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Does The Luxor Have Balconies? (Las Vegas)

Located at the southern end of the famous Las Vegas Strip, the Luxor Hotel & Casino is a 30-story 4-star hotel, entertainment, and casino complex that’s built in the iconic form of a giant shimmering black pyramid. The MGM Resorts property offers a nightclub, an e-sports venue, pools, and unique elevators that run internally with a 39-degree incline.

Given its unique shape, many have wondered, “does The Luxor have balconies?”.

The Luxor was not built with any balconies due to its unique pyramid shape. The tower rooms were also built without balconies in a bid to provide climatically controlled rooms with striking floor-to-ceiling window views of the Las Vegas strip. 

Beam of light shoots skyward from the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The Luxor Pyramid Rooms

The unique pyramid structure was the tallest building on the strip at the time of construction and offers 2,526 rooms within. No rooms were built with balconies due to the sloped window orientation of the pyramid structure. 

The Pyramid hotel section offers a range of room types. There’s the popular Two Queen Pyramid room which offers 2 queen beds and gives guests excellent views looking over the Luxor resort and onto the strip.

Another popular room is the Pyramid King which offers one huge king-sized bed on a higher floor within the pyramid structure that affords slightly better views of the strip and the Luxor resort grounds. 

Check room rates at the Luxor Hotel & Casino

The Luxor Tower Rooms

In 1998, two large 22 story towers were added to the complex, which meant another 2,000 rooms. Most of these spacious 450-square-foot rooms have large floor-to-ceiling windows that offer excellent views over the Luxor complex and the Las Vegas Strip or the surrounding mountains, but sadly, no rooms are available with balconies or terraces. 

The Luxor tower rooms are available with Queen or King sized beds and offer excellent in-room amenities, including a huge wall-mounted flat-screen TV with cable, high-speed internet access, and a two-person dining suite. 

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Take a look inside the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

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Luxor is An Iconic Las Vegas Hotel

The Luxor resort was designed by Architect Veldon Simpson and opened in 1993. At the time, it was the largest metal and glass project in the world. Atop the pyramid is a 42.3 billion candela, named the Luxor Sky Beam, and is the strongest beam of light in the world.

The Luxor is an excellent example of 90s postmodern architecture and is a destination hotel of choice for many when visiting Las Vegas. The resort grounds have been used or referenced in popular culture, with appearances in films Mars Attacks! (1996), Blade Runner 2049 (2017), and is seen in The Hangover (2009). 

The striking pyramid hotel also features in video games (Grand Theft Auto) and in numerous TV shows (CSI: Vegas, Fear factor), and has been used as a backdrop for numerous music videos, with Will Smith using it in his 1998 music video “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.”

Interior of the Luxor Hotel looking up toward the top of the pyramid.
Interior of the Luxor Hotel looking up toward the top of the pyramid.


The Luxor is an excellent 4-star destination hotel option with plenty of amenities included with the room rate, including 24-hour guest services.

Sadly, the unique and iconic shape of the hotel prevents rooms from having balconies, but there are plenty of great views and outdoor spaces to enjoy

Each guest has access to the resort facilities, including the multiple pools, spa and sauna, whirlpools, casino, and entertainment facilities. 

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