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The Flamingo Hotel: A bargain in the heart of Las Vegas

You can find cheap rooms at the Flamingo Las Vegas
The Flamingo Hotel & Casino: Center Strip location and affordable room rates.

When the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino opened in 1946, it was billed as the greatest resort hotel in the west. Since then, many other Sin City resorts have been opened with a much better claim for that title than the Flamingo hotel. Nevertheless, the Flamingo Las Vegas is still a popular hotel and is one of the cheapest on the Vegas Strip. Why is the Flamingo hotel so affordable?

The Flamingo hotel offers cheap nightly room rates in order to compete with the modern resorts surrounding it on Las Vegas Boulevard. Even with its older rooms and amenities, the Flamingo still boasts a great Strip location and offers a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive properties.

Below, I’ll explain why the Flamingo is one of the most affordable hotels in Las Vegas. To learn more, keep reading.

Why the Flamingo Hotel is So Affordable

cheap rates at flamingo hotel in las vegas
Room rates at the Flamingo can get downright cheap at times.

Check current room rates at the Flamingo.

The Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas is highly affordable. It’s often the first choice for travelers looking for a central Strip location on the cheap. 

Considering the hotel’s location, you would forgive the owners for charging higher, which leads many people to wonder why the prices at this hotel are so pocket-friendly. Let’s look at why this is the case. 

The Flamingo Hotel Rooms Have Few Amenities

The Flamingo has undergone several renovations since its opening in 1946, adding modern decor and amenities to its rooms. However, the size of the rooms hasn’t changed much since the mid-1940s. Hotels charge more for larger spaces, so if they stay small, the price remains low.

That said, you shouldn’t take the small room sizes (350 sq. ft.) to mean that the Flamingo isn’t a good place to stay. This YouTube video by Travel Ruby explores why the Flamingo might be the best cheap hotel on the Strip.

The cheapest rooms on offer are the FAB rooms. They have a tub/shower combo and no carpet, and on weekdays, you can sometimes snag one for less than $35 a night. The FAB room is perfect for someone using their room solely as a place to sleep and store luggage. 

The GO rooms, the next best option, have carpeting and a walk-in shower. There isn’t much of a price difference between the FAB and the GO rooms, which is why GO rooms tend to be more popular. Furthermore, GO rooms above the 10th floor offer great views of the hotel’s garden and the Vegas High Roller.

If you’re looking to ride the High Roller and want to learn more about this Ferris wheel, you can read all about it in my article, which includes costs, riding tips, and discounts for the High Roller Ferris Wheel.

The next budget option is the Flamingo room. These overlook parts of the Strip, including the Bellagio Fountains, and have a larger shower than the GO rooms. They also have more modern decor and amenities thanks to a recent renovation.

While the Bellagio Fountains view can make things noisy, they’re usually easy to sleep through. Additionally, they’re a must-see, and the view is well worth the slight bit of additional noise. 

If you’re planning to visit Vegas and have the Bellagio Fountains on your itinerary, I have simplified the Bellagio Fountains schedule to make planning your trip easier.

From there, the Flamingo’s options get a lot more expensive. There are 194 Executive Rooms, 48 Premium Rooms, and 10 Executive Suites. 

I recommend booking the Flamingo room for a cheap and memorable stay on the Strip. Depending on the season, it’ll cost you around $80 plus resort fees to book a room per night.

flamingo las vegas view
Even a relatively inexpensive room at the Flamingo can have a great view.

Flamingo’s Bunk Bed Suites Facilitate Cost Sharing 

Caesars Entertainment, the owner of the Flamingo hotel, has pumped money into the hotel to modernize it and make it more attractive to travelers. In May 2021, the hotel unveiled bunk-bed suites and a steakhouse as part of a $156 million renovation. It made the Flamingo one of the few hotels on the Strip with bunk beds. 

The bunk-bed suites occupy nearly 1000 square feet (92.9 sq. m.) and have two queen-sized bunk beds in 430 square feet (39.9 sq. m.) bedrooms. Furthermore, the rooms have a parlor with modern furniture and a kitchenette. 

This option allows a large adult party to split the bill without booking roomier, more expensive options. Instead of reserving individual rooms, up to eight adults can share the room and keep each other company. 


The Flamingo Hotel Has Other Streams of Income

Gambling at the Flamingo casino
Obviously, the Flamingo casino is a huge source of revenue for the resort, and guests tend to gamble more at the hotel property they are staying at, so offering cheap room rates works for Flamingo’s business model.

Another reason the Flamingo is relatively cheap is that Las Vegas hotels with other income streams—like the Flamingo—tend to charge lower prices. The owners slash the costs of their hotel rooms to attract travelers to the hotel so that they can spend money on other resort offerings. 

For instance, the Flamingo has many entertainment options, including celebrity performances and the casino floor. The hotel will attract you with a cheap room, then enable you to spend money at the casino or ask you to pay to watch a musician or a magician. 

There’s nothing wrong with it—it’s simply clever marketing. Hotels on the Strip generate only about 29% of their revenue from hotel rooms, with the bulk of the hotel’s earnings coming from restaurants, gambling, and shows. 

Depending on the demand, hotels like the Flamingo don’t mind bumping you up a level even when you book a cheaper option. This makes them even more attractive to prospective guests, as you always have the chance of enjoying a more luxurious room without paying the higher ticket price. 

Flamingo Hotel Prices Dip During Off-Peak Times

flamingo hotel room rate calendar show low and high room rates
The day and time of year can make a big difference in how cheap a room at Flamingo will be. You can see in the calendar above that rooms mid-week in the months of December and January are extremely inexpensive, while room prices on the weekends and around New Year’s day become much more expensive. You’ll want to plan your travel dates carefully to get the cheapest rates at Flamingo.

Check current room rates at the Flamingo.

When the demand for rooms dips in Las Vegas, the prices go lower. For hotels like the Flamingo that are already cheap, the cost of rooms becomes unbelievably low. 

People generally avoid Las Vegas during the summer and winter when the temperatures are extreme. During those periods, the prices at the Flamingo plummet

On the other hand, November is a busy month in Las Vegas and is bound to get busier starting in 2023 due to the Las Vegas Formula 1 race. Prices at the Flamingo are generally cheap, but they won’t be during the F1 weekend. So far, the Flamingo has hiked room rates by 246% for the period and is likely to increase them further as the number of unbooked rooms reduces.

The Flamingo hotel in Vegas offers many amenities to the guests, including a fitness center, spa, and high speed internet access. Check out my guide to learn more about them. [XX Ammenities the Flamingo Hotel Offers Guests]

Budget-Friendly Flamingo Hotel – Conclusion

The Flamingo is one of the best budget hotels on the Strip. The rooms aren’t spacious, but the views and the accessibility offered by a stay at the Flamingo hotel make up for the slight inconvenience. 

You’ll likely spend the money you saved on the hotel watching a performance, dining at a restaurant, or gambling in the casino. That said, it’s unlikely that you traveled to Vegas to stay in your hotel, so spend away!

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