Top 10 Las Vegas Karaoke Bars (Ranked!)

Ahh, Vegas. One of the greatest adult playgrounds in existence. So many fun things to do, so little time. Whether it’s seeing a world-famous Vegas show, hitting the casinos, or dancing the night away at one of the popular nightclubs, you’ll have the time of your life hanging out on the Strip.

However, if you’re the adventurous type you may want to grab a mic, hit the stage and sing your heart out in front of a room full of supportive strangers at one of the cities many karaoke bars. If that sounds like fun, then you’ll definitely want to know which karaoke bars are the best in town.

What are the top 10 Las Vegas Karaoke bars? The top 10 Las Vegas karaoke bars are:

  • Vince Neil’s Tatuado
  • Piano Bar at Harrah’s
  • Rockhouse
  • Jackpot Bar & Grill
  • Gilley’s
  • FreeZone
  • Don’t Tell Mama
  • Crown & Anchor
  • Dino’s
  • Ellis Island

In Vegas, you have a ton of choices when it comes to where you get on stage to belt out a tune, but each Las Vegas karaoke bar has its own unique style and personality. We want to make sure you have the facts to make the best choice of bars for you, so we’re starting at number 10 and working ourselves all the way to the number 1 karaoke bar in Sin City.

The 10 Best Karaoke Bars in Las Vegas

10. Vince Neil’s Tatuado

Created by none other than the lead singer of the legendary band Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil’s Tatuado provides an amazing overall experience. With the added excitement of karaoke, the establishment boasts great food, good times, and awesome music.

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Serving to recreate popular Los Angeles hotspots like Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Neil’s place offers a wide variety of drink specials, happy hour selections, and great culinary choices as well. With tons of memorabilia from Vince’s musical endeavors, it definitely has that Rock & Roll vibe, and rightly so.

You can get your karaoke on 7 nights a week at Vince Neil’s Tatuado restaurant, so whether you’ve planned ahead of time or want to spontaneously head over to jump on stage, they have got you covered. It’s always a party at Tatuado!

Now with two locations to choose from (google maps)

9. Piano Bar at Harrah’s

The Piano Bar at Harrah’s has a very unique setup that is thrilling to behold. Identical twin sisters Kim and Tamara Pinegar play dueling pianos nightly at 9 pm. Who knows? Maybe you can convince them to back you up while you get up on stage and sing a song of your own.

And for those seeking a more traditional style karaoke experience, Rusty’s All-Star Karaoke will take care of your every karaoke need. Every Wednesday through Sunday from 6 pm to 9 pm, Rusty has the tunes that will get you excited about being up on stage singing to your audience.

Map and directions to the Piano Bar here (google maps)

8. Rockhouse

At Rockhouse, you will be hanging out at a place known for tons of entertaining music and plenty of fun times. Known as one of the best live music venues on the Las Vegas Strip, you can have a great time as a spectator or, even better, get up on stage with the band to have a unique karaoke experience.

A night of karaoke with an actual live band is an awesome time, giving you the unique experience of jamming out with a real band to your favorite songs.

Having a sound system that makes others pale in comparison, Rockhouse has pulled out all the stops to create an atmosphere that isn’t only fun, but sounds amazing. The music and vocals are crystal clear and patrons love frequenting this hotspot for the music and live karaoke experience.

Map and directions to Rockhouse here (google maps)

7. Jackpot Bar & Grill

This monthly event gives participants a bit more of a… risqué karaoke experience. Being that it’s Vegas, anything goes. Well, almost anything. At Jackpot Bar & Grill, every second Monday of each month at 9 pm is XXX Karaoke night (this is a group).

Get up on stage and sing with some of your favorites from the adult entertainment industry at Jackpot. For a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, join this group of fun-loving individuals from the adult industry who want nothing more than to ramp up the excitement with you on-stage as you sing your favorite tune and embrace the experience. This is the most fun you’ve ever had with your clothes on 🙂

Map and directions to Jackpot Bar & Grill here (google maps)

6. Gilley’s

Every Tuesday night at 8 pm is time to get a little country over at Gilley’s. The country vibe is here to stay and that includes your karaoke experience as well. If your itch to get up on stage includes a little Garth Brooks or Shania Twain, you have found your spot.

With its unique aesthetic, lovely servers & bartenders, country karaoke, and even a mechanical bull, Gilley’s is top-notch entertainment for your karaoke pleasure. Like most of Vegas’ like-minded establishments, Gilley’s also offers a wide array of drink and food choices that will certainly hit the spot.

Map and directions to Gilley’s here (google maps)

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5. FreeZone

We truly love all the unique options when it comes to karaoke in Vegas. You really can find exactly what you’re looking for. At FreeZone, you have an LGBTQ establishment with a fun, carefree vibe that will leave you feeling right at home as soon as you walk in the door.

Located in an area of Vegas called the “Fruit Loop” (their words, not ours) FreeZone has karaoke every Monday and Tuesday night at 9 pm. Since 1996, FreeZone has established an experience that has been mentioned in local and national magazines, as well as on tons of websites. And why shouldn’t they? Their karaoke offerings can be enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

Map and directions to FreeZone here (google maps)

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4. Don’t Tell Mama

Billing itself as the best piano bar in all of Las Vegas, Don’t Tell Mama certainly gives similar establishments a run for their money. Channeling a New York feel, this little establishment creates an environment that truly feels as though you’ve walked into a New York City piano bar.

Having the best piano players in Vegas is only one of the ways in which Don’t Tell Mama brings in excited customers. Every night at 8 pm you can get a karaoke experience that is certainly a deviation from the norm.

You can either make a request with the night’s piano player so they can accompany you on the open mic, or bring your own music and take control of the room with your skills.

The servers, bartenders, and staff members are all up and coming singers who can keep the stage warm for you until you’re ready to jump up there and do your thing.

Map and directions to Don’t Tell Mama here (google maps)

3. Crown and Anchor

Once again, we find ourselves talking about a karaoke bar with a unique twist. The Crown and Anchor is a Las Vegas, British-themed pub that’s pulled out all the stops to truly create the feel of an authentic English pub. From the food, beer, and drink items to the interior look and feel, Crown and Anchor have served many patrons from around the world looking for that familiar pub feel.

And since we’re talking about karaoke, don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. Every Wednesday night at 10 pm is when the karaoke fun begins. Singing your favorite songs by bands like The Clash or artists like David Bowie is perfectly acceptable at Crown and Anchor. Your audience will thank you!

Map and directions to Crown and Anchor here, 2 locations (location 1 & location 2)

2. Dino’s

Dino’s Lounge is a special venue in Las Vegas. It has been around for a lot of years. Since the ’50s, Dino’s has been giving locals and visitors alike great times, awesome food, a variety of drinks, and of course, karaoke. For 18 years, karaoke was hosted by the legendary Danny G. He chose to pass the torch in favor of his own venture back in 2018, but the karaoke has not stopped.

Find yourself in one of Vegas’ longtime establishments, and fun times will ensue, including the karaoke experience that takes place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 10 pm. Three nights to choose from to sing your heart out and scratch that karaoke itch that’s been bugging you lately. Dino’s Lounge also has pool tables and drink specials too!

Map and directions to Dino’s here (google maps)

karaoke microphone on stage

1. Ellis Island

And finally, we have the one and only Ellis Island Casino. For over 50 years, Ellis Island has provided patrons with a blended experience of a brewery and casino just a block away from the Vegas Strip. The wide variety of different beers and drinks creates a special experience matched by the great food selection.

And when it comes to karaoke? Seven nights a week. It doesn’t matter what day you decide you feel like getting up on stage and singing, at Ellis Island you can go any night of the week that you feel like getting your sing on. Named Las Vegas’ number one karaoke lounge, you cannot go wrong if you head to Ellis Island.

Map and directions to Ellis Island here (google maps)

Karaoke Vegas Style

And there we have it, the top ten best Las Vegas karaoke bars. With all the unique bar themes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect spot to give you the Vegas karaoke experience of your dreams.

Also, be sure to download our free map of the Las Vegas Strip here.

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