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LA to Las Vegas by Private Jet (How Much?)

Flying in a private jet between Los Angeles (LA) and Las Vegas is an attractive option if you want to save time and have a luxurious and relaxing experience at the same time. But how can you charter a private jet, and can you afford this option?

In general, a private jet from LA to Las Vegas will cost between $4,500 and $8,100 one way. If you are open to jet sharing, you can get a semi-private jet from Los Angeles to Vegas for as little as $149 one way. In either case, a small jet charter will be far more luxurious than flying commercially.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about flying between LA and Las Vegas on a private jet. So let’s get started.

LA to Las Vegas by Private Jet (How Much?)

Cost of Flying From LA to Las Vegas in a Private Jet

If you’re wondering whether flying in a private jet from LA to Las Vegas is within your budget, it depends on various factors:

  • When you book your flight. Private jet flight costs can be cheaper than you think. If you take your time to research private jet flight prices well in advance, you can often find a low-cost rate. However, if you need a last-minute private jet flight, the total price may be higher.
  • If you are flying on an “empty leg” flight or not. An “empty leg” refers to a jet’s return flight after transporting other passengers to your departure airport. Empty leg flights are often significantly discounted and are worth considering.
  • The type of private jet you have booked. Private jets come in a broad range of sizes, configurations, and levels of luxury. Some private jets are older than others, and these factors can all impact the price. Larger private jets are more spacious and give travelers a smoother flying experience. Light jets are smaller, and passengers tend to feel rough air more acutely.
  • When you want to fly. Private flight prices over weekends and holidays are generally higher than if you fly during the week and out of season. Also, if there is a significant event or conference in Las Vegas, this can push up the price.
  • Aircraft availability. During the off-peak season, private jet availability is higher than during the weekends and holidays. Choosing to fly when there is low availability of private aircraft can increase the price.
  • The number of passengers in the jet. If you want the jet all to yourself, the flight cost will be much higher than if you don’t mind traveling with a few other passengers to split the price.

As you can see, private jet charter prices between Los Angeles and Las Vegas can vary, depending on the above factors.

There are also many companies offering private jet charter service, and prices differ from company to company. Generally speaking, a private flight between LA and Las Vegas will cost you between $4,500 and $8,100 in total.

Keep in mind, however, that this price range is the price for booking the entire jet. If you are traveling with friends or business partners, the cost could end up being split several ways making each person’s airfare much more affordable.

Companies That Offer Private Flights to Las Vegas From Los Angeles

Couple taking a private jet to Las Vegas.

LA and Las Vegas are both bustling cities so there are many charter aircraft companies to choose from that can provide you or your group with a private plane ride to Vegas. Here are a few top charter companies to choose from:

Each of these charter flight services has multiple options available in terms of the size of the plane and the airports they can fly from in LA.

Jet Sharing: Fly Private From LA to Las Vegas For Less

A new option for private jet flights to and from Las Vegas and Los Angeles is jet sharing. Think of jet sharing as traveling on a semi-private jet. Instead of a single party or group renting the entire aircraft, the seats can be sold to multiple groups or individuals.

In this way, the $6,000 flight may be split between up to 30 other people which brings the cost of a private jet flight to Vegas way down. For instance, in this scenario, each seat would cost just $200.

JSX is a company that offers small jet flights to Las Vegas from LA. I found seats from LA to Las Vegas on their booking site for as little as $149 one-way. The most expensive one-way price that I saw between the two cities was $349.

I was surprised, to say the least!

Of course, with jet sharing, you can’t just leave whenever you want as the flights are pre-scheduled. But other than that you’ll receive all of the amenities you would expect from a private charter jet service.

What It’s Like Flying in a Private Jet From LA to Las Vegas

Flying private instead of commercially between LA and Las Vegas has many advantages if you can afford it:

  • Luxurious: From delicious, gourmet food and drink, comfortable seats, and personalized attention from cabin crew, flying in a private jet is a luxurious experience.
  • Convenient: Unlike commercial airlines that have set flight timetables, flying to Las Vegas by private jet allows you to set your own schedule and fly when suitable for you and your companions.
  • Discreet: Flying in a private jet means that you can enjoy your flight without being surrounded by other passengers. It’s ideal if you need to discuss sensitive business information on board with colleagues or you want to be alone with your travel companions.
  • It is an excellent alternative to flying first class commercially. Commercial first-class is a delightful experience, but flying privately takes it up a notch. If you conduct thorough research, you can often find a flight on a private jet for the same price (or even less) than a first-class commercial ticket.
  • TIme-saving: Unlike having to allow enough time to stand in the long lines at security in busy Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), flying in a private jet allows you to board whenever you’re ready and relax in a private lounge beforehand. When you arrive at the Las Vegas airport, disembarking the jet is instantaneous, and your luggage will already be with you.
See what it’s like to fly from LA to Vegas in a private jet. Nice!

How Long Does It Take To Fly From LA to Las Vegas by Private Jet?

A private jet’s flight duration between Los Angeles and Las Vegas depends on the jet type being used.

A private jet flight between LA and Las Vegas typically takes between 50 minutes and one hour and 15 minutes. Therefore, a private jet can be quicker than a commercial flight, which generally takes between one hour and one hour and 20 minutes.

In addition to the flight time saved, you will save even more time before and after.

Flying privately means that there are no long lines at the airport, and you can board just before take-off. You also won’t have to wait in a line to disembark with dozens of other passengers. Once you have landed, your luggage will be given to you immediately, and you’ll be taken directly to the terminal building or a private car.

Airports Used by Private Jets Between LA and Las Vegas

When flying in a private jet from LA to Las Vegas, the private jet company has a broader range of airports from which to choose.

Commercial airlines typically fly between LAX and Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran Airport) on the Los Angeles to Las Vegas route. However, if you decide to fly by private jet, you may fly out of LA from LA Van Nuys Airport or LAX.

LA Van Nuys Airport has the advantage of being far less busy than LAX, making for a relaxing departure experience.

Some private jet companies use Hawthorne or Burbank/Bob Hope airports, which are also small and less congested airports than LAX. Landing in Las Vegas, you will probably arrive at Harry Reid International Airport. Although it is mainly used by commercial airlines, it is conveniently located near the Las Vegas Strip.

Alternatively, the private jet company may use Henderson Executive Airport or North Las Vegas Airport.

Final Thoughts

If you normally fly first class between LA and Las Vegas, a private jet flight can be the same price or even cheaper if you fly on an empty leg. Flying on a private jet is a luxurious experience and much quicker than flying commercially as you bypass the long lines at the airport.

Most private jet companies leave LA from LA Van Nuys Airport and land in Las Vegas in Harry Reid International Airport. However, they sometimes use Henderson Executive Airport or North Las Vegas Airport.

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