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How to Move to Las Vegas From the UK [Step-by-Step Guide]

So, you’ve decided to give up living in an actual kingdom in order to move across the pond to a realm of glitz and glamour in the Nevada desert? It’s easy to see why. Las Vegas is an exciting place to live with abundant activities, jobs, and affordable housing! With that said, moving to Las Vegas from the UK is a bit different than moving from elsewhere within the US.

Here’s what you need to do to successfully move from the UK to Las Vegas.

To move to Las Vegas from the UK, be sure to apply for a visa as early as possible. Hire a moving company that can transfer your property internationally. For an easier transition, learn as much as possible about Clark County laws and regulations related to healthcare, taxation, and employment. 

Moving to Las Vegas from the UK

Chances are, you’ve visited Las Vegas on an unforgettable vacation recently and have made the huge decision to call Vegas your home. If you have yet to visit Las Vegas, consider taking a trip here first to experience the sights and sounds first-hand. It is easy to fall in love with this city from films or images in magazines, but there are some big differences between climate and overall pace when compared to Britain. Read on to find out more. 

Immigration Regulations: Moving to the US 

Once you’ve firmly made up your mind to live in Las Vegas full-time, your first step is to obtain an appropriate visa. This process is complex and can be broken down into the following steps:

US immigration rules
  • Apply for a visa. In order to stay within the United States permanently, you will need to apply for an immigrant visa.
  • Obtain a green card. Once you enter the United States, your valid immigrant visa will allow you to receive a permanent resident card (green card). 
  • Seek employment. Depending on the type of visa you choose, finding and maintaining employment may be required to keep your green card in good standing.
  • Apply for citizenship. Once you have had a valid green card for a period of five years, you can then apply to become a US citizen or maintain dual-citizenship.

Make no mistake about it; this process can be frustrating. It takes time to go through the proper steps and waiting periods to become an American citizen. The good news is, you’ll be a full-fledged Las Vegas local when the moment finally arrives.

Tips on moving to Las Vegas from another country

Cost of Living in Las Vegas Versus London

Compared to living in a large city in the UK, Las Vegas has a slightly lower cost of living. We’ll use London as an example. The cost of living index in London is 77.9 out of 100 versus 67.83 for Las Vegas.

UK Pound Sterling and US Dollars

This table provides a breakdown of the costs for a few common items in both cities in Pound Sterling.

ItemLas Vegas / London% Diff
Milk (1gal)2.57 £ / 3.56 £– 38.69 %
Loaf of Bread (1lb)1.65 £ / 0.99 £+ 40.10%
Gas (1gal)2.51 £ / 4.90 £– 94.67%
(Heating, Cooling
Water, Garbage)
136.31 £ / 173.91 £– 27.59%
Full Day Childcare
(monthly, 1 child)
713.84 £ / 1,453.43 £– 103.61%
Internet61.86 £ / 32.04 £+ 48.21%
Toyota Corolla
(new car)
17,289.44 £ / 22,586.74 £– 30.64%
Apartment Rent
(1 bdrm)
957.62 £ / 1,759.15 £– 83.70%

So as you can see, Las Vegas has an overall cost of living that is lower than a city like London. Having said that, you can also see that while many items are less expensive, some items do cost more in the US.

Groceries, for instance, cost on average 2.45% more in Las Vegas than they do in London and you can expect to pay quite a bit more for internet access in the U.S as well.

On the other hand, things like childcare and utilities cost quite a bit less.

Note: Las Vegas also has a lower overall cost of living compared to many other cities in the United States as well.

Finding a Place to Live in Las Vegas

After you have established the legalities for moving to and living in the US, your next step will be to find a great place to live. Las Vegas has a wide variety of living accommodations: apartments, condominiums, and houses of all sizes are available across the city.

Some of the condos for sale on the Las Vegas Strip can almost rival some of the rooms found at Buckingham Palace. If you want to experience luxurious living in Las Vegas, and you have the money to support the lifestyle, then Las Vegas is truly a city that rivals any of the world’s wealthiest destinations. 

You’ll find that Las Vegas can be just as much of a paradise for permanent living as it is for luxurious vacations, only it’s much cheaper live here than it is to vacation here. 

Residential house in Las Vegas
Residential home in Las Vegas

The truth is, however, that most Vegas locals don’t live on or near the Strip. There are many communities spread throughout the Las Vegas Valley that will meet your needs whether you’re on a large or small budget.

Average Home Price in Las Vegas

You’ll find the average price of a home in Las Vegas is $290,000 USD (£231,138 GBP) but that number can go up or down considerably depending on the neighborhood and your specific needs. (source)

You can get a good idea of home prices and locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley by visiting Zillow.

Average Apartment Rent in Las Vegas

If you’d rather start off with a rental, a 1 bedroom apartment will run you around $1,003 USD (£799 GBP) per month while a two-bedroom apartment will be approximately $1,148 (£915 GBP).

Las Vegas
1 Bedroom2 Bedroom
$1,003 USD$1,148 USD

You may be required to fill out and pass an application based on the rental property of your choice. Many rentals in Las Vegas will require a security deposit in addition to the first month’s rent.  

No matter where you decide to live, once your place has been secured, you should start the packing process to safely transfer your belongings. 

Hire a Moving Company

The distance from the UK to Las Vegas is a staggering 8, 411.07 km (5, 226.39 mi). That is a long distance for furniture and other belongings to travel. Your second step should be to hire an international moving company, no matter how many belongings you decide to move. 

Allied is a highly-rated company that provides detailed tracking information through the entire process and even handles any issues that may arise with American customs clearance. 

Be sure to coordinate your schedule to ensure you are in Las Vegas by the time all of your belongings arrive.

Find a Job in Las Vegas

When people think of employment in Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind are usually the casinos. Working in a casino can range from easy (service-related jobs) to the highly-skilled (dealers, management). Tourism is without a doubt the main source of revenue for Las Vegas, which means the city needs workers to provide hospitality and services to the large number of tourists that visit the Strip every year.

Finding a job in Las Vegas

Outside of the casino and tourism industry, if you have previous work experience that translates into a similar American occupation, chances are there will be positions open throughout Las Vegas. After all, this is a large city, and many kinds of employment opportunities exist here.

Once you get out of the Vegas tourist areas, there exists a living, breathing society of Las Vegas locals who keep the city up and running. In other words, just like any city, there are occupations that need workers in Las Vegas that have nothing to do with tourism.

To get an idea of the types of jobs currently available in Las Vegas, take a minute to visit the online job board Monster.

Taxes and Healthcare in Las Vegas

Two more steps you will need to take that differ greatly from the UK is paying tax and paying for healthcare. Unlike the free NHS in the UK, you will either have health coverage provided to you as part of your employment benefits package or you’ll need to register annually in the Nevada Healthcare Exchange to pay for individual healthcare. 

Taxes and healthcare in Las Vegas, Nevada

Similar to employment in the UK, you will also need to pay federal income tax out of all of your paychecks or quarterly taxes if you plan to be self-employed. If you’re working for a company, your employer will remove the tax for you just like the PAYE system does in the UK. If you are self-employed, an annual tax return is required to be filed, which is the equivalent of the self-assessment tax return in the UK.

Just like VAT tax and additional sales tax in the UK, there is a sales tax on products and services in Las Vegas. The current rate is 8.375%, which will be a lot less than what you are accustomed to paying in the UK through value-added tax. 

Overall, you will find that taxation is a bit of a relief in Las Vegas when compared to UK rates. 

Nevada State Income Tax

A word about state income taxes. Unlike most other individual states in the U.S., Nevada does not levy any state income taxes on your earnings. This is a huge benefit! It’s a direct result of Nevada filling it’s state coffers with tourism money rather than taxing it’s citizens wages. This will potentially save thousands of dollars a year compared to moving to a U.S. state that charges income tax. Thank you Las Vegas tourists!

Adjust to the Dry Vegas Climate

You’re likely aware that Las Vegas and the UK have two extremely different climates! While Britain experiences relative humidity throughout the year, there are only a handful of humid days in Las Vegas during the year.

Las Vegas skyline

Warm, dry air typically characterizes the Las Vegas’ weather throughout the year. While summers (June, July, and August) are HOT, the spring, fall, and winter months are very comfortable. With over 300 sunny days each year, you’re going to enjoy the Las Vegas weather! Check out our post here to see the average Las Vegas temperatures month by month.


Moving to Las Vegas from the UK will be a major change in cultural customs and adjustments, but I think you’ll find that most people in Las Vegas have a fun and outgoing spirit, which will make your transition a bit easier. 

The most difficult process will likely be securing a visa and then a green card, however, once that has been accomplished, you are ready to live in one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in the United States.

Welcome to Las Vegas!

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