The Newest Casinos in Las Vegas: Top 10 Countdown [2021]

Las Vegas is full of many amazing casinos and hotels, primed for your entertainment and pleasure. Deciding which casino to stay at can be a difficult task. With all the available resorts to choose from, many people like to make their decision by choosing from one of the newest casinos on the Strip or in the downtown area, knowing that a new or newly renovated casino will make their visit to Las Vegas the best it can be.

What are the 10 newest casinos in Las Vegas? The 10 newest casinos in Las Vegas are:

  • Sahara Las Vegas
  • Delano
  • Linq
  • Park MGM
  • NoMad
  • Virgin Hotel
  • The Strat
  • The Drew
  • Circa Resorts
  • Resorts World Vegas
Newest casinos in Las Vegas

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There are some new casinos to choose from in Vegas that are sure to deliver an amazing stay as well as a couple of resorts that will be opening soon. We’ll go over each hotel on the list and provide insight into what each has to offer so you can choose the one that will make your Vegas trip one to remember.

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10. Sahara Las Vegas

The Sahara is BACK!

The Sahara has gone through some changes over the years, evolving into its current form. Originally built in 1952 the property went through a $415 million renovation in 2014 and reopened with 1,600 guest rooms as the SLS.

It was sold again in 2018 and renamed once again Sahara. Along with the accommodations offered for guests comes a large casino that’s sure to please the gamblers.

Along with the hotel and casino comes numerous award-winning restaurants. Guaranteed to satisfy any craving, restaurants like Bazaar Meat and Prendi provide delicious options that will leave you more than satisfied.

Sahara also offers tons of entertainment options every night of the week. Comedian Eddie Griffin performs multiple times per month (showtimes), and the Magic Mike Live experience will be making its way into the venue in the near future.

9. Delano

Delano Las Vegas walkthrough

Delano is unique in that it’s room offerings are all boutique suites. From the more “modest” options sitting at 725 square feet to the behemoth that boasts 4500 square feet, you cannot go wrong with whatever option you choose. The suites are luxurious and have everything you could possibly ever need as far as accommodations. Every room has been updated with a modernist feel that leaves you feeling the luxury Delano has to offer.

There are also world-class restaurants to choose from at Delano. For French and Italian cuisine, you can head over to Rivea for great views and food. Della’s Kitchen and Franklin Lounge have your American options, while 3940 Coffee and Tea can provide you with that perfect boost when you need one. And also check out the nightclubs Delano has to offer if you get that urge for a few cocktails and some dancing.

8. The Linq

Exploring the LINQ

Right at the heart of the Strip, you will find The LINQ, a wonderful hotel and casino with lots to offer. Not only is The LINQ an award-winning hotel and casino, but they also have some pretty wild offerings like yoga in the sky, ziplines, pool parties, and magic tricks.

A Ferris wheel called the High Roller, and a couple of well-known chefs (Gordon Ramsey and Guy Fieri) are all a part of the fun as well. 550 feet above the Strip is where happy “half-hour” takes place with astonishing views from above on the LINQ’s very own observation wheel.

Bowling and a really cool virtual reality attraction are all part of the fun too, as well as The LINQ’s casino with all the games of skill and chance you can handle.

When it comes to entertainment, The LINQ has some amazing shows as well. Mat Franco, America’s Got Talent winner, has staked his claim in Vegas at The LINQ, and his interactive magic shows make for pure entertainment. Jimmy Kimmel also hosts some of the funniest comedians in the business at his comedy club located on the property.

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7. NoMad Las Vegas

Check out NoMad in Las Vegas

The NoMad is an MGM property that is an upscale hotel and casino combination located on the Strip. Actually it’s a hotel within a hotel. The NoMad is located inside the Park MGM hotel and occupies the top four floors. The posh rooms offer complimentary wifi and smart TV’s while the suites have separate living quarters and different combinations of amenities including private pools, dining areas, and pool tables.

The exclusive NoMad Restaurant and Bar provides a one of a kind experience with wonderful cuisine. NoMad has refined its establishment to further enhance the Las Vegas experience.

At NoMad’s casino, the iconic Tiffany glass ceiling is something to behold. Providing an intimate, refined gaming experience separates NoMad’s casino from other’s on the Strip. They have channeled the atmosphere of European casinos to give their establishment an added touch of sophistication.

And the intimate feeling doesn’t stop there. The 293 rooms were designed by French interior designer Jacques Garcia. His design gives the rooms a residential feeling that brings a touch of New York City to the hotel.

The NoMad Restaurant was inspired by the Library Bar in New York with its vast space and voluptuous menu. So if you are in the mood for a few cocktails before joining your friends for dinner, head to the NoMad Bar.

The NoMad also has some great amenities that are offered to their visitors. Visit the spa for some much-deserved relaxation time after working up a good sweat at the fitness center. And if you feel like getting done up before hitting the town, a salon is available for your every need.

6. Park MGM Las Vegas

Walking through the Park MGM

In 2018, Monte Carlo was rebranded to Park MGM and is the company that opened NoMad as well. At the Park MGM, you get less of the boutique feel of NoMad and more of the high energy fun feel of a huge hotel that’s right in the center of the Strip. Boasting a count of 3,000 rooms, there is so much to do at Park MGM that you will be able to have tons of exciting times.

When it comes to the entertainment side of the spectrum, Park MGM is the place to go. Some of the biggest names in show business make their way through the hotel and put on world-class shows. Lady Gaga, Cher, Bruno Mars, and Aerosmith are only a few of the huge names that play at Park MGM. And don’t forget fight night for the boxing and MMA fans!

There are also a plethora of restaurants to choose from, and they are all highly reviewed as being amazing places to eat. You can’t go wrong! Eataly is the world’s largest Italian marketplace with restaurants included, and it has arrived at Park MGM in Vegas.

If you have a taste for Korean BBQ, Best Friend is a perfect choice to get your fix. Bavette’s Steakhouse and Bar has you covered if you feel like slicing into a tender cut of beef. Or how about a great breakfast option? Primrose is the place to go for those morning cravings. And The Penny Locale is all about authenticity and local flavor.

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5. Virgin Hotel

The Hard Rock has recently gone through some changes and has been rebranded as Virgin Hotel Las Vegas. Closing its doors for four whole months to renovate, every square inch of the hotel and casino has been remodeled to become a completely new establishment. The hotel, along with the bars and restaurants, have all been made anew to create a brand-new experience that every patron is sure to enjoy.

Although the transition is still being made, the grand opening will be coming quickly. With an aim to reopen in the Spring of 2020, the doors will be opening before we know it to provide a one of a kind experience for visitors. A redesigned exterior, a remodeled pool, an expanded casino, and a sports book-themed experience are all coming to Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas.

With locations already established in San Francisco and Chicago, the new Virgin Hotel in Vegas will keep the same vibe that’s present at other Virgin Hotels, but with a special touch of Vegas fun. Aiming to give the sportsbook theme a strong presence, the new hotel will also keep the former music venue of the Hard Rock, The Joint. In all likelihood, it will go through rebranding and a name change, but all the entertainment acts will still make their way to the Virgin to perform.

Before the Hard Rock closed, it included a five-acre pool party area that tons of people enjoyed for many years before it was closed. But not to worry, the pool area will be completely made over and remodeled to accommodate the brand-new hotel when it opens. And although many of the new hotels are revealing which restaurants are going to be a part of the new resort, Virgin has managed to keep a few things a secret so that when they open, it’ll be a surprise for everyone at the Grand Opening.

  • Name: Virgin Hotel Las Vegas
  • Address: 4455 Paradise Rd
  • Date Remodeled: 2020
  • Number of Rooms: 1,500
  • Check current room rates (Coming Soon)

4. The Strat Hotel

See what the STRAT looks like

Formerly named The Stratosphere, The Strat aims to keep the well-known rides and entertainment of its former establishment completely intact. But in an effort to give the hotel a complete overhaul and create a new place in Vegas to visit, The Strat is spending $140 million dollars to undergo a complete renovation.

The full name of the new hotel is going to be The Strat Hotel, Casino, and Skypod. What is a skypod, you say? The top three levels of The Strat will be considered the “skypod” and rightly so. One of the most enticing parts of The Stratosphere was the amazing view one could behold at the top of the hotel. With an amazing view of all of Las Vegas, patrons love to go to the top and take it all in. Now, The Strat will provide that same experience with an entirely new look and feel as they renovate the establishment.

The plans include opening a noodle bar, which is a must at any Vegas hotel and casino these days, along with a Starbucks, which is another must in Vegas. The new hotel will also include a brand-new casino geared towards younger visitors and will be called “Adrenaline.”

A new gastro brewery will be part of the enjoyment along with a new steakhouse sure to pique any meat eater’s interest. The iconic Top of the World Restaurant will certainly stay intact as one of Vegas’ more well-known restaurants. And a new bar called Taphouse will be opening its doors with the new renovations.

One of the unique aspects of the upgrades to The Stratosphere will be that the establishment is going to stay open during the changes. So, by taking things one day at a time and making headway little by little, The Strat will be a whole new hotel and casino by the time the project is finished.

3. The Drew Las Vegas

Formerly known as Fountainebleau, The Drew will be the first JW Marriott hotel on the Las Vegas strip. The beautiful, blue-tinted tower looks amazing as the transition continues and they plan to open in 2022. The Drew will be a massive hotel, featuring 4,000 rooms and towering over the Las Vegas Strip at 60 stories. With half a million square feet for convention and concert space, there are sure to be many amazing entertainment acts that will be making their way through the establishment.

Being a Vegas property that has gone through many years of planning and re-planning, the project has finally been nailed down, and construction is underway. In 2010 the property was purchased for the purposes of creating a new hotel but solidified plans did not come into play until 2018. The Drew is going to be located on a 24.5-acre plot of land formerly occupied by the historic El Rancho Hotel and Casino.

With plans for nearly 4,000 guest rooms and a brand-new casino, the new project will be sure to please all comers. There are sure to be visits by the biggest names in music and entertainment, in addition to having all the casino games one can handle. Although the project still has a little further to go before the doors open, The Drew is sure to stake its own claim in Las Vegas and become one of the newest, most exciting hotel and casinos to visit.

  • Name: The Drew Las Vegas
  • Address: 2777 S Las Vegas Blvd
  • Opening Date: 2022
  • Number of Rooms: 3,780
  • Check current room rates (Coming in 2022)

2. Circa Resort

See some Vegas history and find out what Circa Resort is all about. Cool video!

Circa Resort will inevitably be one of Las Vegas’ newest hotel and casinos this year. Having a location on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, the towering building will be 44-stories tall with 777 rooms for visitors. Circa is going to take up an entire city block with its new construction. The hotel will be the first built from the ground up establishment in downtown Las Vegas in over 40 years.

Circa’s aim is to create a modernized hotel and casino with a completely vintage vibe. Along with all the updated goodies that Circa has to offer will be the largest sportsbook that can be found anywhere in Las Vegas. Vegas Vickie, the historic and iconic neon sign showgirl, will also be displayed in the hotel lobby.

A number of delicious restaurants have been unveiled as part of the makeup of the new hotel. From Barry’s Downtown Prime to provide all the great choices in American fare to 8 East with their Asian pan offerings, there will be some great places to eat when Circa opens its doors in 2020. Project BBQ will be the first permanent food truck experience on Fremont street.

One of the best aspects of the Circa Resort experience is going to be their rooftop pool amphitheater experience. With six rooftop pools open 365 days a year, the massive 14-million-pixel screen installed at the rooftop will make time at the pool unique. The biggest sporting events will be aired while you get to hang out and take a dip. Circa Resort wanted to do everything to utilize the beautiful, sunny Las Vegas weather.

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  • Name: Circa Resort
  • Address: 8 Fremont St
  • Opening Date: 2020
  • Number of Rooms: 777
  • Check current room rates (Coming in December 2020)

1. Resorts World

Find out what Resorts World will look like

A new casino and hotel with a unique twist, their plan is to bring in all the international tourists the hotel can handle. With a theme geared towards Asian culture, Resorts World is building a huge hotel and casino sure to please domestic patrons as well.

Residing on 87 acres of the former Echelon and Stardust, the multi-billion-dollar project will house 3,400 guest hotel rooms, numerous Asian restaurants, and an easy walking distance from the Las Vegas Convention Center. It will also have affiliated resorts that are integrated with each other from around the world. The Americas, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and the Bahamas all have established hotels affiliated with Resorts World.

The aim for Resorts World Vegas is to construct a brand-new establishment with updated technology, the best guest service imaginable, and a luxury hotel experience with Asian-inspired touches. Traditional and modern architecture will be combined as the new hotel is created.

A beautiful outdoor pool oasis will be inviting for everyone staying at the hotel. A rustic texture, along with bold accents, will adorn every area of Resorts World with an interior color palette of creams and warm golds to provide an inviting feel to the resort. Each visitor room will have a unique feel that provides every guest with a one of a kind experience with every room having its own personality.

  • Name: Resorts World
  • Address: 3000 S Las Vegas Blvd
  • Opening Date: 2021
  • Number of Rooms: 3,500
  • Check current room rates (Coming in 2021)

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Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure, Las Vegas never sits still. With brand new casinos popping up all the time plus the extreme renovations being done to existing properties on a regular basis, you’ll never have to settle for an out of date hotel in Las Vegas. You can choose from one of these 10 properties with confidence knowing that you’ll be staying at one of the newest casinos in Las Vegas.

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