Las Vegas Dog Resources

While Las Vegas is considered to be a dog-friendly city, bringing your dog to Las Vegas can present some special challenges due to the location and environment.

So we’ve put together a page of resources for dogs and their owners visiting Las Vegas. We will continue to add to this resource over time.

You love Las Vegas and your dog should too!

Keeping Your Dog Cool in Las Vegas

It can get crazy hot in Las Vegas! Here are some products at amazon that we recommend to keep your puppy cool if you’re visiting during the warmer months.

  • Chillz Cooling Mat – This pressure-activated dog cooling mat is filled with gel that absorbs body heat and keeps your dog cool when it’s hot outside.
  • Dog Booties – Use these dog booties to protect your dog’s paws from the hot pavement and gravel in Las Vegas. This is a must if you’re bringing your dog to Las Vegas when it’s hot.
  • Portable Dog Pool – Your dog will love having his own pool to cool off in. Easy to transport and set up.
  • Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket – If your dog loves to swim or you’re doing any boating while you’re here, make sure your dog is protected with a life jacket.
  • Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest – Soak this vest in water and put it on your pooch to keep her temperature comfortable by evaporative cooling. This really works well. It’s how our dogs survive the summers here.
  • Chill Out Ice Bandana – Just soak the bandana and put it around your dog’s neck.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Coming soon!

Doggie Daycare and Boarding in Las Vegas

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Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas

Looking for a restaurant where you can dine with your pooch? Fortunately Las Vegas is a very dog-friendly place and there are dozens of restaurants that allow dogs to dine with you on the patio.

Check out our article The 20 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas for the top places to dine with your dog in the Vegas valley.

Dog Parks in Las Vegas

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