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Does the Palazzo Pool Get a Lot of Sun? (Answered)

does the palazzo pool get sun
There’s plenty of sun to be had at The Palazzo pool from midday on. Main pool. CC image by Christina B Castro

The Palazzo pool deck, connected to the Venetian Resort, has seven swimming pools where guests can relax and unwind at any time of the day. Some guests visit pools to bask in the sun and get their tan on, while others take a dip to cool off. Either way, you need to know how much sunlight the pools receive at specific times of the day.

The Palazzo pool deck is situated to receive maximum sun exposure from mid-day to late afternoon. Early in the day, most pools are in the shade of the Palazzo Tower, while the southernmost pool receives morning sunlight. All of Palazzo’s pools get direct sun from late morning through late afternoon.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Palazzo pool deck and the best time to pay a visit.

How Much Sun Does the Palazzo Pool Get?

As mentioned, the Palazzo pool deck hosts seven swimming pools that guests can visit anytime during the day. While the pools at Palazzo have some of the most shade of any pools in Las Vegas, most of the pools still receive a significant amount of sunlight throughout the day.

However, all parts of the pool deck tend to get sunny at slightly different times. So whether you’re planning to get a tan or looking for cooler spots to lounge, it pays to understand which pool is sunniest at any given time.

By keeping track, you can switch swimming pools depending on the kind of temperature you’re going for. Typically, pools that receive a lot of shade in the early hours of the day tend to get busier as the afternoon sun begins to shine.

By observing this pattern and keeping track of the pools that receive sun first, you can shift to a sunnier pool when you need to.

If you’re using the center pool at the Palazzo, there is no need to worry about getting enough sun as this pool is exposed from approximately noon on. However, you may need to shift your position in the pool periodically to get those rays.

Where To Find the Sunniest Pools at The Palazzo

overhead view of palazzo pool deck
This overhead view of the Palazzo pool deck shows the Palazzo Tower casting a shadow over most of the pool area in the early morning. The long pool in the bottom left-hand corner is out of the hotel’s shadow and is the first pool to get direct sunlight in the morning.

Choosing between hotels can be confusing, especially when there are two great hotels situated next to each other. Fortunately, though, the Venetian Resort and the Palazzo are owned and operated by the same company, which is why both hotels have a bit of overlap.

If you’re looking for a pool where you can really soak up the mid-afternoon sun, consider visiting the main pool at the Venetian. If you’re staying at the Palazzo hotel, you’re entitled to visit the swimming pools in the Venetian free of charge.

Hot Tip: While overall, the Palazzo and Venetian pools tend to receive sun later in the day, a couple of the Palazzo pools are the first ones to receive sunlight in the entire Venetian/Palazzo Resort complex. So if you’re staying at Palazzo, you can get an early start on your poolside lounging.

You can learn more about the differences between The Palazzo and The Venetian and how to choose between them in my article here.

Palazzo Pool Map

The map of the Palazzo pool below shows you the basic layout of Palazzo’s pool deck.

Map of the Palazzo pool deck
Map of the Palazzo pool deck. Pool #7 on the far left and pool #1 at the top right are the first pools to get sun in the morning. You can download this map here.

Are Palazzo Pools Heated?

You’ll be happy to learn that all seven of the Palazzo pools are heated to a comfortable temperature when the weather turns cool. This means that you don’t have to visit in the middle of the blazing hot summer in order to enjoy The Palazzo pool deck.

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Other Amenities at The Palazzo Pool Deck

Aside from their swimming pools, the Palazzo swim deck offers a variety of amenities to enhance the poolside experience. Here are a few to seek out next time you’re at the Palazzo.

Cabanas at Palazzo Pool

The cabanas at the Palazzo are the perfect way to rest in the lap of luxury when you’re by the pool. These closed-off spaces can host up to twelve people and have air-conditioning, a stocked refrigerator, and Wifi.

Each cabana also comes with a private host who ensures that any special requests may be carried out. If you’re looking for a private poolside experience with your family or a small group of friends, renting out a cabana is the ideal option.

Palazzo Pool Lounge Chairs

To enhance the lounging experience, the Palazzo and the Venetian have introduced lounge chairs partially submerged in the pool. You can reserve a lounge chair for the entire day and bask in the sun while staying cool with the pool water lapping at you.

The advantage of booking a lounge chair is that you can arrive later in the day and still have one of the best spots on the pool deck. 

Poolside Drinking and Dining 

If lounge chairs and private cabanas weren’t enough, the Palazzo and Venetian both offer poolside dining and drinks. So if you’re looking to munch on something or sip a daiquiri by the pool, you can order something while cooling off here.

The CAPRI Pool Restaurant and Bar overlooks the Palazzo deck and serves up some of the most scrumptious dishes you can imagine. So if you ever get hungry lounging by the pool (because who doesn’t?), you can drop by the counter and order one of their delectable morsels. 

Remember that you can’t bring your own alcohol into most Vegas pools. Click on the link to read my in-depth guide about the circumstances where consuming alcohol is allowed.

Superb Palazzo Pool Staff

The Palazzo pool deck wouldn’t be the lap of luxury that it is without its staff. The deck has a dedicated team to take care of guests and serve your every need. Whether booking a cabana, ordering something, or having a casual conversation with a local, the staff at the Palazzo will make your stay much more enjoyable.

Check out all the pools at The Palazzo and The Venetian.

Does the Palazzo Pool Get Sun – Final Thoughts 

If you’re wondering whether you’ll get enough sun at the Palazzo, there’s no need to worry. The deck has a vast open space where you’ll find plenty of sunshine from late morning on.

Out of the seven pools, there are even a couple that receive early to mid-morning sunshine. So you never have to worry about the sun being blocked out while you lounge or get a tan at The Palazzo pool.

Find out what the rooms at The Palazzo are like here.

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