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Free Parking at The Venetian & Palazzo Las Vegas (Parking Map)

Are you heading to The Venetian Resort or The Palazzo any time soon? If so, it’s time to learn the parking process for two of Las Vegas’s most extravagant hotel and casino properties.

Parking at either The Venetian or The Palazzo is straightforward, with each hotel property having plentiful free parking. The Palazzo Tower has four parking levels, whereas The Venetian Resort has fourteen parking levels.

It is easy to park a car at The Venetian and The Palazzo, and while you will likely have no problem navigating through the grounds, it can still give you peace of mind to know where to park beforehand. To help you, let’s look into The Palazzo and The Venetian process for parking.

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The Venetian and Palazzo Resort Properties

The Venetian

Luxury does not even begin to describe The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. With a romantic atmosphere, incredible entertainment, mouth-watering dishes, and more, it truly deserves its high ratings.

The Venetian hotel brings the beauty of Venice, Italy, to life through the hand-painted frescoes on the ceiling as well as the floor pattern, which replicates the magnificence of that found in the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario in Venice. The Grand Canal Shoppes even has an imitation of Venice’s famous canals.

The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort

For those who may not know, The Palazzo (2007) is newer than The Venetian (1999), but they are connected on the same overall property and share many amenities. Both hotels have the same owner, and you can walk from one end of The Palazzo to the other of The Venetian.

You can think of them as sister hotels, and many people speak of the seamless transition between the two properties. They both boast incredibly lavish rooms and great services for their guests.

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Plazzo & The Venetian Las Vegas Parking Directions

With how large the two establishments are, there’s no question that they would have great parking resources available to accommodate all their visitors. Each has a sizable parking garage, with the larger of the two, The Venetian, having fourteen levels of indoor parking available.

The Venetian Resort has a parking garage that guests can access via Las Vegas Boulevard. It has a height limit of around 6.8 feet for vehicles. The garage can also accommodate electric vehicles and charging on the 3rd, 6th, and 9th levels.

There is also a back entrance to Venetian’s garage. The entrance is located behind the hotel and is accessed via S Koval Ln. and Krueger Dr.

(On the parking map below, the green markers are for the entrances to The Venetian parking garage, while the blue marker indicates the entrance to The Palazzo garage.)

On the other hand, guests can access The Palazzo Tower garage through Sands Avenue. It has a slightly larger height limit of 7 feet and four levels of parking available. Along with The Venetian, it can also accommodate electric vehicles on the 2nd and 4th levels.

Palazzo and Venetian Parking is Free

The Venetian offers free parking to all guests visiting or staying at the resort. This is a breath of fresh air as the majority of Las Vegas hotel properties on the Strip charge a considerable parking fee.

The ability to park for free extends to all guests visiting or staying at The Palazzo as well.

So when you’re heading to one of the most spectacular destinations in Las Vegas, know that you won’t be charged by either The Venetian or The Palazzo to park.

In addition to free self-parking, The Venetian and The Palazzo both offer no fee valet parking as well.

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Free Parking Services at The Venetian & The Palazzo

There are several ways in which both establishments provide free parking services. In this section, let’s look into The Venetian’s and The Palazzo’s parking services in detail.

Free Parking Services at The Venetian & The Palazzo

Electric Vehicle Parking

Together, both properties currently have 13 charging stations for electric vehicles. It is a first-come, first-served service, and there are two types of charging stations: TESLA and GE WattStations. The TESLA stations can charge TESLA Roadsters and have an adapter for TESLA S models.

Note: While the parking is free, you’ll likely have to pay to charge your electric vehicle.

Over-Sized Vehicle Parking

The Venetian Resort even has some limited parking spots for ‘oversized‘ vehicles. The oversized parking options at The Venetian can accommodate RVs and other large vehicles whose height doesn’t exceed 8’3″.

If you have an oversized vehicle, the best plan is to contact The Venetian Resort some time in advance to check the availability. You can call the property at (702) 414-1000.

Unfortunately, there are no RV hookups, and The Palazzo parking garage does not accommodate oversized vehicles. On the plus side, there are no extra costs for large vehicles at The Venetian Resort.

Valet Parking

Valet is available for guests of either casino. It is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can access valet parking through the front of the hotel or the 3rd level of The Venetian garage.

To use the valet parking services, the staff will scan a barcode and give their guests a ticket. Once guests want to retrieve their vehicles, they can simply display or scan the ticket at the relevant desk or kiosk.

Having no charge valet parking at The Venetian and Palazzo is a nice touch, but don’t forget to tip your valet when you drop off and pick up your car.

Here’s a video showing how to find The Venetian self-parking garage.

Travel To And From The Venetian & Palazzo

It may be the case that you do not plan to arrive at either location with your own vehicle. If that is so, there are other methods of getting to and from The Venetian Resort and surrounding areas.

Rental Cars

The Venetian Resort has a partnership with Hertz Car Rental, which can provide guests with special rates on rental cars. You can secure their services on-site, and it is easy to book a rental car service for your needs.

This is especially convenient for those that are staying at the Venetian/Palazzo and only want to rent a car for one day.

If you are arriving at the Harry Reid International Airport, you can visit the Harry Reid International Airport Rent-A-Car Center to rent a car for the duration of your stay. You can still park the rental car at the hotel/casino property as normal.

Taxi Service

Taxis are convenient since you do not have the extra task of parking your car and going through the parking levels to retrieve your car when you want to leave. If you’d like to learn more about the cost and use of a taxi in Las Vegas, you’ll want to see our article here.

If you are just arriving, the taxi can drop you off at the main entrance of The Venetian Resort or the upper level of The Palazzo Tower. If you are leaving, a suitable location to get your taxi is in front of the shuttle area for both The Venetian Resort and The Palazzo Tower.

Uber and Lyft

Another alternative to get to and from The Venetian and Palazzo is via a rideshare service. Both Uber and Lyft are operating in Las Vegas and have a designated drop-off and pickup point near the entrance to either hotel.

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Complimentary parking at The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas is incredibly convenient. If you are visiting either one soon via car and are planning to park, use the guide above to plan your journey effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions: The Venetian Resort Parking

Do You Have to Be a Hotel Guest to Park at The Venetian?

Parking at The Venetian Resort or The Palazzo Tower is accessible for anyone, regardless of whether they are hotel guests or not. Many people simply come to enjoy the facilities rather than take advantage of a full hotel stay, and they will find plenty of available parking.

Do I Need to Pay to Park at The Venetian Resort?

Parking is free at The Venetian Resort, so there’s no need to book in advance or pay when you arrive. Before heading to The Venetian, remember that the parking spots are first-come-first-served, although there is abundant parking available.

Where Can I Wait for a Taxi at The Venetian Resort?

If you are planning to get a taxi from The Venetian Resort, you can head to the taxi area at the main entrance of the building. You can also head to the taxi area at the entrance to The Palazzo Tower.

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