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Do Slot Machines in Las Vegas Take Cash? (Answered)

Las Vegas casinos make a significant portion of their income from slot machines, given the number of people who spend hours hoping for the jackpot that will change their lives. And while slots may not solve all your life problems, you can’t deny that they’re fun to play, especially when you’re in Vegas.

But you may wonder how to pay for slot machines and if slot machines in Las Vegas still take cash.

Most slot machines in Las Vegas take cash as an accepted form of payment for betting. Typically, most Vegas slot machines accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills, while some machines take $50 and $100 bills as well, depending on the casino you visit.

In this article, I’ll dive deeper into using cash in Vegas slot machines, utilizing cash at casinos in general, and whether you can use cash for other casino games.

do slot machines in vegas take cash
Paying to play a slot machine in Vegas is as simple as sliding in some cash.

How Do You Pay for Slot Machines in Vegas?

Paying for slot machines in Vegas is pretty straightforward. Simply slide in a dollar bill (or more) into the machine you wish to play at, and your credits will appear on the screen. When you’re ready to cash out of a machine, you’ll just hit a button, and a ticket will be printed out showing your balance.

Each casino in Vegas has a specific process they adhere to when it comes to accepting money for gambling and giving out payments. Most casinos in Vegas will accept cash, but there will be discrepancies in the games that different casinos will allow you to play using cash.

However, slot machines typically accept the same forms of payment across casinos.

You can pay for slots using your casino member card, cash, or a payout ticket that keeps track of all deposits and withdrawals as you move throughout a casino.

Putting cash into a Las Vegas slot machine

Tip: It’s best to carry a set amount of cash when visiting a casino because it can help you limit the amount you spend on slots.

It’s crucial to mention that most slot machines have stopped accepting coins as a form of payment, and you will have to use one of the methods highlighted above. You may find an old slot machine still programmed to accept coins, but it’s best to carry cash in the form of bills instead so you can play at any casino you visit.

Slot Machines in Vegas Use a Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) System

Slot machines used to pay out in cash. In Las Vegas, for the most part, this is no longer the case. Slot machines and other video machines (i.e., video poker) now payout with a printed ticket. So while you can put cash into a slot machine in Las Vegas, a ticket will be printed out when you’re done at the machine.

When you cash out, the printed ticket will show a barcode, as well as the monetary balance you currently have. You can either transfer the funds into another video slot machine by sliding the ticket into the machine (usually the same spot as where cash goes), or you can take the ticket up to the cashier’s cage, where they will exchange the ticket for cash.

cashier cage at luxor casino vegas
Cashier desk at Luxor Las Vegas. The cashier’s counter is where you can turn your tickets into cash or your cash into chips.

Can You Use a Credit Card In a Slot Machine in Las Vegas?

Nevada gambling laws do not allow the use of credit cards for slot machines or gambling in general. To use your credit card to play the slots in Vegas, you will first need to get a cash advance on your card from an ATM.

Every Las Vegas casino has plentiful ATM machines, so you can use your credit or debit card to get cash. You can then use the cash to gamble. However, you will need to watch out for the high fees charged by casino ATMs in Vegas. You can learn more about the ATM fees on the Strip and how to avoid them here.

Using Cash or a Credit Card in Vegas? (You’ll Need Both)

Casinos typically provide a line of credit to their larger customers, so you can collect your money or pay off your debt when you’re done playing. However, visiting Vegas takes a bit of planning, and it’s best to stay ready for any situation.

In Vegas, it’s best to predominantly use your credit card to pay for most purchases, but you’ll also need to carry cash to pay for certain items.

  • For instance, you will need cash to buy chips at the casinos, as Las Vegas casinos don’t accept credit card payments in exchange for chips.
  • Carrying a credit card in Vegas will also be required to pay for your hotel room.
  • Credit cards are also more convenient for paying for meals and tickets to Vegas shows and attractions.

Also, remember that carrying cash can be quite beneficial to help you limit the amount of money you’re spending in Vegas.

Most table games, like Blackjack and Poker, require that you pay cash upfront in exchange for chips. Credit and debit cards won’t cut it here.

If you don’t have cash, you will be required to withdraw at one of the ATMs nearby, and most ATMs in Vegas charge a high processing fee (between $5 and $10) for a single transaction. So, while you have the option of withdrawing cash if needed, it’s best to carry a part of your Vegas travel budget in cash to avoid spending additional fees.

Pro Tip: If you want to make the most of your casino experience, consider getting a member card from the casino you’re playing in (they are free). These member cards can be used in the slots or handed to the dealer to allow you to accumulate points when gaming at the casino. 

Any money you spend at the casino and the winnings and losses you make will be recorded on this member card. For each dollar spent, the casino awards you a few points that you can use to get comps from the casino. These comps range from free drinks to complimentary gourmet lunches and even hotel rooms!

Sometimes, Vegas casinos even add some free play to your member card to entice you back to the casino.

To use the member card at a slot machine, simply slide the card into the dedicated rewards card slot and then put cash or your previously required payout ticket into the payment slot. You will want to leave your rewards card in the machine the entire time you are playing.

Paying Cash For Other Las Vegas Casino Games

Now we know you can use cash at the slot machines, but what about the other casino games? While Vegas won’t turn down cash, they have specific policies related to their games and may or may not accept cash payments as a form of betting.

For example, you can play card games like poker and blackjack only if you have chips and not otherwise. You can buy these chips at the cashier or directly from the dealer at the table, but you can’t directly use cold hard cash to play these games.

Jar filled with cash for the casino

Roulette is another game that accepted cash payments for the longest time, but most casinos have stopped this practice in recent years. Players would toss cash onto the roulette table as the wheel spun, and due to the bills being spread out, they would land haphazardly on the table.

As such, it can be pretty unclear to figure out what someone is betting on. So, in the last couple of years, Vegas has banned using cash at roulette tables to avoid such confusion. Instead, head to the counter and invest in chips before you play.

Note: It’s crucial to mention that while casinos are open to cash and chips for many of their games, they have a strict policy on the chips you use. You can only play with the casino chips at the table games, and few casinos accept chips from their competitors, and if then, only in small denominations. 

In addition to playing slots, you can enjoy your time drinking in Vegas casinos. If you don’t know which drinks to buy, check out my other article on top drinks to order in Vegas casinos.

Watch this video to learn a few secrets to maximize your chances of winning when putting cash into the slot machines in Vegas.

Do Slot Machines in Las Vegas Take Cash – Final Thoughts 

Slot machines can be a fun, engaging way to spend your time in a Vegas casino. Before you visit, set aside some cash for the slot machines (as they won’t accept a credit or debit card) and ensure you stick to your budget. Slots are based solely on luck, and you don’t want to spend too much time on these games as they can quickly drain your wallet. 

Instead, play for fun, enjoy the games, and consider any winnings as good fortune.

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