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Can Vdara Guests Use the Aria Pool? (Answered)

Can Vdara Guests Use the Aria Pool
ARIA Sky Pool

Have you planned a trip to Las Vegas and booked a room at the Vdara hotel? You may be wondering, as a guest of Vdara, if you can use the pool at Aria since the property is located right next door and it’s owned by the same company.

Generally speaking, Vdara guests can’t use the ARIA pool, even though the same company owns the Vdara Hotel and ARIA Resort & Casino. However, there is an exception during the winter months, when the Vdara pools are closed, and Vdara guests are welcome to access the ARIA Sky Pool.

This article discusses the relationship between the ARIA Resort & Casino and the Vdara Hotel & Spa and dives into some details about the sharing of the ARIA and Vdara pools between hotel guests.

Do Vdara and Aria Share Amenities?

Usually, it would be pretty strange for two separate hotels to share amenities of any kind, but that is not the case here. The ARIA and Vdara are, in fact, sister properties, and they do share some amenities. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they share access to each other’s pool areas. 

Vdara and ARIA do share some amenities, including the shared casino at ARIA. They also share parking facilities. Additionally, guests can access ARIA’s Sky Pool from both hotels during the winter months when Vdara’s pools are closed for the season. 

The reason for this is these two hotels share a parent company.

MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts is a well-known entertainment and hospitality company. The company owns a lot of casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, but they have some in other places as well, including outside of the United States. 

MGM Resorts operate both the Vdara and ARIA, so they are connected by ownership. They are also physically connected by an outdoor walkway. The resorts are right next to each other, so getting from one to the other is easy. You can also use the free ARIA Express Tram to go from one resort to another and, additionally, to the Bellagio.  

The Aria Pools

Entrance to the ARIA Sky Pool
Entrance to the ARIA Sky Pool.

The ARIA resort has three pools. The pools have a teardrop shape and are very close to each other. There are also 34 private cabanas. The names of the pools are the Sky Pool, Palm Pool, and Yucca Pool. You can enter the pool area with your room key to prove you’re a hotel guest.

The Vdara pool complex is relatively small compared to the ARIA pools, so you might want to go to the ARIA pools instead. However, this is not possible. Vdara guests don’t automatically have access to all ARIA facilities simply because the same company owns them.

MGM Resorts own several hotels that fall within different price ranges. Not every one of those hotels is equally fancy or has the same facilities available to hotel guests.

Staying at the ARIA hotel, in general, is more expensive than staying at the Vdara hotel. You can, of course, rent cheaper or more expensive rooms, but generally, ARIA has a higher price range. This also means you pay more for what you might consider ‘better’ pools.

The Vdara and ARIA share many facilities, but usually not the pool deck. However, during winter, the Vdara guests can use the Sky Pool. 

You can see a full comparison of the Aria Resort versus the Vdara Hotel in another article on our website. Be sure to take a look!

The Sky Pool

The Sky Pool at Aria Resort & Casino
Vdara hotel guests can use the Aria Sky Pool once the Vdara’s pools are closed for the winter.

The Sky Pool in the ARIA resort is an exclusive pool for the Sky Suits guests. This is how it works outside of the winter months. During the winter (when some of the other pools are closed), all ARIA guests and Vdara guests have access to the pool.

The Sky Pool is the one closest to the fitness center, spa & salon. It is the smallest pool, but the difference between all three isn’t very obvious. The pool bar is on the other side of the pool area, opposite the Sky Pool, right between the other pools at the resort. However, as mentioned before, the pool area isn’t that large, and everything is close together. 

If you want some guidance to find your way around the ARIA Resort’s pools, take a look at this map:

aria pool deck map showing the sky pool
You can see where the Sky Pool is located on this map of the Aria property.

The Pool Bar

Vdara guests can also use the ARIA Pool Bar (again, during the winter months only). The food and beverages menu is exclusively available for Vdara and ARIA guests. The pool bar has a broad menu with high-quality food and a wide array of cocktails and other drinks. There’s a long list of available cocktails, including mojitos, Piña Coladas, margaritas, and strawberry daiquiris.

The food and drinks in the pool bar are expensive, but that is expected of a luxury hotel. You’re also paying for the high quality of everything you consume.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the ARIA Pool Bar, there’s a Starbucks near the pool area entrance. 

The Vdara Pools

While you may not normally be able to use Aria’s pools as a Vdara hotel guest, you will have full access to the very nice Vdara pool deck.

The Vdara has one main pool and two semi-private plunge pools, which isn’t as impressive as the ARIA pool complex. However, it’s still a wonderful place to relax. The design is stunning, there’s a great atmosphere, and you’ll have the time of your life there.

The Vdara pools generally close each year in October for winter maintenance. That is why Vdara guests can use the heated ARIA pool in the winter. It’s a nice touch that Vdara guests are allowed to use ARIA’S pool during the lower-demand winter season.

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Can Vdara Guests Use the Aria Pool – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, usually, you can’t use the ARIA pools as a Vdara guest. Understandably, you would want to visit the pools because they are very impressive. They do make an exception during the winter, however, because the Vdara pools close in October, and MGM Resorts wants to keep its customers happy. 

During the winter, the Vdara guests have access to the ARIA Sky Pool. The Sky Pool is usually only for Sky Suits guests at the Aria, but when it gets colder outside, the Vdara guests have access as well.

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