Why Is The STRAT Hotel So Cheap? (Stratosphere Hotel)

When planning a trip to Las Vegas, many travelers notice that the Strat Hotel, Casino & Skypod offers some of the lowest prices on The Strip. With its thrilling attractions, such as the Stratosphere Tower (aka the SkyPod), the hotel boasts a variety of entertainment options yet remains budget-friendly.

Visitors often wonder why the Stratosphere Hotel maintains such affordable rates compared to other nearby accommodations.

Location, Location, Location

The STRAT hotel is situated at the far north end of the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Blvd), which is not as popular or easily accessible as other areas of the Strip.

With the presence of newer and more upscale hotels along the Strip, the STRAT may struggle to compete with these luxurious properties, resulting in lower room rates to attract a more budget-conscious clientele.

Age of The Strat

Renovations at The Strat

While the renovations help to improve the hotel’s image, they are not enough to overcome the competition of more modern and luxurious hotels along the Strip.

The Strat Hotel Las Vegas is known for its very affordable accommodations without compromising quality or comfort.

The STRAT’s Affordable Accommodations

The Strat Hotel offers a range of room and suite options to suit various budgets and preferences. Guests can choose between standard rooms, deluxe rooms, premier rooms, and even luxurious suites.

Rooms and Suites

Some key amenities the hotel offers include a swimming pool, fitness center, free wifi, a variety of dining options, and gaming facilities at the on-site casino.


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