Why Is Las Vegas So Expensive To Visit? (The Truth!)

Las Vegas is one of the top vacation spots in the world and has more entertainment options than you can shake a stick at.

But if you’ve done any research on hotels, restaurants and attractions in Las Vegas lately, you may be wondering why it’s become such an expensive place to visit?

Las Vegas Used to Be Cheap To Visit

Twenty years ago, Las Vegas was considered to be a relatively cheap tourist destination.

It was almost exclusively a gambling town where people would come to enjoy themselves for the weekend and these visitors would blow a lot of money in the casinos.

Legendary casino operator Steve Wynn opened The Mirage, Las Vegas’s first true resort property.

Rise of the Las Vegas Resort

The resort hosted not only an impressive casino but was also home to shows, restaurants, spas, shops, and attractions.

This started to bring an entirely new demographic of tourists to Las Vegas that weren’t interested, or at least weren’t primarily interested, in gambling.

Las Vegas was completely “transformed” in 2007, from a middle-class gambling town to a luxurious oasis.

Why Is Everything In Vegas So Expensive?

It became the ultimate resort experience. As the profit model changed, the prices – naturally – went up.

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