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Luxus Hotel in Las Vegas From Movie Sleepless: Is it Real?

If you’re a fan of Las Vegas, or more specifically a fan of movies that take place in Las Vegas you may have caught the 2017 film Sleepless. Much of the action cop thriller starring Jamie Foxx takes place in a Las Vegas Hotel called the Luxus and you may be wondering if the Luxus Hotel is a real place you can visit in Vegas?

The Luxus Hotel in Las Vegas, as portrayed in the movie Sleepless, is a fictional luxury hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip that’s run by mobster Stanley Rubino (Dermot Mulroney).

Luxus Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip

While the Luxus Hotel doesn’t actually exist in real life, it’s easy to see that the luxury hotel was modeled after some of the true to life iconic casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Heck, the Luxus in the movie even charges for parking. How true to life is that!

Area where the Luxus Hotel would be located on the Las Vegas Strip
Area where the Luxus Hotel would be located (if it really existed) on the Las Vegas Strip.

The fictional location of the fake hotel and casino puts it in the CityCenter area next to the ARIA and the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. In fact, the Luxus, if it was real, would be surrounded by several of the more upscale hotels on the Strip including, the Bellagio, Vdara, and The Cosmopolitan. So it would definitely be in good company if it actually existed in this location.

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While I think it would have been cool to use an actual Las Vegas hotel for the backdrop to the movie, it was probably much less expensive and less of a hassle to create the Luxus from scratch. Although having said that, I can’t help but notice the resemblance in names between the fictional Luxus Hotel and the very real Luxor Hotel & Casino. Kinda like the difference between Twinkies and Twonkies 🤣

Is There a Luxus Casino in Las Vegas?

Since Las Vegas is full of casino/hotels, just hotels, and just casinos, it makes sense to ask if there is an actual casino that goes by the Luxus name in Las Vegas?

Unfortunately, there is not a Luxus Casino in Vegas. Just like the fake hotel, the Luxus Casino is not real. So while you might get a very good idea of what a Las Vegas casino floor actually looks like from watching the movie Sleepless, an actual casino named Luxus doesn’t exist either.

But What About The Movie Sleepless?

The movie Sleepless is your basic action movie with some talented big-name actors but a less than ideal plot or storyline. The reviews online are not favorable. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at just 25% and the audience score doesn’t fair much better at 37%.

Sleepless Trailer – starring Jamie Foxx

I personally don’t think it’s that bad but don’t go into it expecting a lot. It’s a movie about dirty cops that follows a predictable formula and is absolutely littered with action movie cliches.

I may be partial, however, as I like the overall Vegas vibe and the establishing shots of Las Vegas throughout the movie. The scenes inside the Luxus Hotel and Casino make me want to run down to the Strip, order a drink and start playing the slots 🙂

If you haven’t seen the movie yet you can catch it on Netflix here.


So now you know the Luxus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from the movie Sleepless isn’t real. But if watching the movie got you thinking about taking a trip to Las Vegas, you can be assured that there are plenty of magnificent hotels and casinos here that you can actually visit. Many of which will put the fictional Luxus Las Vegas hotel to shame!

If you want to check out prices for Las Vegas hotels that actually exist, be sure to visit our Las Vegas Resource Guide.

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