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Are Clubs Free In Vegas? Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

With lots of nightlife opportunities in Vegas, people of all ages flock to Sin City for nights of music, dancing, drinking, and socializing. With the increased popularity of these nightclubs, Vegas promotors and hotels have been able to make a great profit from a combination of cover charges and drink pricing. Going out in Vegas can be expensive, but doesn’t have to be.

Are clubs free in Vegas? When we are talking about “free,” we mean no cover charge. This is the price to get into the club, not including the purchase of drinks. All clubs in Vegas will require a cover charge. This price is more for men than women, but there are ways for this to be waived or reduced. Free entry is typically only available for women and reduced for men.

If you plan to take advantage of the nightclub scene in Las Vegas, be prepared to spend a bit of money. This is especially true at the more popular nightclubs. But if you prepare ahead of time, you will find that there are cheaper or even free ways to enjoy your evenings in one of the best nightlife cities in the world.

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The 5 Best Free Clubs In Vegas

Nightclubs in Las Vegas are not truly free. If you walk up to the door, you will be asked to pay a cover charge and often have to wait in a fairly long line. The way in which you can get into nightclubs for free is by being added to a guest list, getting a pass from a promotor or host, and dining or staying at specific hotels.

It is important to note that there are no free nightclubs, and this section maps out the nightclubs that you have the best chance of getting into for free. There are also plenty of lounges and bars in the hotels that offer live music without a cover charge. I’ll map out how you can get into these clubs without the fee and how to get your hands on some passes.

These nightclubs typically do not have as big of headliners or musicians performing at them. It is much more difficult to find free passes and get on guest lists for incredibly popular clubs. Going to the clubs during weekdays may also offer more options for free entry. One of the best and most trusted places to get free guest list passes and other Vegas resources is Jack Colton.

1.     Drai’s Nightclub at the Cromwell

Located at the Cromwell Hotel and Casino, getting onto their free guest list is often easier than some of the more popular clubs. Don’t get me wrong though, this club is almost always packed. It offers both indoor and outdoor party experiences with many DJs right on the Strip. Headliners and performers are typically hip hop, and they do book major recording artists throughout the year.

The club is open on Thursdays through Sundays. Admission is complimentary for hotel guests (vegas.com). If you are not able to get on the guestlist or acquire a pass from a promotor earlier in the day, admissions range from $30-$100. Women will pay less, and the highest rates are for when popular headliners are in town or during holidays.

This guest list is available for women as well as men who bring at least an equal number of women in their group. Women will typically get in for free, but men may be able to get a reduced fee. There is no free entry for nights that popular musicians like Migos or Future are performing.

2.     XS Nightclub at Encore

With a free guestlist pass, this club located at Encore at the Wynn is a must-see. Decked out in gold and lavish décor with a large dance floor, it is considered one of the best nightclubs in Vegas and nationwide. This club is big, with lots of room for dancing and socializing. Because of its clout, the lines can be long, but worth it (especially with a pass).

The club is open on Fridays through Sundays. If you are staying at the Wynn (vegas.com), you can call down to the concierge to get your name on the guest list. Contacting the club host or promotor beforehand can also score you a free entry. Keep in mind that this is often more successful for primarily female groups.

If you can’t get your way onto the list, you can still get in with a cover charge. The cover charge ranges from $30-$100 depending on your gender, time of year, and performers. Women will receive free entry, and men will receive free or reduced entry dependent on the event. Men must have an equal number of women with them for this to apply.

3.     Light at Mandalay Bay

Don’t forget to get on the guest list for free entry to Mandalay Bay’s club. This is one of the least expensive clubs on the Strip in terms of both cover charges and drink prices. With shorter wait times and popular performers, this is an underrated nightclub you should check out. There is an emphasis on electronic music and great graphics on big video walls.

They are open Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with cover charges between $20-$30. Even if you can’t get your hands on free entry passes or lists, this is one of the most budget-friendly options for your Vegas nightclub choices. Women will most likely get free entry, and men will either be free or reduced based on the female to male ratio in their group (website).

4.     Tao at The Venetian

With Asian-inspired décor and great music, this is one of the most popular and crowded clubs in Vegas. With different rooms hosting different performers and types of music, this nightclub has a bit of fun for everyone. With a guest list pass or a pass from promoters (often for ladies, sorry gentlemen), you can enjoy this club for free.

Tao Nightclub

Tao is open on Thursdays through Saturdays. Cover charges usually sit around $20-$30 and will increase for special events or holidays. Those who dine at Tao will gain free entry into the nightclub. Tao is located in the Venetian Resort Hotel. Women will most likely get in without a cover charge, and men will have free or reduced entry if they have equal gender ratios.

5.     On The Record at Park MGM

If you are looking for a more laid back and hip nightclub experience, check out On the Record. With a retro music vibe at the Park MGM, you’ll be surrounded by vintage music memorabilia and a double-decker bus serving drinks outside. This is the perfect spot for music lovers and those who are looking for a unique Vegas club experience.

Snag your guest list pass or talk to the concierge if you are a guest of the MGM Park Hotel. Women will gain free entry until 1 am with a guest list pass, and men will receive free or most likely reduced entry with an even gender ratio group.

On the Record is open Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. General admission entrance runs at $20-$30 based on gender and may increase in price for special events.

The 6 Best Paid Clubs In Vegas

There are some clubs that do not have easy access to guest passes or lists. While you can still try to get on lists for the ones I’m mentioning for the ‘Best Paid Clubs in Vegas’ you might not have as much luck and need to pay full price as they fill up more quickly. These nightclubs can get expensive, especially on popular weekends and with big artists coming to perform.

1.     Hakkasan at The MGM Grand

If you are looking for an over-the-top spot with great music, sound, multiple dance floor levels, and great musical guests, Hakkasan is your spot. It’s one of the newer nightclubs on the Strip, located in the MGM Grand (vegas.com). They host popular electronic artists throughout the year and have created the ideal party atmosphere. Side lounge rooms bump hip-hop if that’s your style.

Hakkasan (website) is five levels of club space, lounges, and an Asian restaurant. This is definitely the spot for those who love to dance and want to make the most of their Las Vegas experience. Hakkasan is open on Thursdays and Fridays through Sundays. The cover charge ranges from $30-$100 depending on your gender and the events that are going on when you plan to attend.

You can check with promotors and hosts to try and gain free or reduced entry for the evening.

2.     Omnia at Caesars Palace

Located in Caesars Palace (vegas.com), Omnia has become a Vegas hotspot for luxury and great music technology and production. Known for its massive and modern chandelier and glamorous setting, this is one of the coolest clubs in Las Vegas. There are three club spaces within Omnia, the main area with a balcony for large performances, a lounge, and a rooftop garden terrace area.

Omnia (website) attracts impressive musical lineups and performers, making it a go-to for guests who want to see top names on their night out. Omnia is open Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The cover charges range from $50-$100 based on gender and events. Check with promotors and hosts for guest list availability.

Check out OMNIA Las Vegas!

3.     Kaos at The Palms

Kaos is another new addition to Vegas, with 29,000 square feet of nightclub space. Kaos (website) offers a dayclub as well as a nightclub. With exclusive residencies from hot performers, Kaos also has two stories of space for bottle service as well as dancing. If you are interested in seeing popular performers when you visit, check this one out.

The indoor and outdoor areas are spacious and beautifully decorated, especially during warmer times of the year. You can find this nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort.

The club is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Cover charges run from $20-$60+. Over $60 is for the nights when popular performers will be present, which drives the price up greatly. These prices are dependent on gender and special events. Promotors and hosts may be able to get you on lists if you contact them beforehand.

4.     Chateau Rooftop at Paris Las Vegas

A smaller venue than some of the others, Chateau Rooftop at Paris Las Vegas is a 14,000 square foot party like no other. This open-air rooftop club is underneath the Eiffel Tower so you’ll have an amazing view of both the tower and the lights on the Strip.

DJs and celebrity guests will provide the music to keep you dancing all night long. Past celebrity guests have included; Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, Drake, J Lo, and the Backstreet Boys.

Chateau (website) has also become a popular spot for bachelorette parties and they offer packages for groups large and small.

5.     Jewel at Aria

Located in the Aria Resort and Casino (vegas.com), you can enjoy two levels of nightlife fun. They place a lot of emphasis on lighting and music technology, transforming into a modern party space. This is one of the “smaller” nightclubs compared to the others, making it a bit smaller and more private than the other mega clubs that have become so popular.

You are closer to the stage, making the performances much more intimate than others with big-name musical acts. The club is open on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Look to pay $20-$60 depending on gender and special events going on at the club. Promotors and hosts may offer free or reduced entry to guests who contact them ahead of time. (Jewel website)

6.     Marquee at The Cosmopolitan

62,000 square feet of club space is yours to enjoy at Marquee at The Cosmopolitan. A giant high-tech sound stage grabs your attention and houses some of the most popular performers in the town. If you get a little overwhelmed in the main room and need a break, head to the “Boombox” or “Library,” which are more intimate and chill (for a club) spaces to recharge.

Pop over to the Marquee when you are in Las Vegas for an energy-filled evening with 5,000 guests and a huge stage equipped with electrifying lights and LED screen to draw your attention. Marquee is open Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Cover charges run $30-$50 for general admission depending on gender and special events.

If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in Las Vegas for couples, check out our article here.

Best Ways To Get Free Entry To Las Vegas Nightclubs

There is a chance you could get free or reduced entry into any of the nightclubs on this list. At the same time, the opposite is true. Free and Las Vegas rarely go together, but if they do it’s for getting into the nightclubs. There are a couple of ways in which you can try and do this. It often requires a bit of preparation before you head to Vegas or at least talking your way into places.

The two most successful ways to get into a nightclub for free are:

  1. Guest Lists
  2. Promotors/Hosts
  3. Table Service

We will dive more into how guest lists work in the next section, but these are lists you can get your name on through online signups or knowing someone. They give you certain perks and can help you to skip the massive lines for general entry. Jack Colton is one of the most trusted and best resources for information and guest list sign-ups online.

Club promotors in Vegas are hired to get attractive people into their clubs and make them as crowded and fun as possible. You can contact promotors ahead of your visit to see if they can put you on a list. They often are out on the Strip or at their club earlier in the day for you to go and talk your way onto the list. Being nice (and preferably female) goes a long way here!

How to talk to a Las Vegas club promoter

Hosts are a step above promoters as they are the ones who can get you into the club directly. Contacting them before your visit can be a great way to try to get into the club for free or at a reduced rate. Vegas is a lot about who you know, and it never hurts to reach out to the people who decide who gets in for free and who doesn’t! Men will need to have ladies in their group.

While this last option does not end up being free, if you reserve a table at the club, you’ll avoid the cover charge and the long lines. Bottle service accounts for most of their sales. This means that you will have to pay for bottles of alcohol at the table, which can run hundreds to thousands of dollars. This could be worth it if you are in a bigger group and plan to drink anyways.

How Guest Lists Work in Las Vegas

Guest lists are incredibly popular and successful ways to get into clubs for free or at least get a reduced rate. Signing up for them online is one way in which to do this. The sign up will prompt you for the time of your visit and the gender ratio in your group. Las Vegas nightclubs are not egalitarian, meaning that not all are created equal. This primarily is associated with gender.

Guest list services work directly with the venues to fill their events and nightclubs each night. The services will send you confirmations and messages giving you details of where to be and when. Sometimes these times are earlier in the night when clubs need to start filling up.

There are usually some rules and guidelines that you must follow to be eligible for these lists:

  • Even ratios: This applies to men more specifically. If you want to get into the clubs, make sure there are just as many men as women in your party. Nightclubs want to keep the ratio of women higher than men. This is why it is easiest for women to get into the clubs for free and are sought out by promotors with entry passes and free drinks.
  • Dress Codes: Make sure you adhere to the dress code of the specific club or you will be denied entry. (see the article on our website about Las Vegas club dress codes)
  • Timing: Sometimes guest lists are only applicable for certain times. This means that you might not be able to attend whenever you want. Typically in these cases, earlier times in the evening are free and start to charge as the night goes on.

Guest lists usually get women in for free, and only reduce the prices for men. On the Las Vegas club scene, women are definitely at an advantage. The ratio of men to women usually has to be equal for guest lists to be honored. It is even more of an advantage if there are more women than men in your party as primarily male groups will not be accepted.

Once your name is on the guest list, you will be prompted to a specific line at the club. The wait time to get into clubs can be outrageous, making the guest list line appealing for this reason alone. You will be given priority getting inside and may even receive perks, such as free drink tickets (most likely only for the girls).

Things to Know About Las Vegas Nightclubs

Throughout this article, I’ve pointed you to some of the nightclubs that won’t guarantee free entrance but may give you a better chance of getting in for free. These clubs are not only designed to make your night magical, but they are here to make money. They’ll get it from a combination of cover charges and from the very expensive alcohol they sell.

Whether it is your first time or you are a regular, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • Dress code: There are strict dress code policies, so make sure you are dressed formal enough as a man or woman. This means no sneakers, hats, or anything resembling athletic gear. Look at each club’s dress code policy for specifics.  
  • Weekdays: Weekdays are typically less crowded and cheaper for getting into nightclubs. Most clubs are open on the weekends and then one day during the week. This may dictate where you will be going depending on the days you plan to spend in Vegas.
  • Identification: Make sure you have a valid ID when entering the clubs. They are very strict and not willing to take the risk of letting underage persons into the clubs. For foreigners, your passport is the safest option to bring.
  • Pack Light: You will want to keep only the essentials on you, which usually means a phone, wallet, and ID. It gets very crowded in the clubs and you will not only be annoyed with lots of stuff on you, but it also opens up you to theft.
  • Do Not Pay For Passes on the Street: Those who ask for money from you on the street claiming to be promotors are not legitimate. Anyone asking you to pay to get on a list is not working in your best interest. Promotors do not ask for money, they aim to get people into the clubs (mostly women).
  • No Illegal Activity: Do not try and bring any illegal items or do any illegal activities in the clubs. They have a zero-tolerance policy. This means you should not bring any needed medication into the club, try to take it beforehand. The club will allow you to leave and return for medical reasons given you have appropriate documentation.
  • Alcohol is expensive: You will be charged large amounts of money for single drinks in Las Vegas nightclubs. Bottle service and alcohol sales account for almost all of the revenues taken in by the clubs. Plan to drink ahead of time if this is above your budget.

These are the main things you should be aware of when going to a nightclub in Vegas. Following these guidelines will allow for a much more pleasant experience in one of the greatest party capitals in the world.

Are Nightclubs in Vegas Free?

Simply put, nothing is really free in Vegas. Nightclubs are not free in Vegas, but they can be if you are able to get on a guest list or talk to a promotor the day of or days leading up to an event. Keep in mind that this applies to women almost exclusively, but men may get reduced cover charges if they are accompanied by groups of women of the same size or greater.

Try getting on these lists before your trip so you can take advantage of as many of the nightclubs as possible. Cover charges at multiple spots will add up, and this is a way to manage these costs. Alcohol costs will definitely exceed the cover charge if you plan to partake once inside.

If nightclubs are your thing or you are interested in checking them out, Las Vegas is the place to do it. With award-winning nightclubs and top performers across all music genres, these parties may be some of the most memorable you will have.

Las Vegas definitely leaves travelers with great stories, and the nightclubs are one of the many places to make this happen.

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