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What is Potted Potter Las Vegas? (Harry Potter Gone Mad)

what is potted potter las vegas

The Potted Potter show in Las Vegas is a hysterical live stage performance that’s fun for the whole family. Whether or not you read the original Harry Potter stories, the comedy stage show is a great performance with an excellent reputation. But what do you need to know before seeing the Potted Potter?

The Potted Potter is a parody stage show portraying all the Harry Potter novels. Originally a street performance, it is now shown in prestigious venues worldwide, including The Magic Attic in Las Vegas. The 70-minute stage performance features talented actors, weird props and songs, and Hogwarts magic.

This article looks at all you should know about the Potted Potter show in Vegas, including information about the venue and ticket prices. Read on to learn more about one of the most high-energy live performances in Las Vegas and where you can see the popular show.

The Potted Potter Show: What Is It, Who It’s for, Ticket Prices, Duration, and More

Potted Potter stage show in Las Vegas
Potted Potter in Vegas is a small stage production, but the two performers definitely bring the energy. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and absolutely loved it!

The Potted Potter is a parody two-man performance that encompasses all seven plotlines from the Harry Potter books. The original show was a brief street performance created by Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner for loyal Harry Potter fans.

The popularity grew, evoking roaring laughter worldwide, and the show and its creators have received multiple awards and prestigious nominations since. So let’s look at where you can see the show in Las Vegas and some important details about the live act.

From the Street to the World Stages

The first performance of the Potted Potter took place in 2005, it was a five-minute street show reliving the first five novels of the Harry Potter series. The show expanded into an unauthorized hour-long parody during its first stage appearance in Edinburgh, Scotland, and added the final Harry Potter novels into the mix.

Since its first appearance on stage, the Potted Potter has gone on multiple world tours and made its first North American appearance in 2012. By now, it’s a well-regarded comedy show which has received a prestigious Olivier Award nomination.

What Age Is Potted Potter For?

The Potted Potter show is a family comedy suitable for anyone aged six and above. It is also entertaining for audience members as old as Dumbledore and is one of the few Vegas shows appropriate for the entire family. 

Even if you haven’t read a single Harry Potter book, young and old audiences can enjoy the actor’s hilarious performance.

How Long Does Potted Potter Go For? ( All 7 Potter Books Condensed)

The Potted Potter show lasts over 1 hour, clocking in at 70 minutes. The show is just the right length for two daft men parodying all Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling. It will keep any audience hooked with blissful amusement for the entire running time.

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It’s a bit shorter than typical Vegas shows, which last for about 90 minutes or one and a half hours. But on the positive side, Potted Potter in Vegas has no intermission, so be prepared to laugh your heart out with just over an hour of non-stop entertainment. There’s even enough time to include some Hogwarts magic and a real game of Quidditch. [How Long Do Shows Typically Last in Last Vegas?] (coming soon).

Where Is the Potted Potter Show in Vegas?

where is Potted Potter in Vegas
Potted Potter can be found at The Magic Attic inside Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s) on the Strip.

Potted Potter is in the Magic Attic theater in Las Vegas. The theater is located in the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel & Casino at 3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd. You’ll find the venue on Level 3 inside the resort. 

Caesars Entertainment operates the 300-seat establishment that’s a stone’s throw away from the grandeur of Caesars Palace. So no matter where you’re staying in Las Vegas, you’ll be able to reach the venue quite easily via rideshare or taxi.

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Is There a Dress Code for the Potted Potter Show in Vegas?

Despite the two cast members wearing multiple weird costumes in the show, the Potted Potter show doesn’t have a dress code for the audience. So while you can wear whatever makes you feel relaxed, the Potter fans in your group may want to adorn a favorite character’s costume from the Harry Potter movie. 

Many Vegas visitors glam up in the evening, and while you don’t have to, you may want to wear smart casual attire to the show rather than your swimwear or slippers.

The Potted Potter Show Ticket Prices in Las Vegas

The Potted Potter offers two shows at the Magic Attic on select dates, starting at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm. There are three ticket categories – Platinum, Gold, and Bronze, with the cheapest tickets starting at $40 and going over $100 for premium seats. 

Unfortunately, there are no discounts for the Potted Potter show for military members or children. However, you can still explore the many ticket-selling platforms online to scoop a deal on the Potted Potter show tickets.

Where To Buy Discounted Potted Potter Show Tickets in Vegas?

Where To Buy Discounted Potted Potter Show Tickets in Vegas. (The Magic Attic).
Getting tickets on a weekday is fairly easy as the theater generally isn’t full. Potted Potter on the weekend is often playing to a full house. Either way, it makes sense to get your tickets in advance.

With the Potted Potter show performing primarily to a packed audience, you have to be lucky to get a discounted ticket price. Check out the following Las Vegas ticketing sites to find discounted Potted Potter show tickets:

  • Ticketmaster: The officially recommended platform to buy the Potted Potter show tickets is Ticketmaster.com, which has the most up-to-date information about showtimes and cancellations. 
  • Vegas.com: The go-to platform for booking rooms and shows in Las Vegas, Vegas.com often offers the cheapest tickets for the Potted Potter show. 
  • Groupon: One of the most popular discounted coupon platforms is  Groupon.com, which provides some of the most tempting deals on the Harry Potter parody show. 

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Check out this video for a 70-second tour of what’s in store if you decide to see this show.

Final Thoughts

The Potted Potter show is the brainchild of Dan Clarkson and Jeff Turner, who took the plots of all the Harry Potter books and turned them into a wholesome family entertainment show. The show is 70 minutes long without an intermission and is currently playing in Las Vegas.

Winning two ‘Best of Las Vegas‘ awards and receiving an Olivier Award nomination, the Potted Potter show earned its reputation over the years. It’s certainly worth your time to check out the show, which often evokes a laughing hysteria inside the theater. 

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