Where Does the Bellagio Fountain Water Come From?

For many visiting Las Vegas, a trip to the city is incomplete without a stop at the iconic Fountains of Bellagio. As a water-based attraction in the desert, you may be curious to know where the resort gets the water for its giant fountain system.

I’ll take you through the Bellagio Fountain’s water supply system and discuss its sustainability.

Bellagio Fountain Water Source

The Bellagio Fountain’s water comes from a private well belonging to the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.

The 8-acre man-made lake that underpins the Bellagio Fountain system ranges from 4 to 13 feet  in depth. The lake holds about 22 million gallons of water.

How Deep Is the Bellagio Fountain?

What Happens to the Coins in the Bellagio Fountain? 

The Bellagio Fountains water is automatically filtered in addition to being manually cleaned regularly to remove foreign objects. Recovered coins are donated to local charities.

Bellagio Fountain shows run at 30-minute intervals from 3 pm to 6:30 pm on weekdays. The nighttime shows run every 15 minutes from 7 pm until midnight.

What Time Are the Bellagio Fountain Shows? 

The Bellagio Fountain attraction is free to watch and enjoy. Each show is unique in music selection and energy level, making every moment at the fountains exciting.

Is the Bellagio Fountain Show Free?

You aren’t allowed to swim in the Bellagio fountain waters. You may, however, see Bellagio staff members in the water from time to time, as they are on the job maintaining the system.

Can You Swim in the Bellagio Fountain? 

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