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Is Las Vegas a Good Place to Live With COPD?

COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a medical condition that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. This condition makes breathing difficult, but studies have shown that areas with high humidity can worsen this condition; therefore, drier climates can actually ease the burden of gasping for air. Would a city like Las Vegas, which is characterized by dry air, be a good place to consider moving to for COPD?

So, is Las Vegas a good place to live with COPD? Yes, the arid climate of a city like Las Vegas is a good climate for COPD sufferers who notice that drier air helps to improve their condition. However, high-altitude cities like Las Vegas could also worsen COPD conditions. Each individual case of COPD is different; therefore, locations will vary. 

There is no firm scientific data to conclude 100% that Las Vegas is a good city to live in for COPD sufferers. Certain conditions of COPD respond well to dry environments, like Las Vegas but are affected by high altitudes. This article will explore the range of possibilities that living in Las Vegas may aid in or worsen overall COPD conditions. 

Is Las Vegas a good place to live with COPD

Las Vegas and COPD: The Basics 

It is a popular thought process that dry climates are known to help those suffering from respiratory problems to breathe much easier. Asthma sufferers have long flocked to Arizona to experience thinner air in contrast to heavy, humid air. Nevada shares the same overall climate conditions relative to Arizona, with Las Vegas being the most populous city in the state. If dry air alone can help COPD, then Las Vegas certainly fills this requirement. 

But COPD has no set data to confirm if dry air alone is enough to ease some of the burdens that sufferers frequently have to fight with. Determining if a dry climate is going to be beneficial to COPD symptoms is something that each person with COPD has to test out themselves. Higher altitudes could aggravate COPD symptoms, even in conjunction with drier air, which are two geographic features of Las Vegas. 

Would Las Vegas Air Quality Affect COPD?

Another factor that may hinder Las Vegas from being a preferred destination for COPD sufferers is the overall quality of the air in the city. Las Vegas sees large amounts of people slammed into a city that is mixed with locals and visitors alike. This means more emissions of carbon dioxide from both automobiles and the large amounts of electricity used by the city. 

Las Vegas also has high levels of ozone in the air due to its large energy output; Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world, yet this doesn’t necessarily mean its air quality is going to be optimal. Furthermore, many Las Vegas casinos allow smoking on the gaming floors, which is not a great environment for those suffering from COPD to be in. When it comes to overall air quality and COPD, Las Vegas isn’t that great of an option. 

Even with substandard air quality and a moderately high elevation (2,000 ft above sea level), Las Vegas still has the benefit of being a very dry city. Taking a trip to Las Vegas for someone with COPD is the best option to experience the air for themselves before committing to a move. 

How Can the Air in Las Vegas Help COPD Symptoms?

Welcome to Nevada sign. How Can the Air in Las Vegas Help COPD Symptoms

At its most primary level of symptoms, COPD causes shortness of breath and coughing in those who are afflicted with the ailment. Las Vegas has dry and thin air, which requires less lung capacity for those who breathe in the air. Since Las Vegas lacks overly humid air conditions, those who have COPD will feel their lungs working less to draw in air. 

Humid air can be problematic for COPD sufferers due to the thickness of the air. Once humid air is breathed into the lungs, the nerves within the lungs begin to narrow and tighten, therefore making it harder to take in an adequate amount of air. When you add in a condition like COPD, breathing becomes much harder with heavier, humid air. Therefore, the thin air of Las Vegas will certainly be easier to take into the lungs when compared to heavy, humid air.

What Part of Las Vegas Is Best to Live In With COPD?

Although the dry air that naturally exists in Las Vegas is beneficial to some sufferers of COPD, air pollutants are going to aggravate the condition further. According to data released by the Centers for Disease Control, air pollutants are followed closely by tobacco smoking as the worst conditions for those suffering from COPD to be exposed to. 

This is not good news for COPD sufferers who wish to live in the downtown area or nearer to the Las Vegas Strip. Some of the outer areas of the city may be best in terms of being away from excess pollution and exposure to secondhand smoke. Lone Mountain Village, which is near the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Center, is an attractive and tranquil area within the Greater Las Vegas area that is mostly situated in natural landscapes with less pollution. 

Similarly, The Lakes is a planned community on the western end of the city limits that would offer a way to experience the benefits of Las Vegas air when dealing with COPD without being too close to the main epicenters of activity and resultant air pollution that characterize the main parts of the city. 

Ultimately, the most ideal location for a person living with COPD in Las Vegas would be any area that is far removed from the downtown area and the Las Vegas Strip. There is simply too much pollution in those crowded areas to reap many benefits from the dry quality of Las Vegas air. The further you can get into the natural areas of Las Vegas, the better the conditions will be to take in the thin, less-polluted quality of the air in the city.  

Managing COPD with lifestyle changes

The Verdict: Las Vegas May Be a Good Place to Live with COPD

Since COPD is a condition that can produce different symptoms in those who suffer from it, the final verdict on the conditions of Las Vegas air quality is mixed. There are reported benefits that come from living in dry environments for those who suffer from this disease, yet there are also potential drawbacks that can aggravate the condition, such as air pollutants. Las Vegas has thin, dry air, yet the city is also a thriving metropolis. 

Pollution is an unfortunate aspect of Las Vegas life due to the enormous electricity and carbon emissions that come from keeping the city thriving at maximum capacity. The best move to get the benefits from the dry, thin quality of Las Vegas air to help COPD conditions would be to move to areas in the city far away from the main activity that occurs to avoid possible irritants.    


Las Vegas air can help ease the symptoms of COPD based on its thin texture, yet there are two primary drawbacks to Las Vegas air that can actually worsen COPD conditions:

  • Air Pollution
  • Secondhand tobacco smoke

The best remedy for those who are wanting to try Las Vegas as a place to help ease their COPD conditions would be to come to the city for a visit. Try breathing in the air in both the crowded areas of Las Vegas and then go and experience the air quality in the outskirts of the city near the desert and wilderness. 

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