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Does The Venetian Las Vegas Have An Airport Shuttle? (Answered)

Maneuvering through Las Vegas can be a bit confusing for a newcomer, and even seasoned pros can get caught in the throughs of confusion with all the new attractions and hotels being put up in-between visits. One of the first problems people staying at The Venetian run into is getting to their hotel from the Las Vegas airport.

The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas does not have its own personal airport shuttle, but they do offer an airport shuttle service through Bell Trans, which is a convenient alternative to getting a Lyft or Uber to the hotel- especially during peak flight times.

“Does the Venetian Las Vegas have an airport shuttle?” is a common, reasonable question to ask before your flight into the 702, and I’ll break down all the ins and outs of it in this quick guide.

Does The Venetian Las Vegas have airport shuttle

Shuttle From The Las Vegas Airport to The Venetian

Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, including The Venetian, are not allowed to operate their own airport shuttle buses. The reason for this is that if every resort on the Strip had its own shuttle running up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, it would add significantly to the traffic congestion on the Strip.

So The Venetian has contracted with a reliable 3rd party shuttle and limo service to accommodate their guests.

Bell Trans is the shuttle service designated by The Venetian to transport travelers from Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) to the hotel. Let’s break down the shuttle service for both player’s card members and non-members:

Gold + Platinum Grazie Members

Those who hold gold and platinum level players’ card status at either The Venetian or The Palazzo can enjoy complimentary shuttle service from LAS straight to The Venetian. 

If you frequent the resort and want to elevate your stay to higher levels, this is a fantastic rewards program to sign up for. Complimentary shuttle service is just one of many perks- you can apply for the player’s card here

When you exit your flight, follow the signage in the airport to travel services. Bell Trans is one of three shuttle services the airport offers, so ensure that you’re choosing the right one (only this one serves The Venetian). You must have your rewards card present at the desk to reap the complimentary service, or you risk paying the standard fee.

If you’re traveling with family and only one in the group has a rewards membership, only the member and one additional guest are able to ride for free. For those traveling with children 2  years old and younger, they’ll ride for free. Due to this caveat, we recommend having multiple family members sign up for the rewards program (it’s free to sign up). 

The Venetian Shuttle For Non-Grazie Members

If this is your first time staying at The Venetian, or if you feel it unnecessary to sign up for their loyalty rewards program, you’re not necessarily out of luck! Bell Trans offers services for all travelers staying at The Venetian. 

The same standards apply. Once you leave your flight, search for the travel services desk and get information about when the next shuttle is available.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you and other members of your family (3 years old and up) will have to pay $15 to ride. That can get pricey, so make sure you have money set aside to account for those expenses.

Painted ceiling at Venetian: Does Venetian hotel Las Vegas have airport shuttle
The ornately painted ceilings at The Venetian are one of the first things you’ll notice after arriving on a shuttle from the airport.

Things To Keep In Mind About The Venetian Airport Shuttle

The Bell Trans shuttle service serves both The Venetian and The Palazzo at The Venetian. 

For those who paid the $15 fee, keep in mind that the price only covers one-way (you’ll need to pay again for your return trip to the airport). 

This shuttle is available from the airport to The Venetian 24/7, so there’s no need to plan your flight times around transportation availability.

For info about non-Venetian affiliated airport shuttles in Vegas, see: Las Vegas Airport Shuttles To Hotels (Easy Guide)

Shuttle From Venetian Resort To LAS

As previously mentioned, The Venetian Resort doesn’t offer its own personal shuttle service to LAS. It relies on Bell Trans; however, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to traveling back to the airport from The Venetian Las Vegas:

  1. The pick-up point for the shuttle is the Port-Cochère at The Venetian (i.e., the main driveway and entrance to the resort).
  2. The shuttle hours back to the airport start at 6:30 AM and cease at 6:30 PM.
  3. The shuttle pick-up times are always at the half-hour mark: 6:30, 7:30, etc.
  4. It is important to be present at least 10 minutes before the designated pick-up time, as the shuttle leaves immediately after loading.
  5. You cannot reserve shuttle times, it’s first come, first served all day.

Again, the ride is complimentary for Gold + Platinum rewards members and $15 for non-members. The peak time for riding is around 11 AM (check-out time at The Venetian), so it may be in your best interest to grab an earlier ride to ensure your seat on the shuttle!

For more information about shuttle and private car service at The Venetian, you can contact the concierge desk at the hotel.

Additionally, there are several other ways to get from the airport to The Venetian Las Vegas on the Strip.

Check out this video before staying at The Venetian.

Does The Venetian Las Vegas Have An Airport Shuttle – Conclusion

Next time you stay at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, you won’t have to worry about getting to your hotel. There’s a private shuttle service that’ll bring you directly to the resort, and those who sign up for Venetian’s reward membership can hitch a complimentary ride every time.

Congrats- now you can tackle Venetian transportation better than the locals!

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