Why is MGM Grand So Cheap?

Everything about the MGM Grand Hotel seems supersized, including the 6.6 acres (2.7 hectares) it sits on and the 6,852 rooms the Grand currently holds.

It’s easy to equate such grandeur with high prices, but you’d be mistaken, as the MGM Grand can be pretty cheap compared to some of the other resorts on the Strip.

The MGM Grand has fewer rooms than the Venetian & Palazzo, which is the largest hotel in the United States.

However, it can proudly claim to be the largest stand-alone hotel in the country, with the Venetian & Palazzo being a combined establishment.

The MGM Grand has a wide variety of room options, with the cheapest located in the West Wing. These rooms make staying at the MGM Grand affordable.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Has Many Reduced Rate Rooms

The MGM Grand West Wing building was once the Marina Hotel and Casino. The 15-story and 700-room structure was opened in 1975.

The developers saw the Marina as robust and well-built and decided against demolishing it. Instead, they built the MGM Grand around the Marina.

Therefore, the rooms in West Wing are older and have a different design than the rooms in the newer sections.

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