have an indoor option specifically for winter.

When is Las Vegas Pool Season?

If swimming in the pool is top on your list of must-dos in Las Vegas, it’s best to plan where and how you’ll do that. The best option is to come in the summer months. If you want to come in the winter, your pool options are more limited.

Although Las Vegas has many year-round heated pools, official “pool season” is generally considered to be between March and October.

Here’s a great link to that will give you more information about Las Vegas pools and tell you when pools open in Vegas for the season.

For the rest of the hotels both on the strip and off, you’ll need to either do some research online or just call the hotel and ask. Most hotels won’t allow you in the pool unless you’re a guest of the hotel or a guest of someone staying there, so keep that in mind as well. You can’t just jump over to the hotel’s pool beside you, although some hotels will let you use their pool if you purchase a day pass.

Some hotels will close the pool for yearly maintenance during the winter. Make sure when you pick your dates, to verify you’ll have pool access during your stay. Some places, such as the Mirage, will close one or more pools for an entire month during the winter to clean and maintain the facilities.

Best Heated Pools in Las Vegas

Aria Pools in Winter

If you want a heated pool during your stay in Las Vegas, your best bet is to find a hotel on the Strip. These are the higher-end hotels, so prepare your checkbook for that! But if you’re going to bask beside a pool, the Strip hotels are where you wanna go.

  • Caesar’s Palace is one of the best-known Vegas hotels, so it’s not surprising their pool is one of the best as well. The Venus pool, which during the peak summer months is a “top-tional” pool, becomes family-friendly during the winter and hangs around 80 degrees all year long.
  • The Bellagio hotel has five pools, two of which stay heated through the winter. If you’re looking to enjoy as much pool time as possible during the winter, this is a great place to go.
  • The Cosmopolitan keeps one of their pools heated during the winter months. It varies as to which one, so check with the hotel prior to your stay. Amazingly, they also turn one of their pools into an ice skating rink every winter, so you can take a dip and then go for a skate.
  • The Mirage hotel keeps one of their paradise pools heated during the winter.
  • The Tank Pool at the Golden Nugget stays open through November each year and then quickly opens again in February. The short closure is for maintenance on the pool and shark aquarium.
  • The MGM offers one pool year-round for patrons to enjoy.
  • The LINQ hotel keeps their pool heated during the winter months. However, they do close the pool during mid-December for maintenance and you’ll have to check with the hotel to see if that closure falls on your vacation date.
  • The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has one pool that remains heated through the cold months.

You can check current room rates for these hotels on our website here.

How Cold Does Las Vegas Even Get?

As anyone who’s visited during the summer months can tell you, Las Vegas is HOT! It’s over a hundred degrees in the summer on the regular, so why would you want a heated pool?

I guarantee you a heated pool is great, even during the scorching days of summer. If it’s above 100 degrees, a pool heated to the mid 80’s or even higher feels wonderfully refreshing.

So how cold does it even get in the wintertime?

The coldest month in Las Vegas is January, just like a lot of other states. During December, January, and February, the winter months, the temperature usually hovers between the 50s and 60s during the daytime. It’s very rare for the weather to get any colder than that.

MonthAverage High/Low
Average High/Low
December60 / 2716 / -3
January59 / 2815 / -2
February66 / 3319 / 1

During the night, the temperature can drop down to the 30s and we usually get at least a few nights below freezing. Despite this, it’s very infrequent for Las Vegas to get any kind of snow. This is because of our desert location. The climate here is very arid and dry. Moisture is a hard thing to come by in the desert, and the majority of the rain we get is either in August or February when it’s far too warm for snow.

While winter days are generally sunny and reasonably warm, it is still much too cold to go swimming unless the pool is heated. If your hotel has an indoor pool or a heated pool, you can still enjoy a swim while visiting during the winter. However, unheated swimming pools are just too cold during the winter to be enjoyed.

What To Do in Las Vegas During the Winter Besides Swimming

There’s plenty of reasons to visit Las Vegas, and the pools are definitely a good reason. What’s better than lounging beside a pool with a drink and the sun? But, what if you have an opportunity to come to Las Vegas in the winter? Don’t worry as there are plenty of things still to do.

Live Music

Vegas is a huge destination for musical artists. Literally, every band, famous or not, comes through this town. You can find live music in many bars or clubs, maybe even out on the street. If you don’t want to go to a huge concert, try somewhere local to your hotel. Live music can be found all over in Las Vegas.


Even if you find it a bit cold for swimming in the winter months, never fear, Las Vegas is the land of attractions. How about trying another water-related activity like taking a ride on a gondola at the Grand Canal Shops (check #5 on our list of best shopping malls on the Strip) or see one of the many wonderful shows in town.


There’s a multitude of museums in the city. My favorite is the Mob Museum, where they house all the illegal mob boss history of Las Vegas from the 1920s.

Winter Festivities

If you’re looking for more ideas of what to do in Las Vegas during the winter months, make sure to check out this link full of ideas from one of our local news stations.

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What month do pools open in Vegas? Pool season officially begins in Las Vegas in mid – March and runs through mid – October.

Are there any indoor pools in Las Vegas? While there are no hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with indoor pools, there are several hotels in other parts of Las Vegas with indoor pools. Here are a few of them:

  • Platinum Hotel and Spa
  • Best Western Plus Las Vegas West
  • Bluegreen Club 36
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Convention Center

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