Here’s What To Wear at The Venetian in Las Vegas

If you’re heading to The Venetian in Las Vegas, you may have heard it is one of the nicer resorts on the Strip, and you may be wondering what to wear.

While many Vegas establishments are incredibly lax regarding what patrons should wear, you run the risk of being denied entrance to some based on how you’re dressed.

Therefore, it’s super important to familiarize yourself with the dress codes of the places you intend to visit.

During the day, patrons game while having every conceivable outfit on, from jeans and t-shirts to shorts and flip-flops. The only requirement is that your clothes are neat and clean.

Venetian Casino (What to Wear)

At night, the freestyle dress code doesn’t change, but the mood at the casino does. You can still rock your favorite dungaree on both casino floors, but many people around you will favor a business casual look.

Collared and buttoned-down shirts and dress shoes for men. Strictly no swimwear or athletic clothes are allowed.

TAO Nightclub Attire

Ladies are given more of an allowance for what they wear. Still, everyone’s dressed to the nines because of the star-studded guest list. This scene will inform your outfit choice.

The food court at the Venetian Resort teems with visitors wearing casual fits. However, particular restaurants aren’t as chilled regarding dressing requirements where business casual attire is suggested.

Attire at Restaurants in the Venetian

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