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5 Reasons Why Las Vegas Is So Expensive in October (Revealed)

You’ve decided to head to Sin City in October, your credit card is poised, and you start searching for deals on your favorite Las Vegas hotels. But everything is so expensive, and you find it almost impossible to find a decent bargain. Why is that?

Las Vegas is expensive in October because it’s cooled off a bit from the summer, making it a popular time for some of Vegas’ biggest events. Columbus day and Halloween are two hectic holidays in Vegas, plus several festivals, including Las Vegas Pride, also take place in October.

If the high prices are making you hesitate, take a second look. Las Vegas can be well worth the extra dollars in October due to all the exciting things happening at this time of year. Let’s delve into the details so you can figure out if October is the best time for your visit. 

5 Reasons Why Las Vegas Is So Expensive in October

1. The Las Vegas Weather in October Is Favorable

If you want to escape the desert heat, Fall in Las Vegas is one of the best times to visit the Strip. Summer temperatures can reach insurmountable highs, which is highly uncomfortable for many people and the weather generally breaks to the cooler side towards the beginning of October.

One of the best things about Vegas is exploring the Strip on foot, and you can’t easily do that if it’s too hot to go outside.

In October, the temperature reaches a maximum of 89F (31C), which most people can easily tolerate. It’s still warm enough to get around comfortably and catch some rays by the pool but not so hot you can’t be outside for more than an hour.

2. Columbus Day in Vegas

Falling on the second Monday of October, Columbus Day is a public holiday for bankers and government employees, who use it to their advantage. Two days in Vegas is never enough, so the three-day weekend provides the perfect opportunity for a proper mini-break.

Lots of tourists decide to come to Vegas around this time, so touristy destinations in the city get filled up pretty quickly. However, if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy Vegas, it may just be worth sucking up the extra costs to make the most of the long weekend.

3. Halloween in Las Vegas is Spooky Good!

halloween in las vegas is a fun holiday
Halloween in Las Vegas

You can’t ignore Halloween in the U.S. This huge holiday is celebrated all over the States, and Las Vegas is no exception. With a reputation for being “extra” on all fronts, Vegas pushes the boundaries around October 31, and you can expect a busy turnout of spooky revelers to go with it.

Many of the big hotels hold Halloween balls. The Palms, for example, has a three-day Halloween extravaganza guaranteed to satisfy even the most die-hard Halloween fan. Or, you can brave one of the numerous nail-biting attractions, like the official Saw Escape Room.

Whatever your (dis)pleasure during the spooky season, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be busy in Las Vegas, and the hotels will be fully booked, particularly the hotels with special Halloween events taking place.

If you struggle to find any availability, try heading off the Strip to a quieter location. You’ll pay less for your hotel off the beaten track, but you’ll need to fork out for taxis to take you to and from all the fun. It might be worth renting a car if you don’t want to be paying extortionate taxi rates. 

4. Las Vegas Pride Festival

pride festival in october las vegas
The Pride Parade is a highlight of the PRIDE Festival each October in Las Vegas.

This year Las Vegas celebrates Pride on October 7 and 8. The parade is first followed by the festival. Welcoming everyone from every flavor of the rainbow, whether gay, bi, trans, or somewhere in between. Pride promises to be huge this year and is a hugely popular event, especially in Las Vegas.

Multiple events occur across the weekend, with the big nighttime parade being the main highlight. Expect floats, singing, dancing, and much rainbow flag waving. 

Since Vegas is the number one place to have fun and Pride is all about joy and celebration, it’s the perfect combination. This weekend is always super busy – and high in price.

5. Other Festivals in Las Vegas in October

As if October didn’t have enough going on, some notable festivals see people fighting over available hotel rooms.

Rise Festival

Rise Festival out in the desert near Las Vegas.

First up is the ethereal and stunning Rise festival. With a focus on meditation and wellbeing, the highlight of this event is the thousands of Chinese lanterns in the skies above the city. 

Although the festival takes place in the Mojave at nearby Jean Dry Lake Bed, which is just a short drive from the city, many people choose to stay on the Strip and head to the festival from there.

In 2022, Rise takes place on the same weekend as Pride, so you can expect it to be extra busy.

When We Were Young

Another (already sold out) festival takes place on October 22, 23, and 29. When We Were Young is a three-day nostalgic journey super popular with those looking to relive their youth.

My Chemical Romance and Paramore headline for 2022, and with hundreds of other acts performing, there’s something for everyone. Add into the mix a bunch of sideshows, and there’s plenty to keep revelers occupied. 

The capacity of this festival is around 85,000, so this amount of people flooding into Vegas will undoubtedly do its part in driving up prices and occupancy rates in the city.

Maybe Consider Visiting Las Vegas During Less Expensive Times

If busy holiday weekends and festivals don’t appeal to you, then maybe October isn’t the month for you. There is less going on in November, and many people are saving themselves for the upcoming holiday period, so this could be a better – and cheaper – option for you.

If it has to be October, then your best bet is the first weekend of the month, as there is the least going on then. You never know; you may be able to pick up a deal. Also, if possible, consider going mid-week. It’s less busy, and hotels will have better prices to entice you.

With that said, Vegas is nearly always busy, and the hotels have a high occupancy, so booking as far in advance as possible is better to secure the best rates for your favorite hotel. The closer you book your trip, the more expensive it will be – and you’re not likely to get the hotel you wanted.

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