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Where Is Park Theater In Las Vegas? (aka Dolby Live)

If you are having trouble finding the Park Theater in Las Vegas, it’s because (as of October 2021) it has a new name. This state-of-the-art indoor amphitheater is still located on Las Vegas Blvd, but it has since changed its name to Dolby Live at Park MGM.

As the name change is relatively recent, it is still often referred to as the Park Theater; a name that goes back to 2016.

Where Is Park Theater In Las Vegas

Where is Park Theater in Las Vegas?

The former Park Theater, now known as Dolby Live, is located on the grounds of Park MGM Las Vegas on the Vegas Strip.

What Is The Park Theater Address?

You can tell your taxi driver or your GPS that the official address of Park Theater is: 3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas (google maps).

It is situated right next to Eataly at Park MGM on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Park Ave. It’s also not far from T-Mobile Arena and Toshiba Plaza, both of which are located further west on Park Ave.

This theater, which has a capacity of 6,400, is the second largest in Las Vegas, so it’s hard to miss as you cruise the “strip.” (Note: The nearby Zappos Theater just up the strip at Miracle Mile Shops is the largest performance venue, with a capacity of 7,000.)

Why Does The Park Theater Have So Many Names?

Why Does The Park Theater Have So Many Names

Photo:- commons.wikimedia.org

The Park Theater has gone through a lot of different name changes since Park MGM bought the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in 2015. The Monte Carlo was then rebranded as Park MGM.

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It was built on the site of the old Dunes Casino golf course that was attached as an amenity to the Monte Carlo Resort.

During construction in 2015, it was called the MGM Resorts Theater, however, it is still sometimes confused with the smaller Lance Burton Theater that was located inside the old Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. As it was on the site of the former Monte Carlo Resort, it was and still is sometimes called the MCR Theater.

Call It The Dolby Live Theater At Park MGM

In 2016, the new venue was officially christened, the Park Theater. However, in October 2021, MGM Resorts made a deal with Dolby to change the Park name to Dolby Live after the theater was rewired with new Dolby Atmos sound technology.

As of 2022, the official name for the venue is now the Dolby Live Theater At Park MGM.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Many people go to the new Dolby Live Theater (Park Theater) for a live musical experience with exceptional surround sound.

Dolby is a pioneer when it comes to enriching the fidelity of live sound production. The company first introduced their technology in cinemas, using several speakers to enhance the perception of sound spatialization.

Dolby used its Atmos technology to completely transform the venue at Park MGM to create one of the world’s most technologically advanced sound installations.

What Is The Capacity Of The Dolby Live Theater (Park Theater)?

The Park Theater/Dolby Live venue is impressive and designed to augment sound at every level of seating. The very back row is just 145 feet from the stage to maximize the Dolby live experience of surround sound.

The entire venue is 150,000 square feet with a 135’x40′ stage that is crowned with a 7,500 square foot proscenium arch. The theater was designed to ensure even the back row provided optimal seating. This means that people sitting in less expensive seats get the same multi-dimensional audio as those in premium seats.

The stage is also outfitted with an 80’x40′ 4K-LED screen allowing for many creative possibilities for performers, live close-up recordings of performances, and also facilitating the taping of awards shows.

Seating At Dolby Live At Park MGM

Seating At Dolby Live At Park MGM

Photo:- commons.m.wikimedia.org

The seating at the Dolby Live at Park MGM Theater is brilliantly designed to make sure each audience member experiences the best sound that Dolby Atmos has to offer.

The 140-foot performance area is also one of the widest stages in Vegas, offering optimum views from most seats in the house.

dolby live seating chart
Seating chart for Dolby Live at Park MGM (aka Park Theater).

Here’s a breakdown of each section of seating found in the theater.

Park MGM VIP Section

The VIP seats at Dolby Live at Park MGM circle the stage at the front of the theater. These are a series of banquets with oval tables that have food and bar services.

The Best Concert Seats for Dolby Live Fans

The best concert seats for Dolby Live fans are slightly elevated and located centrally directly across from the stage. These seats, located in Sections 102, 203, 303, and 404, allow concert-goers to experience the most transformative music experience.

The Best Concert Seats for Seeing The Performer

If being as close to the performer as possible is most important to you, then choose the Park MGM 100-level seating, which are the closest seats to the stage.

The Best Seats for Both Sight Lines and Sound

The Park MGM 200 Level Orchestra seating is slightly perched above the main floor, offering great sight lines for the theater’s 140-foot-long stage and equally excellent sound quality.

Park MGM Orchestra Seating

The high orchestra seats in the Park MGM theater are still less than 150 feet from the stage, even though they are the furthest seats from the stage. They also offer the highest elevation and are the last section of seats on the first floor of the theater.

Park MGM Balcony Seating

The largest section of seating at the MGM Park theater is the balcony area, which is called the 400 level. The balcony offers great sound as well as superb sightlines.

Famous Performers At The Park Theater

Since its inception in 2016, the Park Theater has featured 11 headliner acts in residency, including Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Janet Jackson, Rick Martin, Stevie Wonder, and Britney Spears.

It has also featured 37 concerts by bands such as The Who, Foo Fighters, DropKick Murphys, Chicago, Boston, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and Stevie Nicks.

Check out Usher performing at Dolby Live.

Hotels Near Dolby Live (aka Park Theater)

There are many hotels near Dolby Live that make getting to the theater extremely easy.

First and foremost, you can book a room a the Park MGM itself. From there, you can hop in the elevator and head downstairs to the theater.

You can also walk to the Dolby Live venue from the following hotels:

  • NoMad at 3772 Las Vegas Blvd. This is a fully smoke-free European-style hotel with a grand and elegant space and a special wine and cocktail program. You’ll find this completely separate hotel located inside the Park MGM.
  • The Aria Resort & Casino is .4 miles from Park MGM, known for its large glass atrium swimming pool with interesting water features and in-room automated technology.
  • The Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts boasts a massive pool with private cabanas, as well as affordable, cozy rooms. The resort is .3 miles from Dolby Live.
  • The popular New York-New York Hotel and Casino is located next door to Park MGM and is a short .2-mile walk away.
  • The MGM Grand is just .2 miles from the Dolby Live theater and is located on the other side of the Vegas Strip.

Restaurants Near Dolby Live on The Las Vegas Strip

There are many nearby restaurants to enjoy a feast before or after you see a show at the Park Theater (Dolby Live).

Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar inside the Park MGM.

Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar is located right inside the Park MGM, making it a short walk to the theater. This is a timeless steakhouse with wood finishes, low lighting, and red leather banquets. The menu features ribeyes, fresh seafood towers, and strong cocktails.

The MGM Grand across the Strip is also home to an impressive Asian noodle restaurant. La La Noodle features authentic Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai Cuisine served inside at a bar or outside on a large airy patio.

Eataly Las Vegas is a popular upscale Italian food court that includes several restaurants, along with quick Italian bites, shopping, and groceries. It’s located right next to the theater at Park MGM.

Las Vegas Nightlife Near The Dolby Live Theater

Hidden right behind the Dolby Live theater at Park MGM is On The Record, a bar that Park MGM calls “the speakeasy” with a DJ booth, patio, and double-decker bus. If you like to dance, this is the place to go.

The Juniper Cocktail Bar is located right inside the Park MGM hotel. This cozy dark hideout with lots of natural wood and green velvet. It calls itself a “gin joint,” as it boasts the largest collection of gin brands in Las Vegas.

Further up the Strip and accessible by car, Herbs and Rye is an award-winning gourmet cocktail bar located at 3717 West Sahara Road that also happens to serve up great steaks. It’s known for its vintage cocktails, which are organized on the menu by era, as well as its many innovative new creations.

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Las Vegas Attractions Near Park Theater

The MGM Grand is home to the Wet Republic Ultra Pool, which is a vast 54,400-square-foot landscape of creamy alabaster marble dotted with blueberry trees. It has a 90-foot Verde marble bar that is adjacent to two saltwater pools outfitted with loungers. You can order a massage to go along with your cocktail.

Heading north on the Vegas Strip is the High Roller Observation Wheel, which is an enormous Ferris wheel at the Linq Promenade located at 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It is 520 feet in diameter and takes half an hour to complete a full revolution. It offers full north and south views of the Vegas strip.

Another nearby must-see spectacle are the iconic 200-foot high fountains that front the Bellagio Hotel. The fountains, located at 3600 South Las Vegas Blvd, are coordinated with lights and music, with water spurting as high as 460 feet in the air.

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Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic at Dolby Live.

So, Where is The Park Theater in Las Vegas?

Technically speaking, the Park Theater does not exist anymore, but everyone in the Las Vegas area knows it. Ask for directions to the Dolby Live Theater At Park MGM, also known as the site of the old Monte Carlo Resort Dunes celebrity golf course.

To access information about upcoming shows at Dolby Live and to purchase tickets, check out Ticketmaster.

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