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Why is MGM Grand So Cheap? (Explained)

Why is MGM Grand So Cheap
Potential guests of the MGM Grand are often surprised at the low advertised rates. In this article, I’ll tell you why the hotel room rates at MGM Grand start so low.

Everything about the MGM Grand Hotel seems supersized, including the 6.6 acres (2.7 hectares) it sits on and the 6,852 rooms the Grand currently holds. It’s easy to equate such grandeur with high prices, but you’d be mistaken, as the MGM Grand can be pretty cheap compared to some of the other resorts on the Strip. 

The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas is inexpensive because of its many reduced-rate rooms in the West Wing. Furthermore, its south of center-Strip location and discounts offered during off-peak times also contribute to the low cost of many rooms at MGM Grand.  

This article will examine why the MGM Grand Las Vegas can be considered a budget option on the Strip. Keep reading to learn more.

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The MGM Grand Is an Affordable Place To Stay in Vegas

The MGM Grand Is an Affordable Place To Stay in Vegas

The MGM Grand has fewer rooms than the Venetian & Palazzo, which is the largest hotel in the United States. However, it can proudly claim to be the largest stand-alone hotel in the country, with the Venetian & Palazzo being a combined establishment. 

You might expect the hotel with the largest casino on the Strip to be somewhat expensive, as such premier resorts can get pricey, considering the amenities and services offered. However, the MGM Grand isn’t that expensive for the following reasons.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Has Many Reduced Rate Rooms

The MGM Grand has a wide variety of room options, with the cheapest located in the West Wing (also known as the Studio Tower). These rooms make staying at the MGM Grand affordable. 

The MGM Grand West Wing building was once the Marina Hotel and Casino. The 15-story and 700-room structure was opened in 1975. However, MGM Resorts International acquired the Marina in 1989 as part of its plan to build the MGM Grand. The Marina closed in 1990, and the new MGM Grand opened its doors in 1993.

The developers saw the Marina as robust and well-built and decided against demolishing it. Instead, they built the MGM Grand around the Marina. Therefore, the rooms in West Wing are older and have a different design than the rooms in the newer sections. 

The 350 sq ft (32.52 sq m) West Wing rooms are AAA Three Diamond-rated and have:

  • A king-size bed
  • A flat-screen tv
  • A shower
  • High-speed internet

On the other end of the spectrum, the Mansion Residences at the MGM Grand range from 2,400 sq ft (222.97 sq m) to 12,000 sq ft (1114.84 sq m) depending on the number of bedrooms and cost between $5,000 and $35,000 a night

The Mansion Residences are clearly for ultra-wealthy guests. On the other hand, the West Wing rooms are budget options and can go for less than $100 a night (plus the resort fee). 

Why the West Wing Rooms Aren’t Popular

Unfortunately, the rooms on the West Wing get a pretty bad rap.

Some visitors claim the rooms aren’t cared for properly. The distance between the elevators and the West Wing is too long and scary. Apparently, there’s a running joke among the staff that the hallways of the West Wing resemble the ones in The Shining, which is a pretty terrifying horror film. 

Additionally, the 350 sq ft (32.52 sq m) rooms can prove cramped for more than one person. The bathroom area, which is next to the entrance, has no door, so if the door to the room is left open at the wrong moment might expose you to unwitting attention

There’s little privacy inside as well, as frosted glass doors separate the shower room and toilet. The “frosted” doors are actually see-through, so essentially, there’s no shower or toilet privacy. Some couples might be uncomfortable with such a situation. 

To add insult to injury, the West Wing rooms have no view. You get one window that allows next to no light into the room. 

mgm grand hotel has thousands of rooms

The rooms in the West Wing don’t suit couples but can prove perfect for a solo traveler. Three hundred fifty square feet (32.52 square meters) is enough for one person, and since you’ll be alone, there are no privacy concerns. 

With patience, you can find shorter routes around the West Wing, reducing the distance you have to walk. 

Unfortunately, the only solution to the window issue is to book a Stay Well or Grand room. You’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket, but not by much. The extra dollars might be worthwhile if you value views and lighting when on holiday. 

On the other hand, if you only plan to use your MGM Grand room for sleeping and storing luggage, the West Wing rooms should serve you well. 

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MGM Grand is Located South of Center Strip

The Strip is around 4.2 miles (6.8 km), a fairly long distance. Therefore, people who want to enjoy the Strip without subjecting themselves to long walks often book hotels near the middle, which offers them a central location from where to explore Las Vegas Boulevard. 

If you’re looking for a hotel in Las Vegas, we’ve compiled a guide to help you pick the right hotel for your Vegas trip. The page also contains a fun, detailed, free map of the Strip to help you plan your travels. 

The MGM Grand is located about a mile south of the mid-Strip area (Bellagio Fountains), so it isn’t the first choice for many travelers. Consequently, there is less demand for hotel rooms, which also number in the thousands. The laws of economics state that when supply exceeds demand, prices fall

MGM Discounts During Off-Peak Months

The prices of rooms in Las Vegas hotels fluctuate depending on the demand. The prices are lower when there’s less demand, such as in the hot summer and cold winter months. 

A stunning example of prices rising when the demand is high is the spike in room prices during the 2023 November F1 race in Vegas. The rise compared to the same period in 2021 has averaged 305%, with the Rio Hotel & Casino increasing room prices by a whopping 733%. It’s unclear how much the MGM Grand will hike prices. 

If you can brave the extremely hot temperatures of a Las Vegas summer, you’ll likely pay less when staying at the MGM Grand. 

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The MGM Grand can be cheap because some of the rooms are lower priced. The rooms in the hotel’s West Wing are smaller and less luxurious than rooms in the Grand Tower, and therefore, they are less costly. 

Prices at the MGM Grand are also lower because of the hotel’s positioning on the Strip and discounts available during off-peak months.

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