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Can You Use a Fake ID in Vegas? (And Should You?)

Las Vegas is one of the biggest party cities in the world, so it’s no wonder many people travel here every year. However, all venues have strict 21-and-over policies when it comes to drinking and gambling. Some young people consider using a fake ID in Vegas, but is it a good idea?

It’s not a good idea to use a fake ID in Vegas. Casinos and resort areas are filled with security, and they are very experienced in spotting fake identification. Using a fake ID in Las Vegas, Nevada, is considered fraud, and hefty fines plus jail time are on the line for anyone caught using one.

Keep reading if you’re planning to visit Vegas and want to learn more about why using a fake ID is a bad idea. I will discuss why you shouldn’t use a fake ID in Vegas, if it’s ever possible to get away with it, and what might happen if you get caught with a fake ID.

Can You Use a Fake ID in Vegas

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Fake ID in Vegas

Although you can try using a fake ID in Vegas, it’s not a bright idea. In most cases, you won’t get through the venue’s door because the door staff will be highly trained at spotting fake documents.

Below are the main reasons you shouldn’t use a fake ID in Vegas: 

Las Vegas Bars, Nightclubs & Other Venues Check IDs Thoroughly

It’s standard practice in Vegas for door staff to check IDs thoroughly. So in most places–especially large venues–don’t expect them to quickly glance at your ID and let you in. While that may be the norm in your hometown, Vegas is a different story! 

The security and door staff in venues across Vegas see hundreds, if not thousands, of IDs every day, so it’s a risk if you try to get past them with a fake one.

Using a Fake ID in Las Vegas, Nevada Is Considered Fraud

According to Nevada state law (NRS 205.460), it’s considered a misdemeanor to use a fake ID to appear older (over 21) to purchase alcohol, get into a venue, or gamble. So if you try to get away with using one, you’re committing a crime. 

You may get arrested and jailed if caught with a fake ID. The jail sentence for misdemeanors across the U.S. is generally 6 to 12 months. It’s also considered fraud to use someone else’s ID as your own, and you may be jailed if you get caught with that, too.

You’re Likely To Waste Your Time

If you try to use a fake ID in Vegas, you’ll probably waste your time because you won’t get in anywhere. Although you might get lucky somewhere, there’s never any way to tell, so it’s simply not worth the time and risk. You’ll most likely be turned away everywhere (and that’s the best-case scenario).

If drinking and gambling are your primary reasons for visiting, the best thing to do is avoid coming to Vegas until you’re 21. Then, you can get into all the venues/casinos and won’t have to worry about wasting your time or getting caught. 

Some Vegas Venues Use ID Scanners

Although many venues across Vegas do physical ID checks, some places have ID scanners that can detect a fake ID instantly. To avoid embarrassment and possibly worse, avoid using a fake ID, especially if you think the venue uses an ID scanner; your fake ID is highly unlikely to trick these machines unless it was made with counterfeit ID scanners in mind!

It’s Illegal To Drink and Gamble In Las Vegas if You’re Under 21

As you probably know, drinking and gambling in Vegas are illegal if you’re under 21. So if you get into a venue with a fake ID and start drinking and gambling but get caught, you could be in a lot of trouble. Not only will you be in trouble for having a fake ID and using it, but you’ll also be in trouble for possessing alcohol or gambling winnings.

In Nevada, drinking under 21 is classified as a misdemeanor (similar to having a fake ID). The punishment if caught includes: 

  • Community service
  • Attending a live meeting
  • Undergoing an evaluation

Many casinos in Vegas have facial recognition too. Check out my guide to learn more about the technology and how it helps both casinos and customers.

What Happens if I Get Caught With a Fake ID in Vegas?

What Happens if I Get Caught With a Fake ID in Vegas

If you’re still considering using a fake ID after reading the sections above, you might be curious to know what happens if you get caught with a fake ID in Vegas. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know what might happen because venues will take different measures if they discover you have a fake ID.

While some might turn you away, others might get the police involved. To learn more about what can happen if you get caught with a fake ID in Vegas, check out the sections below.

You Won’t Be Let Into the Venue

One of the best things that can happen is that you’re not let into the venue. In this case, the door staff might allow you to keep your fake ID but tell you to leave the premises. Generally, you won’t get into trouble if this happens as long as you don’t bother the staff or try to convince them to let you in.

Your ID May Be Confiscated

Some venues might take your fake ID and confiscate it so that you can’t trick other places with it. If you’re lucky, this is the only thing they’ll do, and you can go on your way without any further trouble. But if you’re unlucky, the door staff might get the police involved.

It would help if you didn’t object to them confiscating your fake ID by causing a scene because it will only worsen the situation. 

Vegas Police Might Get Involved

Vegas Police Might Get Involved

As I mentioned above, the door staff might get the police involved if they catch you with a fake ID. However, some might only go to those lengths if you refuse to leave or get aggressive.

You certainly want to avoid getting involved with the police, so it’s best to avoid using a fake ID in all instances. If the police get involved, you might be given an escorted ride downtown (if you know what I mean?).

You Must Forfeit Any Las Vegas Gambling Winnings

In some scenarios, you might be lucky and get into a casino or other venue with a fake ID. However, you could still get caught if you gamble and want to take your winnings. If you win a jackpot, you’ll need to show your ID again, and it might not pass the check this time. 

In fact, it will be nearly impossible to collect your winnings if you hit a sizeable jackpot, as this will require very close ID checks and additional paperwork.

As a result, you’ll need to forfeit your winnings, and you could also get in legal trouble if the venue’s staff don’t let you off easy.

Using a fake id in Las Vegas could also get you banned for life. Yikes!

Can You Use a Fake ID in Vegas – Conclusion

Technically, you can use a fake ID in Vegas, but you’re likely to get caught. It’s never a good idea to risk it because most door staff can spot a phony ID instantly, and casinos take Nevada’s gambling laws very seriously because they risk losing their license. 

Since using a fake ID is considered a misdemeanor, you could face jail time if caught. Ideally, wait until you’re 21 to party and gamble in Vegas.

If you just can’t wait, I’ve written an article about the things you can do in Las Vegas under 21.

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