How Much Is Late Checkout at the MGM Grand? (Las Vegas)

This story will go over the varying room types at the MGM Grand and the expected late checkout fees per room.

It will also offer tips for effective late checkout requests so that you can maximize your stay with minimal hassle.

The standard checkout time at the MGM Grand is 11:00 AM. If this doesn’t work for you, the hotel allows late checkouts for an extra fee.

MGM Grand Las Vegas: Checkout Times

Late checkout fees at the MGM Grand vary based on room type and availability, typically ranging from $30 to $70.

Factors That Affect Late Checkout Fees at MGM Grand

The MGM Grand does not publicize how late checkout fees are calculated, but they do say that room type is a factor.

Checkout Fees at MGM Depend on Room Type

Furthermore, the hotel also considers the availability of rooms.

MGM Grand’s Checkout Fees Depend on Room Availability

Late checkout requests can be accommodated via the phone in your room or at the concierge of the MGM Grand.

How to Request Late Checkout at the MGM Grand

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