Why Vegas Pools Close So Early In The Day (Even In Summer)

It’s a really great feeling to jump in your hotel pool after a long day out on the Las Vegas Strip, but that can be hard when the pool closes early.

I’ll go a little more in-depth into the reasons so that you can better understand why Las Vegas resorts close their pools so early in the day.

Once it gets dark, it’s harder to see what is happening in the pool and there is a greater risk that employees won’t notice if something bad is happening in or around the swimming pool.

Liability Issues

Las Vegas resorts don’t want to have to deal with all of this, so it’s easier to just close the pool before sunset and avoid any potential problems that could result in a lawsuit.

Pools are definitely not the main moneymaker in Las Vegas, and the resorts and casinos know that.

Encouraging Business Elsewhere

Closing the pools early will force people to do something other than swim, and this means that they will be more likely to spend their money on fancy dinners, shows, drinks, and in the casino.

Employee Costs

If resorts were to keep their pools open later in the night, they would have to find and pay new employees to take that later pool shift.

As you’ve seen already, money is very important to establishments in Vegas, and they want to make as much as possible.

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