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The 12 Most Expensive Hotels in Las Vegas (Revealed!)

Known for its active nightlife, casinos, and luxury amenities, Las Vegas, Nevada is hailed as one of the best cities for a fun getaway. You might be surprised at how reasonable the prices are for many hotels and amenities, and the fact one can get a luxury stay for a reasonable price no doubt contributes to Las Vegas’s reputation as a great vacation spot. 

However, Las Vegas has no shortage of elite hotels perfect for high rollers seeking to spend big bucks. The most expensive hotels in Las Vegas are as follows: 

  1. Palms Casino Resort 
  2. Nobu Hotel
  3. Caesars Palace
  4. The Venetian and the Palazzo at the Venetian
  5. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  6. Aria Resort & Casino
  7. The Bellagio
  8. The Wynn and Encore at Wynn
  9. Waldorf Astoria
  10. The Mirage Resort & Casino
  11. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
  12. NoMad Las Vegas

Read on to learn about each of these luxury hotels, the price per night, available amenities, and each hotel’s most expensive suite. 

1. Palms Casino Resort 

Most Expensive Suite: Empathy Suite ($100,000 per night)

The Palms: What is the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas

The Palms, boasting the most expensive hotel room in the world, answers the question what is the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas? Even in a city hailed for uninhibited excess, the sheer luxe of a $100,000 per night hotel room (with a required two-night minimum) is too much for anyone but the richest of the rich. 

The Palms Las Vegas tower is where you'll find the expensive rooms

The famous Empathy Suite contains all manner of extreme lavishness, including but not limited to a clear medicine cabinet filled with diamonds, more than 100 stone butterflies inset in the marble, a private pool extending to the outside of the building, and a massive tank featuring two real sharks preserved in formaldehyde overlooking the game room. 

Press play to check out the Empathy Suite at Palms Casino Resort

Aside from the Empathy Suite, the two other most expensive rooms are the Two-Story Sky Villa and the Hardwood Suite. Enjoy unparalleled dining experiences at the Scotch 80 Prime Steakhouse, which serves menu items such as Japanese Kobe beef and bison filet mignon from the mountains of Colorado. 

2. Nobu Hotel

Most Expensive Suite: Nobu Villa ($35,000 per night)

Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Nobu Hotel is located within Caesars Palace.

For those desiring to have all the amenities of Caesars Palace but are looking for something different than the classic Roman theme, the Nobu Hotel offers a peaceful Japanese vibe that highlights serenity and relaxation. The Nobu Hotel is an exclusive hotel within Caesars Palace.

The 10,500-square-foot Nobu Villa has housed some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez. 

Talk at look at The Nobu Villa.

Unwind with some well-earned peace and relaxation through their offerings of wellness treatments, including in-room massages, spas, and saunas. Because of its location within Caesars Palace, you can enjoy the famed restaurants and the casino without ever leaving the building. 

The Japanese influence of Nobu Hotel doesn’t stop at its serene decoration and wellness treatments. You can also titillate your tastebuds with the best cuisine the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer by heading downstairs to Nobu Restaurant. 

3. Caesars Palace

Most Expensive Suite: Caesars Palace Villas ($30,000 per night)

Caesars Palace can be one of the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas Nevada if you choose the right room

One of Las Vegas’s most well-known hotels, Caesars Palace – as its name suggests – pays homage to ancient Rome, evident by the Roman statues and elaborate marble architecture.

Spend an exciting night at their famed casino, then relax in one of the several swimming pools or luxury spa. 

Tour the $30K a night Villas at Caesars Palace.

While its rooms are top-notch, the lavish dining options are nothing to scoff at – restaurants owned by famed British chef Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay offer extravagant meals, not to mention one of the best quality buffets in the Las Vegas area. 

4. The Venetian and The Palazzo Resort

Most Expensive Suite: Chairman’s Suite ($25,000 per night)

Interior of The Venetian Las Vegas
The ornate interior of The Venetian Las Vegas.

Inspired by the romantic charm and architecture of Venice, including replicas of the canals complete with lavish gondola rides, the Venetian and the Palazzo together are considered the second largest hotel complex in the world. 

Both the Venetian and the Palazzo are owned by the same parent company, the two towers side by side on the Las Vegas Strip. Go for a shopping spree at the Grand Canal Shoppes, well-known for their high-end goods. 

See what’s inside the Chairman Suite at The Palazzo.

The Chairman’s Suite at The Palazzo contains three bedrooms, a waterfall, and even a baby grand piano for the musically inclined. Soak in the hot tub, complete with jets, and enjoy an unrivaled view of Las Vegas Boulevard.

No matter the hour, if you need anything, 24/7 butler service is standing by to suit your needs. 

5. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Most Expensive Suite: Bentel & Bentel Suites ($25,000 per night)

The Cosmopolitan is one of the fanciest hotels in Las Vegas
The view from a balcony room at The Cosmopolitan.

With suites named for the famous architects responsible for many of Sin City’s most opulent hotels (including the extravagant Empathy Suite mentioned at the top of our list), the Bentel & Bentel Penthouse Suites at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas ooze modern chic and class, with each of the 4 signature suites offering all the classic opulence Las Vegas has to offer. 

The Cosmopolitan offers events, like shows from comedians such as Kevin Hart, as well as a wide array of dining experiences including restaurants run by world-class chefs.

This resort has also won awards and has been highly ranked in many prominent magazines, making the 2018 Gold List by Conde Nast Traveler.

These penthouses are reserved for those gambling $1 million dollars or more.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas includes many high-end dining options, a spa, salon, and a large casino for some of that classic Vegas fun. As far as casinos go, the hotel won the award for best casino and best hotel in 2019 by Casino Player Magazine

6. Aria Resort & Casino

Most Expensive Suite: Sky Suites (from $7,500 per night)

Aria Las Vegas: what is the most expensive hotel to stay in las vegas

This modern glass-walled marvel of Aria features opulence and luxury throughout. Enjoy cutting-edge technology in the rooms, pools equipped with bars and cabanas, and the famed Jewel Nightclub for guests who come to Vegas to enjoy the nightlife. 

For the environmentally conscious, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Aria Resort & Casino is considered one of the most environmentally conscious hotels in the world.

This hotel is also one of the most technologically advanced, each of the rooms comes equipped with a tablet that controls the suite’s electronics, making guests’ stays as seamless and convenient as possible. 

Enjoy a view of the 2 bedroom Aria Sky Suite Penthouse with a Strip view.

Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat in the hotel, with a wide range of international cuisines to choose from. 

7. The Bellagio

Most Expensive Suite: The Chairman’s Suite ($7,000 per night)

Bellagio Las Vegas is one of the more expensive hotels on the Strip

If you book a room at the Bellagio, you can expect to immerse yourself in a sea of class, luxury, as well as tasteful art and culture.

Gaze in awe at the inspired Fiori de Como, created in 1998 specifically for the Bellagio lobby by the famed American glass artist Dale Chihuly. The expansive and colorful art blossoms decorate the hotel lobby ceiling, providing guests with a surreal and unforgettable lighting experience. 

The Chairman’s Suite is the most expensive room for rent in the hotel, with over 4,000 square feet of space, 24-hour butler service, a fireplace, 2 king-sized beds, a top-of-the-line entertainment system with surround sound, and more. 

Visit the Chairman Suite at the Bellagio.

Fine dining options in the Bellagio include a range of French, Italian, and Japanese cuisines. Unwind poolside by renting a daybed or cabana, or enjoy yourself at Bellagio’s expansive casino

8. The Wynn and Encore at Wynn

Most Expensive Suite: Encore Three-Bedroom Duplex ($5,000 per night)

Wynn and Encore Las Vegas: Luxury this nice can get expensive depending on the room

Marked by whimsical decor that guests won’t easily forget, the Wynn and the Encore at Wynn feature the luxury and opulence that Vegas is so well known for. 

This hotel has two parts, the awe-inspiring towers standing side by side next to the famous Lake of Dreams, the first being known as the Wynn Las Vegas and the second as the Encore Las Vegas (even though it is still part of the Wynn Resort).

The Wynn is for guests seeking action and liveliness, while the Encore is more subdued with a more refined feel. 

Press play and take a walk through the 3-bedroom suite at Encore.

The Encore’s Three-Bedroom Duplex is two floors, the windows of which overlook the city. Each room has a marble bath for soaking in privacy, and the furniture is designed both for luxury and comfort.

Even the more affordable rooms at the hotel boast many of these amenities. Outside, there’s an upscale pool area that includes a separate pool allowing topless sunbathing for those seeking to avoid tan lines. 

9. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Most Expensive Suite: Premier Presidential Suite ($3,000 per night)

The Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas: Even the name sounds expensive

Once known as the Mandarin Oriental, this Hilton-owned luxury hotel is known for high-class amenities. Its Art Deco theme is nostalgic of the roaring 20s, complete with gilded furnishings and tasteful art.

The hotel is famous for its impressive Sky Bar, which is located at the top of the hotel where guests can enjoy one-of-a-kind cocktails while overlooking the glittering city. 

Make your way through the dazzling hotel to the 20th floor, where the sprawling 3-bedroom Premier Presidential Suite is located. It contains a cocktail bar, a fitness room, and deep bathtubs where you can unwind with a warm, luxurious soak while enjoying your own unparalleled private view of the city below. 

Spending a night in the Presidential Suite would be luxurious…and expensive!

All rooms at the Waldorf Astoria contain large bathtubs and luxurious furnishings intended to provide guests with utmost comfort and relaxation during their stay. 

10. The Mirage Resort & Casino

Most Expensive Suite: Three-Bedroom Villas ($3,000 per night)

The Presidential Suite is the most expensive room at the Mirage

What sets this hotel apart, aside from its level of luxury and opulence that sets it on par with the other extravagant hotels on our list, is the private driveways leading to the Villas – the Mirage Resort & Casino’s most expensive and elite suites.

Enjoy a tour of the Mirage Villas.

No expense was spared in the creation of the Villas – with gilded furnishings, claw tubs, tasteful art pieces including classic portraits from the most famous eras in art history, and low-hanging chandeliers.

Each Villa comes with a large backyard, complete with umbrellas, a private pool, and a personal chef available 24-hours a day. 

11. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas (at Mandalay Bay)

Most Expensive Suite: Presidential Strip-View Suite ($3,000 per night)

If you're looking for expensive, you can get a high-priced room a Four Seasons Las Vegas

The Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas provides a breath of fresh air from all the bustling casinos, as it is the only hotel on our list without its own casino. Aiming to provide guests not interested in gaming with peace and relaxation, the Four Seasons is a secluded slice of paradise in the middle of the chaotic city. 

The luxurious Presidential Strip-View Suite is available for those willing to spend $3,000 per night, and – as its name suggests – offers unrivaled views of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

You’ll find yourself high above the hustle and bustle of the city in this relaxing hotel, free from the gaudy lights and loud sounds of the casinos. 

Explore the Four Seasons Las Vegas inside of Mandalay Bay.

Come for a dip at the hotel’s pool, available only to guests, to escape from the summer heat. Because of the hotel’s smoke-free policy, you won’t have to muddle through other guests’ cigarette and vape smoke while you try and enjoy your vacation. 

The hotel also boasts a spa given five stars by Forbes magazine, testifying to the Four Season’s commitment to providing its guests with tranquility and relaxation.

For sports fans, the hotel is a quick 10-minute walk to Allegiant Stadium, saving guests from the pressures of traffic and stadium parking come game day. 

12. NoMad Las Vegas

Most Expensive Suite: Grand Suite and Suite Royale Premiere (Prices Unavailable)

NoMad is a high-priced luxury hotel within the Park MGM

This hotel within a hotel is found on the four upper floors of Park MGM, with exclusive amenities and perks available only to NoMad Las Vegas guests.

The hotel has more than 250 rooms with 10 different floor plans, giving guests a wide range of options for their stay. 

The Grand Suite and the Suite Royale Premiere are the largest suites available at the hotel, each equipped with two comfortable king-sized beds, large freestanding bathtubs, billiards tables, sitting areas, oak hardwood floors and tables, and unparalleled views of the city.

Take in the pricey Grand Suite at NoMad Las Vegas.

Boasting old-world charm and opulence, NoMad Las Vegas features both classic and modern artwork and is ideal for a relaxing luxury stay. A unique library-inspired restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. 

FAQs: Expensive Las Vegas Hotels

Where do the wealthy stay in Vegas?

While Las Vegas has several pricey boutique hotels up and down the Strip, the most popular hotels in Vegas for guests with deep pockets are Bellagio, Caesars Palace, The Venetian, and the Wynn Las Vegas.

What hotel room costs the most in Vegas?

Without a doubt, the most costly hotel room in Vegas is the Empathy Suite at The Palms Casino Resort. At $100,000 a night, it goes without saying that this expensive Vegas hotel room isn’t for everyone.

How much is the most expensive room at Caeasars Palace?

The 10,000 sq. ft. Villas in the Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace Las Vegas are the hotel’s most expensive rooms. With huge patio terraces that overlook the Garden of The Gods Pool area, these villas will set you back $30,000 – $40,000 per night.

How much is the presidential suite at Manadalay Bay?

The presidential suite at Mandalay Bay costs $6,000 per night. The room features over 6,000 square feet, a large living area, private bedrooms, a fitness room, and beautiful views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Most Expensive Hotels in Las Vegas – Conclusion

Being that it’s Las Vegas, there is certainly no shortage of pricey hotel rooms. Now that you’ve seen the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas, as well as some of the more lavish rooms and suites available, the ball is in your court.

If you book a room at one of these extravagant Vegas hotels you can be sure of having a first-class experience.

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