Why Is the Luxor Hotel So Cheap?

If you’re looking at Las Vegas hotel prices, you might have noticed the advertised room price for the Luxor Hotel is relatively cheap, but why is that?

The starting price of a Luxor hotel room is cheap because it’s an older hotel compared to many on the Strip. Luxor rooms are slightly outdated, but you can still expect them to be clean and spacious.

Reasons the Luxor Hotel Is Cheap

It’s good to know why the hotel is cheap, as some of the reasons may (or may not) change your mind about wanting to book a room there.

The hotel was opened in 1993, so it’s no surprise that it looks a bit dated. It has received refurbishments over the years, but nothing drastic to modernize the rooms.

Luxor is an Older Resort Property

Luxor May Be Too Far From Center Strip

The Luxor Hotel is further down the Strip, which might deter tourists from booking it. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the hotel decreases its rates with this in mind.

Unfortunately, finding your way around the Luxor hotel can be challenging. It’s no surprise, considering the hotel contains over 4,000 rooms and is home to the world’s largest open atrium.

Getting Around the Hotel Can Be a Nuisance

Luxor has plenty of food options, but it’s not the culinary smorgasbord available at some other Vegas properties.

Lack of Upscale Dining Options

Don’t be surprised if you’re woken early in the morning by the sound of housekeeping knocking on people’s doors on the other side of the hallway.

Luxor is Not As Sound-Proofed As Other Vegas Hotels

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