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12 Best Las Vegas Hotels With Suites (Extra Roomy!)

If you’re staying in Las Vegas, you’ll want to go all out with your hotel room – why not book a 1, 2, or even 3 bedroom suite? Suites are larger hotel rooms with separate living, sleeping, and entertainment spaces. Without a doubt, Las Vegas hotels have some of the best suites around!

Here are the 12 best Las Vegas hotels with suites:

  1. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  2. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas
  3. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
  4. The Bellagio
  5. The Mirage
  6. Caesars Palace
  7. Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa
  8. Wynn Las Vegas
  9. Encore
  10. The Venetian
  11. The Palazzo
  12. MGM Grand Mansion

Each of these hotel’s suites provides luxurious accommodations as well as several additional perks and amenities you’re sure to enjoy. I’ll tell you a little about the best suite in each hotel, and provide a list and some facts about the different suites each hotel offers. So, let’s dig in and discover the top hotels with 1 or 2 bedroom suites in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas hotel suite.

1. Suites at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a luxury hotel on the Strip that opened in late 2010. The hotel has fantastic views, gaming, and even a nightclub! Their top suite, named the Bungalow, is one of the best in the city.

It’s very roomy and takes up three floors! The suite is filled with top-of-the-line furnishings, making everything feel very luxurious. If you want to stay in Vegas in style, then this is the place to be! The Bungalow even offers massive mirrors, which turn into TVs at the press of a button.

The suite includes one bedroom with a king-sized bed and sleeps up to three people. There are also two bathrooms; one is full, and the other is a half bath. So you won’t feel crowded here at all!

Plus, the outside of the suite has a 750-square-foot terrace and private Jacuzzi pool with a view of the Marquee Dayclub and the Bellagio Fountains below. You’re sure to love the views as you relax in the hot tub! Overall, if you want a roomy suite, there’s nothing better than the Bungalow at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Take a walk through the Bungalow Suite at The Cosmopolitan

Suites Available at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:

Executive Suite760 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Terrace Suite910 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
City Suite1,615 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 6
Lanai Suite800 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Reception Suite1,050 sq. ft.Murphy BedSleeps 2
Bungalow1,695 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 3
Chelsea Penthouse2,400 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4

Check current room rates at The Cosmopolitan (Vegas.com)

2. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Suites

The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas opened back in 2009 (originally called the Mandarin Oriental) as a non-gaming hotel. The luxury hotel features high-end design themes in its architecture, and there are several fine dining restaurants for you to enjoy on the property.

The top suite is known as the Presidential Suite. It offers an impressive view of the city and features two bedrooms with 3,100 sq feet of space. Its most popular amenity is the huge sunken tub with views of the city. If you’re looking for luxury, then you’re sure to find it here!

Even though the bustling Las Vegas Strip is right outside, you won’t be able to hear it at all in your soundproofed room! Plus, you’re sure to notice the wonderful scent of the building as soon as you enter. The hotel has a custom scent that floats throughout the entire building- something you’ll only find at this location.

The bedroom features a chic design scheme and a connected master bathroom. You also receive an impressive kitchen, bar, office, and even a personal fitness area- all within the suite! During your stay, you can enjoy tea, yoga, and a five-star spa in the hotel as well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a luxurious, spacious suite, then you should be sure to check out the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas! There’s so much to see and do in and around this hotel. Plus, you’re sure to love the stunning upscale room design and decor.

Take a look at the Presidential Suite (Double) at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas.

Suites Available at The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas:

Junior Suite650 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 3
Strip View Suite765 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 3
City View Suite1,040 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 3
Villa Suite1,625 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 3
Penthouse Suite1,650 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 3
Presidential Suite3,000 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Presidential Suite (Double)3,100 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4

Check current room rates at The Waldorf Astoria (Vegas.com)

3. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino (Every Room’s a Suite)

If you want to party, you should check out the VooDoo Collection Suite at the Rio Hotel. This suite has everything you could want and starts at 2,400 square feet of space! You even have a full-sized rooftop swimming pool! The suite also has fantastic views of the nearby Strip.

However, what makes the VooDoo suite stand out the most is the service you receive. You’ll get picked up in a limo at the airport, receive VIP check-in, and have access to private butler service for the duration of your stay. The suite also features floor-to-ceiling windows, offering beautiful, panoramic views of the city.

Overall, you’re sure to have more than enough space in this suite! The rooftop pool is the main feature, so you’ll want to consider this option if you love swimming or want to throw a Vegas pool party.

The Masquerade Suite at Rio All-Suites.

Suites Available at Rio Las Vegas:

Deluxe Suite500 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Deluxe Masquerade Tower Suite500 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2-4
Luxury Suite600 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2-4
Premium Suite600 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2-4
Masquerade Suite1,600 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Executive Suite1,700 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Carioca Suite1,100 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2-4
Super Suite1,200 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
VooDoo Collection2-3K sq. ft.1-2 BedroomSleeps 2-4

Check current room rates at Rio All-Suite (Caesars)

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4. Suites at The Bellagio

Do you love nature? If you do, then the Bellagio has a suite for you. The Presidential Suite at this hotel features a solarium- which is a garden with a large fountain. You’re sure to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this space.

Plus, the Presidential Suite is insanely large. It’s 4,075 square feet of space! You’ll also enjoy a bar, a pool overlooking Las Vegas, and a beautiful fireplace. Plus, you also receive limo services back and forth from the airport. If you want to go all out in Vegas, you can even get a VIP check-in service, giving you access to the VIP lounge area.

Overall, if you want a very roomy suite with as many square feet as a house, this is the best option for you. You’re going to have more than enough room in this suite during your stay. This short YouTube video gives you a 360° tour of this fantastic suite:

Suites Available at The Bellagio:

Salone Suite850 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 3
Bellagio Suite1,020 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Penthouse Suite1,536 sq. ft.1-2 BedroomSleeps 4
Executive Hospitality2,515 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Lakeview Suite2,694 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 6
Presidential Suite4,075 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 6

Check current room rates at The Bellagio (Vegas.com)

5. The Mirage Suites

The largest suite at The Mirage hotel is a dream come true. The Hospitality Suite is over 1,700 square feet and is the ideal place for a private business meeting, get-together, or for families with children. With two bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, a wet bar, and a spacious living area, it’s the perfect home away from home.

You’ll enjoy the elegant and tasteful decor found throughout this suite, and the two full bathrooms will make getting ready to go out a breeze if you’re traveling with a small group.

If this suite sounds like more than you need, not to worry, The Mirage has several other smaller suites available to suit your needs.

Check out the Tower Suite at The Mirage.

Suites Available at The Mirage:

Mirage Suite812 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Tower Suite1,251 sq. ft.1-2 BedroomSleeps 4
Penthouse Suite1,251 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Hospitality Suite1,714 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 6

Check current room rates at The Mirage (Vegas.com)

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6. Suites at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

If you want to really experience Las Vegas, you should try the suites at Caesars Palace! This hotel received its name in memory of Julius Caesar, a famous Roman general – which impacts the entire hotel’s design. Caesars Palace has a very unique, stunning ancient Roman theme, and there are several suite options to choose from.

There are also 26 wonderful restaurants and a massive casino in the hotel. Plus, you can enjoy swimming in the Garden of the Gods pool and shopping at The Forum Shops.

The entertainment at Caesars is always excellent. You get to watch the best entertainers in the Colosseum! If you want to stay at one of the most majestic resorts in Las Vegas, then Caesars Palace would have to be your top choice.

The best suite here is known as the Marcus Aurelius Villa (aka Spanish Villa). At over 9,000 square feet, it’s much more than a typical suite. Styled with “Old World” decor, its architectural features include archways, candles, marble floors, and vaulted barrel ceilings. You also get a private butler, a private elevator, heated toilets, massage chairs, and a stunning master bedroom with the suite.

The bed in the master bedroom is also massive- it’s eight feet long! The villa suite has a luxurious kitchen, dining room, and a large comfortable living area. The fireplace is marble, and there’s even a pool table in the suite.

Overall, if you’re looking for a magnificent suite to stay in, then the Spanish Villa is truly impressive. You’re sure to love everything that Caesars Palace has to offer!

Take a look at the following YouTube video if you want a glimpse inside the hotel and some of the suites:

Suites Available at Caesars Palace:

Julius Studio Suite508 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Forum Petite Suite800 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Octavius Petite Suite840 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Julius Signature Suite848sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Julius Luxury Suite918 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Octavius Executive Suite1,040 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Forum Classic Suite1,050 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Palace Executive Suite1,050 sq. ft.1-2 BedroomSleeps 6
Julius Executive Suite1,079 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Julius Premium Suite1,436 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Octavius Premium Suite1,800 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Palace Premium Suite2,000 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 6
Augustus Premium Suite1,096 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
NOBU Hakone Suite1,000 sq. ft.1-2 BedroomSleeps 6
NOBU Sake Suite1,300 sq. ft.3 BedroomSleeps 8
Julius Executive Duplex1,438 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 6
Forum Tower Duplex Suite2,947 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4
The NOBU Penthouse2,200 sq. ft.5 BedroomSleeps 12
Spanish Villa Suite9,420 sq. ft.3 BedroomSleeps 8

Check current room rates at Caesars Palace (Caesars Palace)

7. Red Rock Casino Suites

Another grand Las Vegas suite is found inside Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa. The resort offers an intense gaming experience, making it a great choice for anyone who loves spending time at the casino. You can swim in a massive pool, go bowling, and enjoy the bar- all without leaving the hotel. Then, when you’re done playing, you can head up to your suite and relax while taking in the views of the Strip.

The top suite, The One 80, features a modern design with a large terrace, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a pool table, and your own bar and dining room. If you want to entertain guests, this room is sure to impress!

You can change the mood in the suite with the customizable lighting, lounge on the velvet furniture, and enjoy the incredible views. The suite gets its name from the 180-degree view it offers of the Strip and nearby Red Rock Canyon. While there, make sure to relax on the terrace and simply take in the sights- it’s gorgeous at sunset!

Check out the One 80 suite at Red Rock Casino. Amazing!

Suites Available at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa:

Signature Suite1,030 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 5
Luxury Suite1,545 sq. ft.1-2 BedroomSleeps 4
Presidential Suite2,060 sq. ft.1-2 BedroomSleeps 4
Canyon Suite3,800 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4
Straight Up Suite1,820 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4
Strip Suite3,800 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4
Top of the Rock Suite4,400 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4
Twist Suite4,400 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4
Viva Suite4,400 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4
One 80 Suite7,500 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4

Check current room rates at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa (Vegas.com)

8 & 9. Encore & Wynn Las Vegas Suites

Sister hotels The Encore and Wynn Las Vegas are known as two of the most luxurious hotels on the Las Vegas Strip- these hotels have won more five-star awards than any other hotel in Vegas. The hotels feature modern themes and styles and plenty of fun clubs and wonderful restaurants to enjoy. When your day is over, you can enjoy a relaxing trip to the two onsite spas.

The top suite between the properties is the Encore Duplex. This suite takes up two floors, has three bedrooms, and expansive windows for the city’s best view. You get a private elevator and a stunning level of decor surrounding you at all times. Most of the fixtures are gold, and there’s plenty of art to see throughout the room.

You also have access to a butler who assists with preparing food and providing entertainment for your guests. Finally, the suite also features a bar and various tech gadgets for you to enjoy.

Enjoy a tour of the Encore Duplex in Las Vegas.

Suites Available at Wynn Las Vegas:

Wynn Tower Suite640 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Wynn Tower Suite Executive933 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Wynn Tower Suite Parlor1,280 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Wynn Tower Suite Salon1,817 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4

Check current room rates at Wynn Las Vegas (Vegas.com)

Suites Available at Encore:

Encore Tower Suite745 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Encore Tower Suite Parlor1,408 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Encore Tower Suite Salon2,261 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Encore Two Bedroom
3,475 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 8
Encore Three Bedroom
5,829 sq. ft.3 BedroomSleeps 6

Check current room rates at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas (Vegas.com)

As you can see, the suites between the two hotels are very similar; however, the comparable Encore suite is always a bit larger.

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10 & 11. Suites at The Venetian & The Palazzo

If you appreciate fine luxury, then either The Venetian or The Palazzo should be a top consideration for your next Las Vegas stay. The Chairman suite at The Venetian sits at the pinnacle of available suites and is filled with luxury decor, art, and amenities. The suite features a fireplace, crystal chandeliers, a grand piano, and spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip.

The suite has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, offers 10,000 feet of space, and is located on the top floor of the Venetian. Inside the suite, there’s a salon, sauna, spa, and a private workout room.

Plus, you have a 24-hour butler who provides service during your stay. And, if you’re flying into town, the hotel will pick you up in a limo! However, the best features from this location would have to be the Asian artwork that fills the suite.

Overall, the Venetian is a very luxurious hotel, with an even more impressive top suite. The downside to this suite is that it is only available to those that the hotel invites personally to stay there. Fortunately, both The Venetian and The Palazzo have a large selection of other well-appropriated suites to choose from.

See what the 8,000 square foot Chairman Suite looks like at The Venetian.

Suites Available at The Venetian & The Palazzo:

Suite NameVenetianPalazzoBedroomsSleeps
Luxury King Suite650 sq. ft.720 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Luxury Two Queen Suite700 sq. ft.720 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Premium KingN/A940 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Premium Two Queen Suite1,100 sq. ft.N/A1 BedroomSleeps 4
Grand King Suite1,400 sq. ft.N/A1 BedroomSleeps 4
Grand One Bedroom Suite1,500 sq. ft.1,280 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Executive King Suite1,850 sq. ft.1,850 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Penthouse Suite2,600 sq. ft.3,204 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 6
Presidential Suite5,200 sq. ft.6,277 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 8
Chairman Suite8,000 sq. ft.6,367 sq. ft.3-4 BedroomSleeps 8

Note: The Venetian and The Palazzo have the same basic configuration of suites, although many of the rooms at The Palazzo are a bit larger.

Check current room rates at The Venetian (Vegas.com)

Check current room rates at The Palazzo (Vegas.com)

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12. Las Vegas MGM Grand Suites

The MGM Grand is the largest single hotel in Las Vegas, with over 6,800 rooms under its roof. This resort has so many attractions, shows, restaurants, and nightlife options that you won’t ever have to leave the property to find a good time. As you might imagine, the Las Vegas MGMG Grand also has some pretty nice suites available, as well.

The top of the line suite at MGM Grand is the Skyline Marquee Suite. At 1,500 square feet, this room has it all, starting with the 180-degree view of the Las Vegas Strip from its floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition, this luxury suite features two master bedrooms with a well-appointed shared living space in between that’s perfect for entertaining.

This fashionably decorated suite also features a large marble bar, a dining area for up to six guests, automatic blackout shades, and a media hub (so you can connect all of your digital devices). This room was made for those with high standards.

This is the Skyline Terrace Suite at MGM Grand. What a great view!

Suites Available at MGM Grand:

Executive Suite675 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4-5
Tower Spa Suite694 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
Tower One-Bedroom775 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 4
City View Suite950 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Penthouse City View1,250 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Skyline Terrace Suite1,300 sq. ft.1 BedroomSleeps 2
Skyline Marquee Suite1,500 sq. ft.2 BedroomSleeps 4

Check current room rates at MGM Grand (Vegas.com)

If you’re looking for some extra room when you come to Sin City, then consider staying in one of Las Vegas’ amazing suites. Just as with everything else in Vegas, these suites were built to have the wow factor. You’ll be sure to be impressed!


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