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What Are Las Vegas Residents Called? (Explained)

Some city names can be easily turned into nicknames that make sense. Others, like Las Vegas, make one wonder what its residents might be called. If you’re curious to find out, here’s the answer!

Residents of Las Vegas are called Las Vegans (pronounced VAY-gans) or simply Vegans. Las Vegas locals are also sometimes referred to as Veganites (VAY-gan-ites). More generally, they can also be called Nevadans (Ne-VAH-duhns) or Nevadians (Ne-VAH-dee-uns) as residents of Nevada state.

Referring to people who live in Las Vegas as Las Vegans is not exactly obvious, and the fact that it is spelled the same as vegans, a word referring to people who don’t consume or use animal products (although it is pronounced differently) can lead to some confusion.

If you want to avoid misunderstandings, you can instead call Las Vegans by their state nickname, which is Nevadians or Nevadans.

People From Las Vegas…Are Called…
Residents of Las Vegas:– Las Vegans
– Vegans
– Las Veganites
– Veganites
Residents of Nevada:– Nevadans
– Nevadians

Read on to learn more intriguing facts about Las Vegas and its citizens.

what are las vegas residents called

What Is the Nickname for Las Vegas?

The most well-known nickname for Las Vegas is Sin City. It is arguably one of the most famous city nicknames in the world. Vegas earned it for its focus on adult entertainment and being known as the city of parties, gambling, strong drinks, and strip clubs.

While there is a small chance that you’ve never heard this nickname for Las Vegas before, you will hardly need further explanations of why people call it Sin City. Everything about the city’s history, reputation, and image created in pop culture describe Vegas as a place worthy of its nickname.

Remember the movie ‘The Hangover’? That basically sums it up.

City of Las Vegas Nicknames
Nicknames for Las Vegas:– Sin City
– City of Lost Wages
– Entertainment Capital of the World
– Neon Capital of the World
– Marriage Capital of the World
– Divorce Capital of the World
– The City That Never Sleeps
– Disneyland for Adults

Historically, Vegas earned its nickname for its famous underground casinos. In 1910, Nevada banned gambling, but the casinos in Las Vegas kept operating secretly and continued to attract tourists from all around the country.

By the time gambling became legal again 21 years later, the catchy name ‘Sin City’ was already well established.

Today, the casinos of Vegas remain one of its main attractions. If you ask someone to name one thing that comes to mind when they hear about Vegas, casinos will probably be it. The wide portrayal of the gambling life of Sin City in games and movies, including the legendary ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ is also partially at fault.

Check out the trailer for the movie The Hangover.

Many tourists come to Las Vegas for its famous parties. The city is constantly buzzing with fun, offering any legally sinful joy one could wish for (and a few illegal ones too).

Today, however, sin is certainly not all Vegas is about. It is also a major cultural center that hosts big-name residencies and shows from worldwide famous artists and comedians. The legendary nightlife and constant stream of people hungry for entertainment make Las Vegas an ideal place for world-class performances and new experiences.

The nightlife and shows also earned Vegas another couple of famous nicknames: ‘The City that Never Sleeps’ and ‘The Entertainment Capital of The World.’ And it is very much accurate: The tourist areas in Vegas do not quiet down during the night but tend to get even louder, rowdier, and more entertaining as the night goes on.

What is The Las Vegas Slogan?

what happens in vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas….unless you get married!

Las Vegas is so cool it even has its own slogan: ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’

The famous slogan came into being in 2003 as the result of possibly the most successful marketing campaign of all time and is a perfect fit with the Sin City persona found in Las Vegas. The short tagline communicates freedom and the ability to ‘let your hair down’ and be yourself when visiting the city.

Las Vegas Slogans
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
What Happens Here, Only Happens Here

A new Las Vegas slogan was unveiled in 2020: ‘What Happens Here, Only Happens Here’

While staying true to the original theme, it is, in my opinion, unlikely to ever replace the slogan that everyone knows and loves.

Do People Live in Las Vegas? (Yes, and It’s Great!)

People do live in Las Vegas. Many think of Vegas as a tourist city full of loud parties and naughty fun, which leads people to believe there are not many actual residents. However, over 600,000 people call Las Vegas home (there are over 2.2 million people living in the entire Vegas Valley).

Most visitors to Las Vegas have no real concept of the city beyond the Strip. I know I didn’t before we moved here. With hundred of thousand of residents, Las Vegas is the largest city in the entire state of Nevada.

residential homes in las vegas
Sprawling Las Vegas neighborhoods prove that people actually do live in Las Vegas.

In fact, Vegas is also the 25th most populous city in America. The question, however, remains: why do people choose to live in Sin City, and what is that life like?

The first and most apparent reason is work and business. Where there are lots of tourists and one of the most spectacular selections of entertainment for them to enjoy, there is also a lot of work and money.

Wealthy people and successful businessmen alike live in Las Vegas. Another interesting fact is that there are at least six billionaires living in Sin City among its other residents. 

Many people who work in the entertainment industry, from singers to bartenders, come to Vegas for its endless supply of people ready to party and have fun. Fact: About 335,000 local Las Vegas residents are employed in the entertainment or hospitality industries.

This is paired with relatively low costs of living. Many who move to Vegas find that it is cheaper than many other large cities in the US. Because of the city’s incredible popularity among tourists, it is also convenient in terms of the developed infrastructure.

In addition, residents of Las Vegas (and Nevada as a whole) pay zero state income taxes, which alone is a pretty good reason to live here.

Of course, many live here for the atmosphere of fun and freedom. The endless nightlife, bright lights, loud parties, and extravagant people attract new residents to Las Vegas every year. A lot of young people, as well as retirees, come to Sin City to experience this kind of living.

The Downside to Living in Las Vegas

sin city las vegas sign

Despite the spectacular architecture, luxurious hotels, and grandiose casinos, wealth co-exists with poverty in Vegas, much like in any other large city. It is well-hidden behind a beautiful facade that the majority of tourists never see.

Sin City, a fun nickname we previously discussed, also depicts the drawbacks of Vegas life. Gambling and vice being in both constant demand and vast supply, have a significant impact on the lives of locals, especially those that are given to excess. [Also read: Why Are So Many Things Legal in Las Vegas?]

The population of Vegas is very diverse. You can meet wealthy, successful, completely-normal-to-every-other-city types of people integrated into Las Vegas alongside those who have given their energies over to the fast and loose lifestyle.

What Are Las Vegas Residents Called – Conclusion

The residents of Las Vegas are called Las Vegans. People often call them ‘Vegans’ to keep it short, but it may get mixed up with the vegans that don’t use or eat animal products, which can sometimes be inconvenient. Another term you’ll here is Veganites or Las Veganites.

Whatever you choose to call those of us who reside in Las Vegas, don’t forget that What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas….usually.

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