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Downtown Las Vegas Parking (Places, Costs & Cheapest Spots)

Are you trying to find the best parking in downtown Las Vegas that is close to everything and doesn’t feel like a total rip-off?

The most inexpensive downtown Las Vegas parking can be found at the El Cortez, Downtown Grand, Downtown Container Park, or Neonopolis. You can park for between $9 and $15 a day at each of these downtown Vegas parking spots, and all are near the Fremont Street Experience.

It’s no secret that everything about Las Vegas is expensive, even downtown Las Vegas.  If you want to enjoy everything that downtown Vegas has to offer without paying an arm and a leg for parking, there are some parking hacks that can help you save some money. 

In this article, I will be telling you all of the best tips to get cheap (and even free) public parking in downtown Las Vegas. 

To enjoy Fremont Street like these people, you'll first need to find downtown Las Vegas parking.

Downtown Las Vegas Parking (Parking Fees)

One of the good things about downtown Las Vegas is that there is no shortage of parking. Despite being a bustling city, there are parking garages on almost every corner and at every major hotel or casino. 

Whether you are driving your personal car or getting a rental car during your Vegas vacation, you won’t have any trouble parking your car downtown wherever you need to go. The most important thing to do is make sure you’re aware of the best parking deals. 

The following table will show you the self-parking rates charged by the most popular hotels and attractions in downtown Las Vegas on or near Fremont Street, where the main action is located:

Hotel / Attraction
Parking Cost
Parking Cost
Hotel Guests
Parking Offered
Four Queens– $3 (up to 1 hr)
– $6 (1-2 hrs.)
– $9 (2-4 hrs.)
– $12 (4-6 hrs.)
– $18 (6-24 hrs.)
$5 per dayYes
Binion’s – $3 (up to 1 hr)
– $6 (1-2 hrs.)
– $9 (2-4 hrs.)
– $12 (4-6 hrs.)
– $18 (6-24 hrs.)
$5 per dayYes
Plaza Hotel$10 Sunday – Thursday
$25 Friday & Saturday
(up to 24hrs.)
Free For
Hotel Guests
Main Street Station$10 Monday – Thursday
$20 Friday – Saturday
(up to 24hrs.)
Downtown GrandMonday – Thursday
– $6 (up to 2 hr)
– $8 (2-4 hrs.)
– $10 (4-8 hrs.)
– $12 (12-24 hrs.)
Friday – Sunday
$15 (0-24 hrs.)
Free For
Hotel Guests
Golden Nugget$10 (0-2 hrs.)
$20 (2-24hrs.)
Free For
Hotel Guests
The D$4 (per hr.)
$20 maximum per day
Free For
Hotel Guests
Golden Gate$4 (per hr.)
$20 maximum per day
(Off-site parking only)
Circa$5 (per hour)
$35 (daily maximum)
$25 per dayNo
El Cortez$5 (per day Mon-Thurs)
$10 (per day Fri-Sun)
Free For
Hotel Guests
California$10 Monday – Thursday
$25 Friday – Saturday
(up to 24hrs.)
Neonopolis$0 (up to 1 hr.)
$3 (per hour up to 3 hrs.)
$9 (daily maximum 24 hrs.)
Container Park
$3 (per hour)
$15 (maximum per day)
Fremont Street
$4 (per hour)
$20 (maximum per day)

Because of the abundance of parking options available, it’s important to know which ones have the best location for what you are looking to do and the most affordable price. You may even want to park in different parking lots or garages throughout your Vegas trip to get you as close as possible to the places you are trying to go. 

Cheapest Self Parking in Downtown Las Vegas ($15 or Less)

Now that I’ve listed the majority of parking options and related fees in downtown let’s break down where you can park in downtown Las Vegas for cheap (or even free if you’re a guest of the hotel). 

Here is a list of hotels with the cheapest parking rates in downtown Las Vegas.

1. Parking at El Cortez

The El Cortez is a great budget parking choice in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s only $5-$10 a day to park, depending on the day.

  • During the week (Monday – Thursday), it’s just $5 to park all-day
  • Weekends (Friday – Sunday), parking costs are $10

For Las Vegas, those are very good parking rates. In addition, if you’re staying as a guest at El Cortez, you get free self parking. El Cortez is conveniently located just a couple of blocks from the Fremont Street Experience. You can find the parking garage and driving directions on google maps.

el cortez parking garage downtown
The El Cortez parking garage in downtown Las Vegas states “Free Parking”. However, this is only for guests staying at the hotel. For all others, parking costs between $5 and $10 a day, depending on the day of the week. For Las Vegas, that’s a pretty decent parking fee.

2. Parking at Downtown Grand

Parking at the Downtown Grand Hotel is another relatively cheap place to park when visiting downtown Las Vegas. Parking at the Downtown Grand will cost you between $6 and $15.

  • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) Parking is $6-$12, depending on the number of hours you spend.
  • On weekends (Friday – Sunday), the parking fee is a flat rate of $15 for up to 24 hours.

The parking area and directions to it are here on google maps.

3. Parking at Downtown Container Park

The parking lot for Container Park runs $3 an hour for up to five hours. After five hours, it’s a flat rate of $15 for the day. You’ll find the Container Park parking lot at 118 S. 7th Street (google maps).

Container Park itself is just across the street from the El Cortez Hotel and a couple of blocks from the Fremont Street Experience.

4. Parking at Neonopolis (Best Deal!)

Neonopolis is located just steps from the entrance to the Fremont Street Experience and is a unique entertainment, dining, and shopping center. It’s the best parking deal in the central downtown area unless you’re staying at a hotel that offers free parking. Parking at Neonopolis is as follows:

  • Free (1st hour)
  • $3 (per hour after that)
  • $9 (maximum for the day)

You’ll find the Neonopolis underground parking structure on 4th Street a little ways past Denny’s restaurant and across the street from Nacho Daddy restaurant (google maps).

5. Plaza Hotel & Casino

The Plaza has some great deals for visitor parking if you’re visiting during the week (Monday – Thursday). Weekday parking at the Plaza is just $10 for the day.

On weekends (Friday & Saturday) the parking prices, however, jump to a $25 flat rate. This makes The Plaza a great place to park in downtown Las Vegas during the week, although you can find cheaper parking elsewhere on the weekends.

It’s also worth noting that the Plaza offers validation for those who dine at their steakhouse or gamble in the casino. Speak with the staff to find out more details about getting your parking ticket validated and find out how much you can save. 

You can find The Plaza’s parking area here on google maps.

6. Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel

If you are heading to downtown Las Vegas during the week (Monday-Thursday), Main Street Station is one of your best bets for cheap parking. They have a flat daily rate, and it’s just $10 to park there for a full day, Monday-Thursday. This is a cheap deal for downtown parking if you aren’t staying in one of the hotels that offer its guests free parking. 

Parking at Main Street Station goes up to $20 Friday-Saturday, however, to capitalize on the weekend crowds, meaning you can find a better parking deal elsewhere if you’re visiting on the weekend. 

Look for the Main Street Station parking area and directions here on google maps.

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Downtown Las Vegas Parking Map

It’s understandable that your parking choice will depend on what you’re hoping to do in downtown Vegas, but it’s a pretty concentrated area, so everything is close by once you’re there. 

Here is an interactive map showing the public parking areas in downtown Las Vegas around Fremont Street.

  • Red = Hotels, casinos, and attractions offering parking near Fremont Street.
  • Blue = Independent parking garages available for public parking.

As you can see from the map, there is no shortage of paid parking options in the primary tourist area of downtown Vegas.

Independent Parking Garages in Downtown LV

Looking at the map above also shows several independent parking garages in downtown Las Vegas. These parking garages are not affiliated with any hotel, casino, or attraction and are purely for-profit parking structures.

The pricing of these parking garages varies, and they typically have a more complicated cost structure. They often have one pricing structure before 4pm and a different one after 4pm. The cost to park can be anywhere from $5-$10 (if you’re out by 4pm) to $24 for 24hr. parking.

Honestly, I’ve never parked in one of these garages, and they seem to have mixed reviews, but they do provide a viable parking option downtown, and I wanted to be sure to include them.

Downtown Las Vegas map: Free printable PDF

This map shows the hotels and attractions found in the downtown area. You can download a free copy of this downtown Las Vegas map here.

As you can see, the tourist areas of downtown Las Vegas are very walkable as the main attractions are concentrated in one basic area. So parking and walking from any of these parking garages, lots, or structures is quite convenient.

Do You Have to Be a Hotel Guest to Park at a Hotel Garage in Downtown Las Vegas? 

If you are staying at one of the hotels on Fremont Street or elsewhere in downtown Las Vegas, free parking may or may not be included in your hotel stay (see the table above).

If you are just visiting downtown Las Vegas for the day, you are welcome to park in any of the hotel garages, but there will be a fee. The rates vary depending on which hotel you choose. Every hotel charges for parking but many offer to validate and discount parking if you shop, dine, or gamble in their casino. 

Valet Parking in Downtown Las Vegas

There are a few different ways to park in Las Vegas. There are both self-park garages and lots as well as tons of valet parking. 

The easiest way to save money is to stay far away from any signs that say “valet”. Valet parking will generally cost you a pretty penny. 

(Valet Exceptions: The D and El Cortez offer free valet parking to both hotel guests and visitors. Don’t forget to tip, however.)

It might be tempting while on vacation in Vegas to drive right up to the casino that you want to go to,  hop out at the valet stand, and hand them your keys. You feel like a movie star or a VIP doing this, but it’s usually not worth the hassle and the cost. 

It feels like a special treat to use valet, but usually, it is the most expensive parking option in Las Vegas. Your best bet is to go to one of the self-park garages or lots and look for the times when rates are discounted. 

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Free Parking in Downtown Las Vegas

While there is not much in the way of general free parking in downtown Las Vegas, outside of staying at a hotel that offers its guests complimentary parking, there is a way to get free parking downtown. Unlike the Vegas Strip, several hotel/casino properties in downtown offer validated parking if you’re spending time and money inside their establishment.

The D at the Fremont Street Experience: The D offers validated parking in downtown Las Vegas
The D offers validated free parking at the Fremont Street Experience if you’re dining or gambling in the casino.

For example, officially, at Binions, you can get free parking by earning just 5 points on their player’s card or eating at one of their restaurants. Unofficially, you can often just ask the casino cage, bartender, or cocktail waitress to validate the parking ticket you got when you entered the garage.

As I mentioned, several casinos downtown will validate your parking so that you, in effect, can get free parking in downtown Las Vegas.

The downtown hotels and casinos that validate parking are:

  • Binions
  • Four Queens
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Main Street Station
  • Golden Nugget
  • Downtown Grand
  • The D
  • California

Each of these hotels and casinos has its own rules, and they sometimes change, so you’ll need to check with the casino to understand the specifics of parking validation. Generally speaking, if you are spending money in the casino or at a restaurant, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can park for free by having your parking validated.

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Is There Any Free Street Parking in Downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown Las Vegas is a very busy area, and street parking is almost non-existent. There is very little free street parking in downtown Las Vegas. As you move further away from Fremont Street, you may be able to find some free downtown parking on the street, but you will need to walk quite a distance, and your car will be less safe.

There are some metered spots closer to Fremont Street. These parking meters tend to be inexpensive, but they are also hard to come by.

You may get lucky and snag a spot, but on most days, you will probably be circling Fremont Street for a good long time before you find an open parking spot. 

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Is it Expensive to Park at The Fremont Street Experience Parking Garage? 

The Fremont Street Experience is the biggest attraction in downtown Las Vegas, and its parking garage is one of the best-known in the area. It is easy to find in large part thanks to the fact that it is bright red and covered in fun murals and also because it’s in the center of all the action near downtown. 

Parking at the Fremont Street Experience isn’t outrageously expensive, but it is more expensive than some of the hotel garages you’ll find downtown. The daily rate is $4 per hour, and it maxes out at 5 hours (or $20), so you’ll never pay more than that. 

Although parking at the Fremont Street Experience is more expensive than some of the other garages, it pays to be in a convenient location. Also, the Fremont Street Experience parking garage is HUGE. It has over 1,300 spaces, so you can almost guarantee you will find a spot every time. 

binions self park garage downtown las vegas
Binion’s parking structure is another convenient option for downtown Las Vegas parking. You’ll find the entrance on North Casino Blvd just south of E Ogden Ave (map). Interestingly, the parking garage stands on the historic spot of Las Vegas’s notorious Block 16. During the early 1900s, Block 16 is where the bars and gambling houses stood.

Parking at The Garage Mahal (Circa)

If just finding a good parking spot in downtown LV isn’t enough, and you want to have a “parking experience”, then you’ll want to park at the Garage Mahal at the Circa Resort and Casino. The Garage Mahal has 982 parking spots in its eight-story garage and is billed as a “high-tech transportation hub.”

Rather than your typical dark, dingy, unimaginative parking garage, the Garage Mahal is filled with lights, beautiful architectural designs, and artwork. The garage is quite a sight and is available for self-parking, valet, and rideshare pick-up and drop-off. It’s quite a spectacle!

As befitting its entertainment value, the Garage Mahal is probably the most expensive place to park in downtown Las Vegas. Parking starts at $5 an hour and goes up to $35 for 24-hour parking.

How Close is Downtown Las Vegas to The Strip? 

While it is technically only a little more than 4.5 miles to get from the center strip area (Bellagio) to downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street Experience), don’t lace up your walking shoes to make the trip. 

It is definitely not a walkable distance to get there, so you will want to drive and park downtown if that’s where you want to go. You can easily split your day between the Las Vegas strip and downtown if you have a car.

It’s also a fairly short and inexpensive Uber, Lyft, or taxi ride if you’d prefer. 

It only takes about 10-11 minutes to get from the strip to downtown, depending on traffic conditions, so it’s a fairly easy ride. However, if you were to try to walk, it would take an hour and a half or more to walk, even at a fairly brisk pace. 

This video shows some secret spots you may be able to grab a free parking spot in downtown Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas Parking – Final Thoughts

There are plenty of downtown Las Vegas parking options that won’t break the bank. Parking costs range from $10 to $20 on average, and parking is plentiful.

By choosing some of the smaller casino or hotel parking garages, you can park for the day for about $10. Some of the garages are small or located a block or two from the action, but they’re great if you don’t mind walking a little bit to save some money. 

If you prefer to go with a more centrally located option, there are more expensive garages like the Fremont Street Experience Garage. It is in a convenient location and full of open spots every day of the week. 

One of the great things about downtown Las Vegas is that everything is a little less expensive than what you’ll find on the strip (including parking). Downtown Las Vegas is a blast from the past, so it’s definitely worth visiting while you’re staying in Vegas. With the money you save on cheap parking, you’ll have more cash in your pocket to have fun. 

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